Monday, May 21, 2018

The Peasant Announces something BIG!

Friends, your always busy Peasant is becoming
even busier. Time is not being generous with me
even now, so I can't give all the details about
what I'm soon to be involved in, but I will say
that I'm going to undertake a lucrative
activity which will bring some very welcome
dollars into my coffers! My schedule will be
affected in that I won't always be able to bet
together with you, my fabulous readers, every
Thursday as has been our practice for quite some
time. Not to worry though; we shall get together
whenever I can wrangle some time for us to share
together for our visits. And I'll have time to be
more forthcoming about my wonderful opportunity!

And with Memorial Day coming up, please keep our
brave veterans, past and present, in your prayers;
for we owe them greatly for our wonderful country
and our freedom, our prosperity, and our way of life.
And take time to thank a vet for his/her service!
Whenever you see a vet selling poppies, flags, or
other patriotic items to raise money for one of
the wonderful veterans' organizations such as
the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American
Legion (to name but two), buy one of their
items and visit with them for a spell! Ask them
about their service, and thank them for it and their
sacrifice. This will give them --- and yourselves ---
such joy.

Meantime please enjoy these other wonderful
conservative online publications:

National Review Online


See you, my treasured readers soon!
Thank you for your company and
your ongoing support!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Political Awakening of Kanye West

On the Left, one sees absolute lockstep in the movement
of its adherents; everyone obediently accepts and adopts
the ideological line on whatever the burning issue of the
moment is, as well as maintains position on various
"bedrock" issues, i.e. legalized marriage for gay people,
abortion, open borders, etc. Woe to they would deviate
from the decreed liberal orthodoxy, for there shall be severe
opprobrium and some stiff ostracization for they that dare
to think outside of the leftist box, be they everyday sorts
or celebrities. Recently, a celebrity ran afoul of this rule,
and has caught the aforementioned hell --- but also some
praise from quarters which heretofore never had any
admiration for him.

Kanye West, a rather famous rapper, was the darling of the
Left for his pointed remarks aimed at then-President George
W. Bush in 2005 in which he claimed that Bush didn't care
about black people re: the government's response to the
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast states.
But lo and behold, West has had a rethink about the left-
wing orthodoxies and pieties in recent years, and has spoken
out on his new doubts and resultant questions in regards
to them. "Do you know how bad I would want to go to
George Bush and say 'I'm sorry for hurting you, I was an
artist and I was hurting when I went up to the telethon
(that raised money to help the survivors of Katrina).'
And did the fur fly! Oh, did the Left pitch a collective
royal one over this remark by the rap star! But that's not
all: West made some other statements that drove the
lefties even further 'round the twist, such as praising
conservative black female activist Candace Owens
("I love the way Candace Owens thinks!");
comments on slavery ("When you hear about slavery
for 400 years ... 400 years? That sounds like a choice,");
praise for President Donald Trump (he wrote a song in
praise of the American political figure most hated by
the Left); and retorts aimed at his former admirers
on the Left who have castigated and excoriated West,
and one rapper even putting a bounty on his head (!)
to shut him up. Such behavior from the crowd that claims
to be tolerant, accepting, and inclusive.

This serves to detail and relate Kanye West's fall from grace
in the Left's so-called polite society. The leftists cannot
handle encountering anyone from outside their ranks with
a different point of view, but they cannot countenance
anyone from within their hive daring to question their
dogma, and actually thinking for themselves ---
oh, horrors! What's are good totalitarians to do?
Why, shame and shut down the wayward rebel!
The Left, you see, only pays lip service to tolerance for
other opinions and the freedom to express them; they
don't actually practice these civilities. And now Kanye
West sees who are his true friends, and who are not,
and the reasons why.

But the Left should heed this truth: more and more black
people are questioning their political orthodoxy, but many
of them voted for Donald Trump in 2016 or are moving
politically closer to him especially as his economic
policies are reversing the sorry condition that his
predecessor, Barack Obama, had left them in, and
actually listens to their concerns rather than simply
take them and their votes for granted. Kanye West
now sees this, and many more black folks are coming
over to have a closer look at what conservatism has to
offer, including that of the Trumpian variety. If the
Left thinks that they have serious dissention in their
ranks, they ain't seen nothing yet; a showdown, followed
by a mass exodus is brewing, and it won't be pretty.

But it will be beautiful for the rest of us.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Lightning Strikes Again in Great Britain

Another NHS vs. parents' rights showdown took place
in Great Britain, and the same tragic result reoccurred.
Alfie Evans, just eleven days away from what would
have been his second birthday, died from a neurological
disorder, after having had artificial ventilation and
hydration turned off by order of the Alder Hay Hospital
in Liverpool, the NHS, the Supreme Court of the United
Kingdom and the European Court of Human Rights.
Baby Alfie's case is eerily similar to that of Baby Charlie
Gard, whom your diligent Peasant has written about on
this blog.

Like with Baby Charlie, Alfie's parents wanted to take
him abroad for possible life saving treatment;  Bambino
Gesu' Pediatric Hospital in Rome agreed to do what it could
for Baby Alfie, and without cost to Alfie's parents or to
the NHS. And, as with Baby Charlie, the U.K. government
gave a cold, steely "no". The Italian government even granted
Alfie citizenship and prepared to take him to Rome immediately.
Mariella Enoc, chief of Bambino Gesu' which is affiliated with
the Holy See, thus having a strong connection to the Vatican
and the Pope himself, flew ASAP to Liverpool to attempt
intercession but to no avail. The forces of socialism in the U.K.
won again, claiming another precious little victim.

Tell us again, left-wingers, about how a national health care
program is more humane than a market-based one; show us
how it is more compassionate, more caring, and more responsive
to patients, especially to seriously ill tiny babies like Charlie Gard
and Alfie Evans; demonstrate to us stupid, dense, clueless, short-
sighted right-wing peasants how grand, how efficient, how
forward-looking a state-run health care setup would be, and
how its doctors and officials are so much smarter than we
Great Unwashed are, especially re: choosing the best care
for ourselves and our loved ones. And please illustrate how
it is sometimes absolutely essential that some patients,
especially wee little babies, are made to die. Oh, we poor
simpletons cry out for knowledge! Please educate us as to
why some people simply must be scrapped like old radios
or furniture or clothing, even if there is a real possibility that
their conditions could be turned around and their lives spared.
And do inform us as to how it is that life thus has no truly intrinsic
value, really no value other than that which the almighty, all-
knowing state assigns it in accordance with its purposes!

Ah, 'tis a brave new world ... and your disgusted Peasant, for one,
wants nothing to do with it!

God rest you, Baby Alfie. Enjoy playing together with Baby Charlie
in heaven. How terribly you both have been wronged.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Peasant Takes Some Further Personal Time

Friends, your busy Peasant is in need of yet more
time to himself, to rest and refresh. As always,
I shall return to you, my grand readers, as soon as
possible. I have been extraordinarily busy with
various commitments and personal tasks!

Meanwhile, enjoy these fine online publications,
written by and for we conservatives! Thank you
for your ongoing support!

God bless!

MEM  National Review Online  Newsmax

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Barbara Bush, R.I.P.

A much beloved First Lady, a tireless advocate for getting
children to begin reading good and early, and a loving
wife and mother of presidents (and a governor who also,
albeit briefly, was a presidential candidate), Barbara Bush
led an extraordinary life, in terms of longevity, experience,
and accomplishment. The matriarch to an almost-politically
dynastic family, Barbara Bush was known for her sharp wit,
her outspokenness on important issues, and her love for and
loyalty to her family.

The 92-year-old wife of President George H.W. Bush and mother
of President George W. Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush
was a combination of the loving, white-haired grandmother
who dotes on her grandchildren and bakes cookies for them
(and for the entire family) and an advocate for things that she
thought important for American society to have. Mrs. Bush also
accomplished something that only one other woman in American
history had been able to accomplish; being the wife of a president
and the mother of another. She would have been the first, and only
woman in our country's history to have been the mother of two
presidents if Jeb had won the 2016 Republican presidential
nomination and the general election (both of which, of course,
had been won by Donald J. Trump). But Barbara Bush was
not the least bit bothered by missing out on this distinction;
she was reported to have remarked that there had been enough
Bushes in the White House already. The lady had no dynastic
dreams or intentions, but wanted instead to have her family be
happy and successful in their endeavors, be they politics,
business, the military, or whatever else would raise interest.

After spending much of the last few years of her life in and out
of hospitals for various ailments, Barbara Bush chose to spend
her final days at home with her family, having comfort care
rather than medical care, so as not to prolong her suffering the
effects of her illness unnecessarily. She went to her Creator
just two days ago, leaving behind a legacy of love, laughter,
care, and joy for her family and for us all. Rest in Peace,
Mrs. Bush. Yours was a life well lived.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Major Washington Figure Steps Down

Your frazzled Peasant is grabbing some precious time
to return to comment on an seismic event which took
place just yesterday, causing reverberations throughout
the country's political scene. House Speaker Paul Ryan
announced his resignation from both his position and his
seat in the House of Representatives, effective in January
2019. Ryan will not seek re-election, opting to call and end
to a long and successful political career which began when
he was in his twenties.

During his time as Speaker, Ryan conducted himself honorably
but seemed to have some trouble grasping some of the necessary
functions of the office of the third most powerful government
official in the land. First, he was never temperamentally suited
for the job. And he didn't even want it. Ryan had to be persuaded
into accepting the position when his predecessor, John Boehner,
resigned after a disastrous performance fomented dissent in
the Republican ranks in the House. The most successful speakers
have been master salesmen (and manipulators), or have had
dynamic, charismatic personalities, or were hard-nosed enpough
to bully their agendas through their chamber. Ryan had none of
this; he simply brought a love for the law and a desire to serve
the people of his Janesville, Wisconsin district and the American
people as a whole to his jobs as a U.S. representative and House

Ryan was also not able to keep a wave of pork and waste out of
the recently passed Omnibus Budget Bill, and voted for its
passage in order to ensure that some better provisions would
go through, namely seeing to it that the military would get the
funding for the wherewithal to do its job in Afghanistan, where
we are still at war, as well as to train and equip  new recruits.
this did not please the GOP base; in fact, they called him a RINO
and wanted him removed from the Speaker's post. Moreover,
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell led his caucus to vote
against measures that Ryan and his caucus passed which would
have reduced both spending and the deficit. Ryan's forte was
being a detail man, a policy wonk; he is not a gut-fighter who
would battle for every policy, every idea, every dollar to save,
spend, or redirect with people on both sides of the aisle ---
and sometimes his counterpart in the Senate and even the
president himself.

Finally, Ryan wants to spend more time with his family. He had
commented that he gets to see them only on weekends, and he
doesn't want his children to think of and remember him as hust
someone who was there only on weekends and the rest of the
time see their dad on TV and that's all. A decent and caring
family man, as well as a fine public servant, who is losing the
balance he wanted so much to maintain between his duty to
his family and that to his constituents. Never an easy thing to
do for anyone in government, especially Congress.

A few gremlins in his speakership, to be sure. But Paul Ryan
was always loyal to the people who entrusted him with the
House seat they elected and re-elected him to. A misunderstood,
hard-working, dedicated member of Congress, and a devoted
husband and father. At the end of the day, these are the things
that most count. Thank you, Rep. Paul Ryan, for your service,
and God bless you and your future endeavors.