Thursday, January 11, 2018

Note to Police Chief Flynn: Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Just a few days ago an unexpected, wonderful event
took place in Milwaukee: Police Chief Ed Flynn
announced his retirement, ending the puppet show
that has featured Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett
which had run since 2008.

A career cop with a heretofore sterling service record,
Flynn came from Massachusetts when he applied for
and was offered the post of Milwaukee Police Chief
by Mayor Barrett. Not long upon assuming his duties,
he entered into an extramarital affair with Jessica
McBride, a journalist, having publicly fessed up
when word got out. The illicit activity having made
for, among other things, a sticky PR situation, Mayor
Barrett was able to exert some leverage on his new hire
to get him to make Milwaukee's finest go easier on
criminals, especially those involved in car thefts.
Barrett had Flynn institute a no-chase policy regarding
them, including car-jackers. The resultant policy also
called for lenient treatment for first- and second-time
offenders, especially if they were juveniles; never mind
that the car-jackers oftentimes forced people out of
their vehicles at gunpoint. Barrett said that first-time
car thieves were most likely just going joy-riding (?!)
and that second-time offenders were not much more,
if any more of a problem than the first-timers. But the
third-timers and other multiple-time offenders, Ah!
THEY would be dealt with most severely. All this
made for some fodder for some stand-up comics
in the local night clubs, but had perplexed and angered
many Milwaukeeans, making them wonder what kind
of fool they have for a mayor, never mind for a police
chief. And to avoid getting chucked out no sooner than
getting started in his position, Flynn dutifully went along
with everything Barrett wanted him to do. Why, when
you saw them together at press conferences, whenever
Flynn spoke you never saw Barrett's mouth move at all;
a most convincing ventriloquist act, with Flynn being
Charlie McCarthy to Barrett's Edgar Bergen.

Along the way in his time as Milwaukee's top cop Flynn
also had the department massage the statistics related to
police efforts to investigate crimes and make arrests, to
make it look like the police were performing much more
effectively than they actually were. Whether this was
Flynn's or Barrett's brainchild is not clear, but it certainly
caused a loss of confidence that the public had for the
controversial chief. Flynn also had his officers take
possession of guns used by law-abiding gun owners
in self-defense and/or defense of their businesses
or other property supposedly to aid in their investigations
of these incidents, and taking forever to return them to
their owners after the guns' owners were found to be
innocent of any wrongdoing. Some of these gun owners
have been waiting months, even years, for the return
of their firearms. Seems that Barrett and Flynn don't care
for the recently enacted laws regarding carrying firearms,
and this is their petulant way of dealing with it.

And when Mayor Barrett pushed for his trolley project,
a folly which hizzoner claims will enable more people to
get around Milwaukee and its immediate suburbs more
easily, never mind that similar transportation schemes
in other major US cities have not resulted in the forecasted
riderships and resultant revenues, oftentimes diving deeply
into the red ink from their implementation, resulting in
among other things more and higher taxes for the taxpayers
in those cities. Local opinion polls have consistently shown
that Milwaukeeans opposed the building of this system
by large margins. In fact, many of the local citizenry have
instead stated that the mayor should instead beef up the
police and fire department budgets and hire more police
and firefighters to station in or to dispatch to their neigh-
borhoods, especially those with high rates of crime.
Barrett turned a deaf ear and gave the one-fingered salute
to these citizens, and Flynn obediently went along with
his boss.

Your observant Peasant is delighted to see Chief Flynn
go; I just wish that Mayor Barrett would have the decency
to announce his departure as well, so that both parts of this
sorry show would finally fade away. But Barrett will,
of course appoint another chief that will be his willing
toady, being the Mortimer Snerd replacing Flynn's
Charlie McCarthy in the act. However, there is a ray of
hope: the police department and its union, along with
the backing of the few members of Milwaukee's
Common Council that are not cohorts of Barrett's can ---
and certainly shall --- demand a say in who Chief Ed Flynn's
successor will be, and what they require in their next
chief. Perhaps they can muster and apply some pressure
to Mayor Barrett to get the right candidate. But with a
mayor who treats our city like his own little fiefdom,
surrounding himself with his deep-pocketed supporters
and political hangers-on, listening to them and the
sycophants in the local newspaper The Milwaukee 
Journal Sentinel who never write anything less than
glowing about their elitist hero, the situation is a
sticky one to be sure. Your faithful Peasant will keep
you, my fantastic readers, apprised.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

So Long Al (Not the Ladies' Pal!)

United States Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has gotten caught up
in the national sexual harassment storm with seven women to date
alleging his having groped them. After hemming and hawing about
the allegations against him, also announcing that he would not heed
calls for him to resign from the Senate but would instead "reflect"
on the accusations and his behavior toward these women, about
whom he claimed that he didn't recall his interactions with them
in the same way they did, had announced his resignation after

In one instance, the former Saturday Night Live performer
and comedy writer was photographed fondling a female reporter's
breasts while she slept. They were together on a plane flying
to a U.S. military encampment with other entertainers and reporters
to entertain the troops in the Middle East. Leeann Tweeden,
a California-based radio broadcaster and model, tweeted the photo,
touching off the whirl of accusations against Sen. Franken, adding
her account of her having been grabbed by Franken and forcibly
kissed on another occasion during the trip.

In the wake of the accusations and allegations rendered against
Hollywood movie chief Harvey Weinstein, many victims of various
types of sexually predatory behavior have come forward and spoken
out against their tormentors; both women and men in entertainment,
business, politics, and journalism (and some other fields I'm sure)
have found the courage to tell their painful stories. And their cries
have rocked the walls and halls of power, a very good thing.
In this case a United States Senator has been shaken out of his
comfy and rarefied surroundings, and a very haughty and arrogant
sort he is! Having attained the Senate seat he has occupied for one
term and part of another in controversy (Franken won election
with an overall vote total that included some district vote totals
being greater than the number of registered voters in same districts)
and now giving up the seat in controversy, the not-so-funny-after-all
Senator Al Franken will be leaving the Senate, and good riddance.
An arrogant, elitist pig in public office is abominable, but throw in
one that is also a sexual predator and you have a festering boil on
the body politic.

Thank heaven this boil has now been lanced.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Happy and Prosperous 2018 to All!

Friends, your favorite Peasant wishes all of you and your families
a most bright and prosperous Happy New Year!

After the Holidays, we shall gather here to reminisce about the
fantastic blessings which came our way in the old year,
and we'll look at the prospects for the new year! We have
had a tumultuous but joyful 2017, and we'll take time to count our
many blessings which came with it!

Stay warm! See you next year (HAHAHAHAHA! My little joke!).


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Greetings to All!

Your nearly-overworked Peasant needs to slow down
a bit (quite a bit!) and take a little down time. And with
Christmas right around the corner, I shall take this
occasion to wish you, my great and wonderful readers
a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year!
To quote Sean Hannity, one of our fantastic conservative
radio talk show hosts, "Let not your heart be troubled",
for I shall be back so very soon! I shall declare this my
Christmas holiday vacation.

Meanwhile, enjoy this fine online publication in my
absence:  National Review Online

Thank you for your loyal readership and friendship!
I'll see you all after Christmas Day! May your Christmas
be merry and bright, and may you receive and share
lots of love!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Governor Brown's Moment of Reason (May He Have Many More!)

A most unusual event recently happened in Sacramento,
California's capital city; some would even call it a miracle.
Governor Jerry Brown, the state's archliberal governor,
vetoed a bill which would have codified former President
Obama's policies regarding campus sexual assault.

In 2011, the Obama regime issued the infamous "Dear
Colleague" guidance, which ordered the nation's universities
to create Title IX "courts" under the threat of their losing
federal funds. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is
working to replace this monstrosity with a new regulatory
code which restores and protects due process, clamping
down on political correctness-based witch hunts.

The solidly Democrat-held legislature passed a law that
explicitly protects the Obama-era guidelines, making
adherence a condition of receiving financial assistance,
according to the bill's sponsor state Senator Hannah-Beth
Jackson. Gov. Brown, who actually shares Secretary DeVos'
concerns in regards, stated in a letter accompanying his veto:
"Thoughtful legal minds have increasingly questioned whether
federal and state actions to prevent and redress sexual harassment
and assault --- well-intentioned as they are --- have also
unintentionally resulted in some college's failure to uphold
due process for accused students."

Gov. Brown went on to say that accused students must be granted
"the presumption of innocence until the facts speak otherwise"and
warned that "depriving any student of higher education opportunities
should not be done lightly, or out of fear of losing state or federal
funding" and added that "we have no insight (into) whether there is
disproportionate impact on race or ethnicity." Truer words on this
subject have never been spoken, especially by someone on the
political correctness-worshipping Left.

It is most surprising, refreshing, and gladdening to see a prominent
government official of the liberal political persuasion stand for the
rule of law, and the Golden Thread of Justice which is woven
through it, the latter stating that an accused person is innocent until
proven guilty, and that the accused must have an fair and impartial
trial. Although he has left his comrades in the legislature scratching
their heads and asking plaintively "Whose side is Gov. Brown on?",
it is quite clear that, at least in this instance, California's governor is
on the side of justice. What a concept for the Left to fathom.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Jim Bunning, R.I.P.

Your baseball-lovin' Peasant would be remiss if I didn't
pay tribute to Hall of Fame Major League Baseball pitcher,
United States Representative and United States Senator
Jim Bunning, who passed away on May 26 of this year,
aged 85. Bunning was a man of tremendous accomplish-
ments, which included being the only MLB athlete to
be elected to both the House of Representatives and the
United States Senate.

A star athlete in high school and at college, Bunning was
signed by the Detroit Tigers, going on to stardom with
the tigers as well as the Philadelphia Phillies and the
Pittsburgh Pirates. He retired from the sport with having
the second-highest total of career strikeouts among big
league pitchers (he is now 17th on the list), and pitched
the seventh perfect game (no hits, walks, hit batters or wild
pitches) in Major League history against the New York Mets
in 1964.

After his baseball career he began a career in politics, first
being elected to the Fort Thomas (KY) City Council, followed
by service in the Kentucky State Senate where he served as
Minority Leader, then was elected to Congress,serving in
the House and finally ascending to the Senate. A rock-ribbed
conservative, Bunning served six terms in the former
and two terms in the latter, retiring in 2010. He was succeeded
by current U.S. Senator Rand Paul.

Bunning was a friend to hardworking taxpayers, military
personnel and veterans along with their families, small business
owners, and was a champion of the unborn. Contatry to what
many Democrats and labor unions have long claimed, Bunning
was not at all hostile to unions; quite the contrary, he was active
in the Major League Baseball Players Association, the ballplayers'
union. Bunning was instrumental in gaining better pay, benefits,
and conditions for his fellow baseball players, including decent
locker rooms and per diem coverage, this at a time when team
owners could still impose their will on players, which included
providing a poor pension plan with paltry payouts to players,
most of whom didn't even qualify for the plan. Bunning also was
instrumental in establishing free agency for players to help them
shop their services around the majors for the best salary and contract
deals, as well as to veto trades to other teams. Although he didn't agree
with the ideas and plans which organized labor holds these days,
Bunning always recognized the legitimate and rightful need to
protect the basic rights of workers, and lived his convictions both
as a ballplayer and a member of government.

A most remarkable man, a fine athlete, a dedicated public servant,
a devoted husband and father, and an outstanding citizen. Not a bad
legacy. Enjoy your heavenly rest, sir. You have truly earned it.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Thoughts and Wishes

Although one needn't wait until the fourth Thursday
of November to be thankful for all what you have,
as one can (and should) be thankful and give thanks
each and every day for all one's blessings, Thanksgiving
is a most appropriate holiday to formally give thanks
for all that is good and beautiful in one's life.

Here's just a few of the things that your thankful Peasant
wishes to express his thanks for this Thanksgiving:

*I was born in the United States, the most free, the most
prosperous, the most wonderful country in the world,
and have lived here my whole life to date, just about sixty
years. I have traveled abroad and enjoyed visiting other
nations, but always enjoyed coming home to be the best part
of each of my trips, returning to a country that has so many
wonderful things going for it which many people in other
places envy and dream about having for themselves.

*I have my health. Although I have hypertension (high blood
pressure) I have it under control with the help of wonderful
medicines and a careful but not overly restrictive diet.
And I have the usual aches and pains which come with the
advancing years, but they don't lay me up in bed. I am still
quite active, I own and run a business in which I perform
very physical work (I am a handyman) for my clients, and
I have an active social life as well.

*My music collection which largely consists of CDs and
cassette tapes of Irish music from great artists such as
the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. I love Irish
music, especially as it keeps me close to the Irish part of
my background (and by the by, I am related to the Clancys!).

*The Milwaukee Irish Fest. It's the largest Irish festival in
the world; if you want to sample even more of Irish culture,
you have to visit the Auld Sod itself! When I'm there I get
together with family and friends, some of each being performers

*My song circle, which I founded in 2010 and dedicated to the
memory of my dear friend and co-founder of our Irish Fest
Chuck Ward. We sing the songs of the Celtic world, Ireland
and beyond, meeting to sing every few weeks at some of the
local pubs.

*All of my dear family and friends. I have cousins from Ireland
to San Francisco, and friends all around the world. I keep in
touch with and visit with them as best I can.

*I live in a country where I can speak my mind about anything
at all, including the political scene (hence this blog!). Although
the left-wingers want to take this constitutionally guaranteed right
away from me and others sharing my opinions they are fighting
a fight which they cannot win. We Americans cherish our rights,
do not shy away from our responsibilities, and will fight like
hell to keep and preserve our liberties!

*The historic election of Donald J. Trump as our president on the
heels of the eight-year nadir which our country had suffered with
extreme left-wing President Barack Obama in the Oval Office,
and the undoing of the damage he did with his cavalier dismissal
of our Constitution and our constitutional rule of law. Our liberties
are once again safeguarded, and we have regained our bearings
as a nation.

*Our great and brave people who serve in our military. They keep us
safe from our enemies from other lands who want to do harm to us
both home and abroad. They put their lives on the line every day
when deployed, and they train very arduously to protect us and
our great nation on land, on the sea, and in the air. They give so much
for us, and that is why your grateful Peasant thanks and praises them
frequently on this blog. What remarkable people!

*The abundance of food, clothing, shelter, and creature comforts
that I have and always have had, even when times were challenging.
When I think of the people in some countries where they are lucky
to have grass huts or wooden shanties to call home, have little food
and little money to buy food and to obtain medical treatment in
case of illness or injury ...

In summation, your faithful Peasant's cup runneth over! I am so
thankful for all of these blessings and for the many more which I have
neither the time nor the space to list here, and I am so very very
thankful and proud to be an American. And of course I am so
very very grateful for all of you, my dear, loyal and wonderful
readers! You are the reason that I keep blogging! You are what
keeps me going in my quest to defend and advance the conservative
principles of governance, finance, and living! Happy Thanksgiving
to you all and God bless!