Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Thoughts and Wishes

Although one needn't wait until the fourth Thursday
of November to be thankful for all what you have,
as one can (and should) be thankful and give thanks
each and every day for all one's blessings, Thanksgiving
is a most appropriate holiday to formally give thanks
for all that is good and beautiful in one's life.

Here's just a few of the things that your thankful Peasant
wishes to express his thanks for this Thanksgiving:

*I was born in the United States, the most free, the most
prosperous, the most wonderful country in the world,
and have lived here my whole life to date, just about sixty
years. I have traveled abroad and enjoyed visiting other
nations, but always enjoyed coming home to be the best part
of each of my trips, returning to a country that has so many
wonderful things going for it which many people in other
places envy and dream about having for themselves.

*I have my health. Although I have hypertension (high blood
pressure) I have it under control with the help of wonderful
medicines and a careful but not overly restrictive diet.
And I have the usual aches and pains which come with the
advancing years, but they don't lay me up in bed. I am still
quite active, I own and run a business in which I perform
very physical work (I am a handyman) for my clients, and
I have an active social life as well.

*My music collection which largely consists of CDs and
cassette tapes of Irish music from great artists such as
the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. I love Irish
music, especially as it keeps me close to the Irish part of
my background (and by the by, I am related to the Clancys!).

*The Milwaukee Irish Fest. It's the largest Irish festival in
the world; if you want to sample even more of Irish culture,
you have to visit the Auld Sod itself! When I'm there I get
together with family and friends, some of each being performers

*My song circle, which I founded in 2010 and dedicated to the
memory of my dear friend and co-founder of our Irish Fest
Chuck Ward. We sing the songs of the Celtic world, Ireland
and beyond, meeting to sing every few weeks at some of the
local pubs.

*All of my dear family and friends. I have cousins from Ireland
to San Francisco, and friends all around the world. I keep in
touch with and visit with them as best I can.

*I live in a country where I can speak my mind about anything
at all, including the political scene (hence this blog!). Although
the left-wingers want to take this constitutionally guaranteed right
away from me and others sharing my opinions they are fighting
a fight which they cannot win. We Americans cherish our rights,
do not shy away from our responsibilities, and will fight like
hell to keep and preserve our liberties!

*The historic election of Donald J. Trump as our president on the
heels of the eight-year nadir which our country had suffered with
extreme left-wing President Barack Obama in the Oval Office,
and the undoing of the damage he did with his cavalier dismissal
of our Constitution and our constitutional rule of law. Our liberties
are once again safeguarded, and we have regained our bearings
as a nation.

*Our great and brave people who serve in our military. They keep us
safe from our enemies from other lands who want to do harm to us
both home and abroad. They put their lives on the line every day
when deployed, and they train very arduously to protect us and
our great nation on land, on the sea, and in the air. They give so much
for us, and that is why your grateful Peasant thanks and praises them
frequently on this blog. What remarkable people!

*The plentitude of food, clothing, shelter, and creature comforts
that I have and always have had, even when times were challenging.
When I think of the people in some countries where they ate lucky
to have grass huts or wooden shanties to call home, have little food
and little money to buy food and to obtain medical treatment in
case of illness or injury ...

In summation, your faithful Peasant's cup runneth over! I am so
thankful for all of these blessings and for the many more which I have
neither the time nor the space to list here, and I am so very very
thankful and proud to be an American. And of course I am so
very very grateful for all of you, my dear, loyal and wonderful
readers! You are the reason that I keep blogging! You are what
keeps me going in my quest to defend and advance conservative
principles of governance, finance, and living! Happy Thanksgiving
to you all and God bless!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Gratitude on Veterans Day

Folks, today is Veterans Day. If you value your liberty,
if you enjoy your freedom, thank a vet!

God bless all our veterans, living and passed, and all our
currently active military personnel. You're who made,
and keeps, our country the free and wonderful place that
it is!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

On Piggery and Hypocrisy

Sexual harassment is a beastly thing. It debases and devalues
a person, reducing him or her to a thing, an object of misplaced
and/or misbegotten passion, a veritable toy. Victims' careers and
lives have been ruined by this shameful behavior, and laws have
been written and enacted to deter and to remedy such terrible
abusement in workplaces, in schools, in all public places.
But sometimes a situation will occur where the harasser holds
a position of considerable power, and therefore will be immune,
or nearly so, against charges from the harasser's victims.
This is certainly the case with Hollywood, the city where movies
are made, fantasies are enacted on the silver screen (and apparently
elsewhere), gorgeous people work and play, and power goes with
money like peanut butter goes with jelly ... and with Ye Olde
Casting Couch.

In that city, one of their most famous and powerful denizens,
movie mogul muy grande Harvey Weinstein has been the
subject of a nationwide discussion about sexual harassment,
primarily as he has been accused in recent weeks by many
women in his employ. Some prominent actresses have
revealed their unfortunate encounters with the movie mogul,
having stated that these incidents took place earlier in their
careers before they became established stars. Some of them
submitted to Weinstein's improper overtures because they
could get ahead in their careers faster, or at least not have
them abruptly ended by someone with the power to drop
them from his studio and perhaps get them virtually blackballed
in Tinseltown so that they would "never do lunch in this town
again". They filtered in, one at a time and then in greater numbers,
slowly picking up steam and increasing in numbers.

Now, pertinent to this story is the fact that Weinstein, as is many
(practically all) of Hollywood's most prominent figures, is a
die-hard Democrat. Very, very left-wing, in fact. He has thrown
fundraising events for President Obama and for Hillary Clinton,
and even acted as a bundler for them, gathering up donated
campaign funds from wealthy liberals in and outside of Hollywood
to transfer to the aforementioned candidates in big bundles.
The story grew to become nationwide news, appearing in print
and broadcast media throughout the country. At the same time
liberals in and outside of the Democrat Party have been trying
their damndest to hamper Republican President Donald Trump's
ability to govern, attempting to dig up dirt on him and to
manufacture dirt whenever they couldn't find anything (as has
often been the case), especially in terms of his interaction with
women. They have excoriated the president for past salacious
remarks he in fact made about some women, what some call
"locker room talk", and your faithful Peasant must say that
these remarks were indeed quite crude. But it is one thing to
make uncouth comments about women, and quite another to
behave in uncouth ways toward them. However, in the lefties'
book of social etiquette, it is only the non-lefties that have to
toe the mark, not the lefties themselves. Again, the left-wing
double standard rears its ugly head.

Obama and Clinton, as well as Democrat National Committee
officials have been called upon to return the funds that Weinstein
raised as well as personally contributed, and at the present neither
any response nor action has been forthcoming from these quarters.
Your watchful Peasant isn't holding his breath for either, to be sure!
But then, this is the same bunch that has given a pass, and even
praise to former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the politician who
lived down to his name (!) with his "sexting" mischief, as well as to
others in their sorry ranks, members of Congress, officeholders
at the state and local levels, wealthy donors to the Democrat Party
and causes of importance to the party as well as to the left-wingers
in general, entertainers of various sorts, and to Weinstein himself.
Always remember, folks: the Left tries to hold the conservative
opposition to the latter's standards, to the point of picking over every
detail, while never holding themselves to any set of standards but one;
Win at all costs, do whatever you must in order to win no matter how
down and dirty the means, smear whomever, destroy whomever,
rob whomever, just grab the prize (which is of course power)
and take the victory lap. Additionally, whatever money there is to be
had is icing on the cake.

We conservatives should point out this gross hypocrisy of our foes
at every opportunity, loudly and clearly. After all, we are in a war for
the very soul of America. This is a war being fought on the cultural,
political, educational, financial, and moral fronts. There are no Geneva
Conference rules of engagement and treatment of prisoners; it's
a nationwide street fight about the kind of society our country
is to have, the kind of government we are to have, and the rules of
behavior we are to have and to pass along to our children and the
coming generations. Some conservatives in Hollywood (yes, my
grand readers, there are actually some conservatives in that corrupt
and decadent citadel of radical chic; they didn't die out with the passing
of John Wayne) have been working to point out these disturbing stories
in that "anything goes" place, knowing that they are jeopardizing
their careers by doing so. And it appears that they are now being
joined by some of the Hollywood Liberal glitterati in exposing these
dark acts to the light of awareness and scrutiny. What happens there
in time to come will certainly have an impact on all areas of our
society and most certainly our politics. And liberals everywhere shall
suffer greatly from the fallout, for they will have to pay the price
for their double standards and double dealing; Hollywood's
compliance with and enabling of predatory behavior, Hillary's
philandering pervert of a husband and her destroying the names
and reputations of his victims, the cyber-pervert former
Congressman's sexcapades, the libs claiming there to be a speck
in the conservatives' eyes while they have a humongous mote
in their own, it's all going to drag them down.

Meanwhile back in La La Land, things are going to be rather
tense and even a wee bit dicey for the glittery gang; the mood will
be less festive at the Beverly Hills Hotel from here on in. But it's high
time for the afflicted to be comforted, and the comfortable --- who have
been afflicting the afflicted --- to now become afflicted. Let
the maelstrom commence!


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Antifa: the "Fa" Among Us

In the wake of President Donald Trump's inauguration as our
president, our country's left wing has had not merely a cow,
but an entire herd. And they, along with their herd, have been
on a stampede ever since.

They have marched in the streets of Washington D.C. during
the week of the inaugural festivities, as well as in many other
major American cities. Sometimes they kept things peaceful,
sometimes not. Radical groups which as a matter of course
instigate violent scenes have stepped up their activity in reaction
to the ascendancy of our current president, i.e. Black Lives
Matter (and you thought that they only hated white cops!).
They hate everyone and everything that is at all conservative,
libertarian, even moderate; if it's not full-on radical Left, then
it must be destroyed, no ifs, ands, or buts with these buttheads.
But a more dangerous group has emerged and is going after
anyone and everyone who is not completely sympatico with
their very left-wing brand of politics: Antifa.

Antifa (Anti-Fascist) is a thuggish bunch that opposes everyone
and everything that they deem fascistic. On their hate list is
(naturally) President Trump, the Republican majority in the
House and Senate of our Congress (and the whole of the GOP
as well), the Constitution, wealth and the wealthy (although
they never raise a fuss over wealthy left-wingers, i.e. Warren
Buffet, Bill Gates, Tom Steyer and the like), and everyday
Americans who vote Republican (or for Libertarian and/or other
conservative or right-leaning candidates). These paragons of
leftism confront them whenever and wherever they can, and
aren't bashful about bashing a few people in the face.
Their latest escapade took place in Berkeley, California at the
University of California, a renown bastion of left-wing political
activity with a long history of radicalism. Conservative blogger
and activist Ben Shapiro was to speak there on September 14,
and the school girded for battle with Antifa threatening to raise
hell. To date, Antifa has cost the university over $2 billion in
security fees and damages from their past attempts to silence
and intimidate other speakers whom they regarded as fascists.
Last February, Antifa cost UC-Berkeley $100,000 alone for
"pre-protesting" a talk by provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos
--- and succeeded in getting the event cancelled. In August,
the school lost another 600 grand in security fees when Antifa
succeeded in getting a talk by conservative columnist and author
Ann Coulter cancelled. Cal-Berkeley is to be commended for
being willing to book speakers whose politics do not mesh with
that of the administration and faculty, let alone the student body,
much less Antifa. But if they had taken a stronger stand against
these totalitarian bullies back in February, they might have saved
themselves a fortune and a lot of effort to secure their scheduled

The best way to deal with bullies, and this is exactly what the
Antifa goons are, is to stand up to them as soon as they begin
to menace anyone. Bullies have to be made to realize that they
are dealing with people and organizations which won't put up
with their bullying, and have the means to rebuff them and the
will to do so. For bullies are, first and always, cowards. They go
after those whom they think are weaker than themselves and can
therefore dominate. The fascists are, as all totalitarians have
invariably proven to be throughout history, bullies.

And Antifa is very much "Fa".


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Have a Politically Incorrect Halloween!

So now the lefties are trying to dissuade people from wearing
certain Halloween costumes, dressing up as certain characters
from film and literature because they are somehow offensive
to certain groups of people (never mind that hardly anyone
from said groups have raised even a peep in protest themselves,
for the left-wingers are always happy to speak and act on behalf
of those who are too intellectually feeble to see that they are
being oppressed in some manner. One of their many thoughtful
and compassionate services they provide for such subgroups of
our nation's peasantry!) and therefore must be abolished.

One of these characters not to dress up as, for the aforementioned
reasons given by the PC pinkos, is Moana, the Polynesian girl
heroine in a recent Walt Disney animated movie. Not to fret,
my grand readers, for your loyal Peasant has an idea: encourage
your little girls to dress up as Moana, and you moms, aunties and
cousins, and female friends join in the fun! Don those Moana
costumes and go trick-or-treating together! Perhaps host a Halloween
party and dress as Moana! Heck, go about your daily business
in your Moana get-ups! What a stir you'll cause when you go to
your banks, your grocery stores, your post offices, your schools
to drop off or pick up your children! And any leftists who would
see you will have conniptions and apoplectic attacks galore!
Oh, the joyful fun, playing such an exquisite Halloween trick
on the Left!

And there's other politically incorrect Halloween options for
costumes as well. Choose your favorite character and costume
and you'll be celebrating the day as well as celebrating our

Happy Halloween from your spooky (only to left-wingers)


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Sad Anniversary (and a Sad Observation)

My friends, this post cannot wait until tomorrow.
Normally your faithful Peasant posts on Thursdays,
with exceptions made for a hectic schedule ahead
or for an article which is of such timely importance
that it cannot wait; this post falls under the latter

On this date, October 25, fifteen years ago, a dear friend
of mine who was a member of the United States Senate
and someone who was on the other side of the political
divide died in an airplane crash while on his way to a
tiny Iron Range town in northern Minnesota where he
was to attend the funeral of a supporter and friend;
Senator Paul Wellstone was just 58 and was flying with
his wife and a daughter, all of whom persihed along with
the pilot in their small chartered airplane. I met Paul
when he was meeting with his constituents at the
Minnesota State Fair (I lived in Minnesota at the time),
and we became fast friends despite being politically
diametrically opposed. Despite his strong liberal
bent, he did not turn up his nose at me, nor did he
make any cutting remarks about my conservatism.
We had a pleasant visit, and had several more over the
remaining years I lived in Minnesota, the last being on
the occasion of his book signing promotion at a
Barnes and Noble bookstore in Saint Paul, where I was
then living. He signed the copy of his book which I
had purchased, noting in his inscription that although
we didn't agree on many political matters he valued my
opinions and our friendship. I told him likewise,
and that I would stay in touch with him after my move
back home to Milwaukee later that year.

Indeed, I wrote to Sen. Wellstone, and sent him a Christmas
card; although he was Jewish, he loved receiving Christmas
greetings from his Christian friends and supporters.
On October 25, 2002, while I popped in to visit my stock-
broker at his downtown Milwaukee office, I saw the
sad announcement of my friend's sudden death on my broker's
TV screen. Suddenly I was slack-jawed and deathly quiet
as I listened to the TV news commentator give the tragic
details of Sen. Wellstone's demise. I had intended to discuss
my portfolio with my broker, who was a good friend as well,
but we wound up talking about the senator and my friendship
with him, along with his willingness as an elected official to
listen with interest and sincerity to constituents who did
not share his political views and indeed did not vote for him
when he was elected and re-elected to the Senate, and truly
cared about people, not merely giving lip service to that effect
like so many left-wing politicians routinely do. Indeed,
the senator had many friends on the Right as well as on the
Left, and he worked tirelessly to make his political ideas work
for all Minnesotans and for all Americans, working to demon-
strate that government can be a loyal and dependable
servant, a rather caring and helpful leviathan. Although your
loyal Peasant never voted for Paul, and was skeptical of his
legislative ideas, I always had the utmost respect and regard
for him, and was (and always shall be) so very proud
to call him my friend.

When his memorial service was held, many Democrat politicians
and activists came to pay their respects, but also made pointed
political statements as well, turning Sen. Wellstone's service
into a full-fledged political rally. To this day conservative
talk show hosts on the radio and TV play tapes and videos
of this memorial service cum left-wing hootenanny, showing
how the Left works to politicize everything. Your respectful
Peasant shall not state how I think my late friend would have
thought of this spectacle and what his reaction would have been,
but I shall venture to state for myself that the Left is relentless,
shameless, tasteless, and single-minded in its pursuit of
pushing their statist agenda upon the American people.
They have only become more aggressive in the years since
Sen. Wellstone's death.

My friend Sen. Paul Wellstone was a man of honesty, integrity,
true compassion, decorum and class, unlike much of his political
brethren. The Peasant misses him more than I can ever say.
It's a shame that while so many lefties remember and revere
this humble public servant, they do not endeavor to emulate him.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What the Hell, Ireland?

One of my ancestral countries, a country which has enjoyed great
prosperity and freedom with its capitalist democracy over the years
as a sovereign nation that at best makes no sense, and at worst mocks
their own struggles for the very freedom and liberties which
we Americans ourselves have fought for and cherish. Ireland's
national post office released a commemorative stamp honoring
Che Guevara, the communist revolutionary who was Fidel Castro's
top lieutenant in the unfortunately successful effort to instigate
a revolution which resulted in a communist dictatorship in Cuba
that still rules this nation with an iron fist.

The stamp shows a black, red and white drawing of Guevara
along with an envelope with a quote from his father: "In my son's
veins flowed the blood of Irish rebels." Where did your part-Irish
Peasant miss the era in Irish history in which Ireland threw out
the British, replacing the Crown with a communist revolutionary
state? It's awful enough when 20-something men and women
who are too young to have lived through the Cold War don T-shirts
with Che's image, mainly as a means of displaying their radical
chicness in hipster-frequented coffee shops and bars, but it's jaw-
droppingly shocking to see a country print postage stamps
honoring a cold-blooded totalitarian thug as Ireland is doing on
the 50th anniversary of Guevara's death by execution by a
Bolivian Army firing squad when he tried to bring a red revolution
to Bolivia. The struggle for Irish independence from Great Britain
was to achieve equality under the law, property rights, and political
self-determination beginning with Home Rule, establishing their own
legislature rather than having a distant British parliament dictate
how things would be in their native land. Communism and
communists are as far removed from these things as the sun is
from Pluto. Guevara having had some Irish blood is not a good
enough reason to honor him, given how he lived his life, forcing
oppression upon people under the weak guise of liberation.

During the rest of the Cold War years in the wake of Guevara's death,
the international Left made him a martyr to the cause of such
"liberation", but all one need to do is see the mass privation,
oppression, repression and broad suffering of the Cuban people
continuing today, under the rule of Raoul Castro, Fidel's brother who
succeeded his late sibling as Cuba's strongman. As horrible as British
rule was for over seven centuries in Ireland, it was not as much so as
the Cuban communist's regime's domination of that nation is, and
as the communist regimes in other nations from Soviet Russia to
China to North Korea to Vietnam to ... you get the point.

My dear ancestral country, please get a clue.