Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thoughts on the Fourth

Your favorite Peasant wishes you, my grand and
wonderful readers, a wonderful, happy, and safe
Fourth of July, Independence Day, and while
enjoying your cookouts, your visits to the beach
or to a nearby park, or to the homes of friends and
family, and wonderful fireworks shows, give a
thought and a prayer to our great country and
the people down through the years who made both
this day and our country possible. Let us be thankful
for our freedom and our free time to enjoy, among
so many wonderful things that we Americans enjoy,
on this our great nation's birthday!

God bless you all, and God bless America!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whither Donald Trump?

Donald Trump, multi-billionaire real estate mogul,
reality TV show star/host, and political gadfly is
running for president. Trump is seeking the GOP
nomination, and plans to stir the pot --- not just for
republicans, but for everyone as well.

Now keep in mind, friends, that Trump has toyed with
the idea in times past; in 2010 he publicly expressed
interest in campaigning for the presidency, but the next
year decided against doing so. He has been known to
do things that generate a lot of publicity, which he has
a constant thirst for. His TV show, "The Apprentice"
is one example. A riveting show, to be sure; your beloved
Peasant has watched it several times and enjoyed it quite
a lot, especially his "Celebrity Apprentice" edition.
But with a personal fortune of over $9 billion, business
interests galore, the Miss USA Pageant, golf games
for charity and other charitable activities, you'd think that
Trump would have enough to keep him self busy, too much
so to even consider engaging in what would be a grueling
run for the highest elected office in the land. Yet as
much as Donald Trump loves to make money (and who can
blame him for this?) Trump loves the limelight every
bit as much. Many believe, including your skeptical
Peasant, that Trump's first run for the big diadem was just
a ploy for the attention, simply an ego feast.

Trump announced his candidacy just a few days ago, saying
that he would spend some of his fortune to conduct his campaign.
In what was described as a rambling, boastful speech in
New York, his home turf, Trump proclaimed "the American
dream is dead ... But if I get elected president, I will bring it
back bigger, and better than ever before and we will make
America great again." A laudable, if broadly general goal.
And Trump always states that he will do, create, build, or
deliver something "bigger and better" than whatever has come
before, be it from Trump or from anyone else. That's what
big-moneyed tycoons from New York like to say, don't you
know? It's all part of the razzmatazz, you see, a very important
part of a New York pronouncement, proclamation, or a
Broadway show. It's expected.

While Trump may, this time around, take his campaign seriously,
not many political analysts think he is a serious contender but
merfely a pretender --- and a potential headache for the Repub-
lican Party.

Nathan Gonzalez, editor of the nonpartisan Rothenberg & Gonzalez 
Report, commented "Any time that he consumes on the debate
stage and in the media is time he's taking away from a legitimate
contender." Fox News, sponsor of the coming opening debate,
announced that only the top ten ranking contenders in the national
polls would be allowed to take part in said debate, set for August.
Donald Trump, according to RealClearPolitics' rolling average
of the national polls, is currently in the #9 position, so he will,
barring any last-minute slippage, squeak in to the festivities.

Trump, 69, will put his role of host of his TV show on hold, or
perhaps the show itself, while he is campaigning, due to
requirements that the network might by law have to give to
other GOP candidates.

Meantime, Trump is contrasting himself against the rest of the
Republican field, taking pot shots at a few of them. Your observant
Peasant would advise The Donald to be on the lookout for big
broadsides fired his way by those whom he is currently targeting.
Although Trump may have some good ideas for solving our
country's many problems, especially our economic ones, he must
prove to all that he is for real, that his commitment to the race
and the commitment he would bring to the White House if elected
would be real, rather than just a whimsical rich guy with lots of cash
and too much time on his hands.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Nixonian Ploy

It appears that Hillary Clinton has taken a page
from Richard Nixon's playbook regarding the
e-mail brouhaha that she got herself caught up
in. The once and again presidential candidate,
as you have been following, used a private e-mail
account to receive and send sensitive information
instead of using a government e-mail account
which would have provided more security for
the e-mail in question. When this was discovered,
Clinton was subpoenaed for the e-mail on her
computer's hard drive; although she turned over
a few of the e-mails in question she had scrubbed
her hard drive of all the rest. Remember Nixon's
Watergate tapes, with the 18 1/2 minute gap?

And get this: Clinton's actions have made some
of her fellow Democrats jittery. Some party
bigwigs have averred that it would benefit their
party to have some other Democrats step into the
contest for their party's presidential nomination,
even though said nomination seemed to have
Clinton's name on it. Add to the mixture the worries
that some Dems have over the Clinton Foundation's
practice of accepting money from foreign govern-
ments coinciding with Hillary's getting ready to make
another run for the White House.The foundation is
a supposed charity established by Hillary and her
husband, the former president, but some would call its
stated purpose into question.

And the House committee investigating the 2012 attacks
on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya has issues new
subpoenas to attorneys for Mrs. Clinton and to the State
Department for communications related to Benghazi,
which may well have been on Clinton's hard drive.
Oh, my! The things ganging up on the former First Lady
and former Secretary of State! And in the midst of it all
she declared her candidacy for the White House.
Your curious Peasant does not know whether ol' Hill is
showing chutzpah or stupidity. The aforementioned
scandals will certainly reveal whether she has the teflon
coating that Bill had, keeping him from succumbing to
his own scandals. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

B.B. King, R.I.P.

The Blues is a genre of music which issued from the
southern United States, in predominately black
communities soon after the Civil War. It is a uniquely
American genre of music, and B.B. King was its 
modern-day ambassador, interpreter, and indeed,
king. The king is dead, long live his legacy.
B.B. King passed away on May 14 after several 
several years of declining health at the age of 89.

Named to the American Hall of Fame and to the 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, King had made fans
and friends the world over in his long and storied
career. He was given the nickname "The King of the 
Blues", and he traveled widely, performing often
through the years. King made an average of 200 
concert appearances each year going into his 70s,
slowing down only a few years ago when his 
health started to slide. In 1956, King was
reported to have made 342 such appearances

In 1990, King was awarded the National Medal 
of Arts by President George H.W. Bush. He is 
regarded by many as one of the most influential
blues guitarists of all time, playing his beloved 
guitar Lucille in concert and in the recording studio,
inspiring many electric blues and blues rock 
guitarists over the years as he went. B.B. King
was certainly a great favorite with your appreciative
Peasant. I miss him greatly, as do the many fans of
blues music throughout the world. 

B.B. King was truly an American master. Rest in
peace, your musical majesty.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Peasant Has A Respite

Your busy but faithful Peasant is taking a little
time off to visit family and friends for a little
while. I shall be back, of course, before you
know it, my wonderful readers, with more
stories to pore over, people and events to study,
heroes to praise and villains to castigate.

Meanwhile, enjoy these wonderful conservative
online publications while I'm away.

National Review Online

The American Conservative


See you all soon!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Gratitude

Memorial Day is near, and so is all that
accompanies it --parades, picnics, parties,
lots of fun things. But let us not forget the
brave folks who made the day, and the freedom
to enjoy it, possible.

God rest our fellow Americans who served in
our military and made the ultimate sacrifice
for us. Your thankful Peasant takes time to
contemplate on Memorial Day and its purpose,
to remember and honor our warriors who
gave literally all for us and our country.

See you, my grand readers, very soon.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Whip 'Round The News

Hello all! How 'bout we take a whip 'round the news
to see what there is to see? We might turn up some
fun things to discuss, some maddening things to
raise our blood pressure, some things to cheer and
be grateful for, and maybe something to laugh over!

Easter has come and gone, and your beloved Peasant
spent the day with friends after attending Mass.
I ate well, I enjoyed the most wonderful company,
and I got to hear a pianist friend perform in a
wonderful lounge in downtown Milwaukee.
Sadly, not everyone in Milwaukee had a wonderful
Easter; six fatal shootings occurred there in the
space of 1 1/2 hours on the eve of Easter. Tears on
Easter morning. The perpetrators will likely get
light sentences from the spare-the-criminal-the-hell-
with-the-victim judges at the Milwaukee County
Courthouse, and Mayor Tom Barrett will just as likely
mount his soapbox to decry the easy availability of guns
on the streets of Milwaukee. Never mind that he is
also a big proponent of gun control, which makes it harder
only for the law-abiding to obtain firearms to defend
themselves, their families, and their property, while
not doing squat in making it harder for criminals
to get same to commit their crimes. Would that the
Easter Bunny had given our mayor and judges some
sense and sensibility, and I don't mean the classic book
by Jane Austen!

The political alliance between American Jews and the
Democrat Party is, for all intents and purposes, over.
Gradually coming apart at the seams in recent years,
the last stitches came undone with the sour feelings
between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, made worse over the U.S.-
brokered nuclear deal with Iran which will only slightly
retard Iran's progress toward developing nuclear weaponry
that will be capable of destroying Israel. Of course
Obama thinks it's the deal of the century! He has no love
for Israel, her people, or Jews in general, and it shows in
his foreign policy regarding Israel. Netanyahu could never
get through to Obama on the dangers Israel faces from
a nuclear Iran, whose mullah rulers have long pledged to
wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Many American Jews
who have consistently supported the Democrats are now
rethinking their loyalty to a political party that seems
to not give a flying whatever about them. Republicans
believe that as a consequence, they could pick up still
more Senate seats in 2016, as well as the White House
itself. President Obama has sown some bitter seeds of
contempt for friends at home and abroad, and now
his party is likely to reap a bitter harvest of defeat and

And the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East continues
with barely any acknowledgement from the White House,
let alone condemnation, still less action to protect them.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning
recently issued this statement in response to the dire economics
and jobs report: "This week's double whammy of bad economic
news with the Atlanta Fed's first quarter growth estimate down
to 0 percent and the abysmal jobs report showing only 34,000
more people are working while 277,000 left the labor force
effectively puts the breaks on recovery talk. The real question,
seven years after the financial crisis, is whether we have begun
to slide into a new recession." As far as your exasperated
Peasant is concerned, we have been and are still in the old
recession which was triggered by the bursting of the housing
bubble and exacerbated, on purpose, by President Obama.
He won't rest until he gets as many Americans dependent upon
government programs for as many of our needs as possible,
so as to create a command-and-control economy and society,
with the government installed as our master. Any talk that
comes from Obama and the Democrats about new numbers
showing that we are climbing out of the recession into a
recovery period is hogwash! We will at last have recovery
if we elect a truly conservative president in 2016, and give
him a veto-proof majority in the Senate while maintaining
the large conservative advantage in the House.

And why isn't Lois Lerner behind bars? Answer: U.S.
Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald Machen told
House Speaker John Boehner that he won't be presenting
Lerner's contempt citation to a federal grand jury. The outgoing
DC Attorney is being a good little foot soldier in President
Obama's army of criminals, elitists, statists, and obstructionists,
spitting on the Constitution and We the People as a matter
of course. Your frustrated Peasant can't wait for next year's
elections, and for Inauguration Day in January 2017 (provided
we succeed in electing the aforementioned truly conservative
president to succeed Obama)!

At last, something of lighter(?) substance: rapper DMX recently
robbed one of his fans at gunpoint(!). Most fans of celebrities
get autographs of their idols or have their photos taken with
them. But rappers are a different breed: a fan can only say that
he has connected with his favorite rapper if that rapper sticks him
up. There's another reason to not be a fan of any rapper; in
addition to their songs being full of obscenities and violent
fantasies, it's dangerous to have close contact with a rapper.
It doesn't seem worth it to me, how about you, my grand

See you all soon with more news to share and to comment on!