Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Play a Trick on the Left (And Treat Ourselves To Victory!)

Hello, my fabulous readers!
Happy Halloween to you and
your precious little trick-or-treaters!
That big candy-gathering day is tomorrow!

One more visit together before Election Day.
Did you all mark November 2 on your calendars?
Excellent! Have you all made transportation
arrangements for getting yourselves, your families,
your friends, and your neighbors to the polls?
Fantastic! Have you all done your homework
on the candidates to learn what they stand for,
what they are running on, who is supporting them
and for what purpose(s)? Super! And, most importantly,
have you all registered to vote? No?

Not to worry, you can register at your polling places.
Just bring a valid driver's license or state photo ID,
and perhaps a billing statement from your utility
company or telephone service provider to prove your
residency. You can also bring a licensed voter who
can vouch for you if you don't want to bring one of
these bills with you. Now you're all set to vote in
the candidates who will restore constitutional governance
and sanity to our government, and vote out the elitist
pigs who think that the Constitution is an outmoded,
obsolete antique which should be scrapped, that We
The People are know-nothing backward peasants
who should be dictated to rather than listened to,
that think an encroaching, micromanaging, nanny state
is the best form of government for our country.

Although it is always imperative to turn out to vote in
every election, there is more, much more at stake in
this election. We have what may be the last opportunity
to change the direction of our government, our economy,
our society, our country back from the precipice overlooking
the statist chasm that President Obama and his fellow
Democrats, along with some renegade Republicans ---
the RINOs --- have taken us to. We may, as a nation,
have voted for change after the letdown of the Bush
administration, but not at all for the kind of change that
Obama and his pals have foisted upon us! If we vote out
Obama's bunch from power in both houses of Congress,
and the latest prognostications have this being almost a
certainty, we can neutralize Obama so that he cannot ramrod
further radical programs through Congress which would
further plunge us into debt, expand the deficit, shoot taxes
ever higher, and clamp down on our economic and personal
liberties. Then we will have an easier time in getting rid of
The Annointed One, as radio & TV conservative talker
Sean Hannity referrs to President Obama. We will show
the liberals that their emperor has no clothes! It shall be
a splendid Halloween trick, just a couple of days after
the day for tricks and treats, to perpetrate upon the
trickster who conned us with "change" of a kind that we
didn't want nor intended to vote for!

The other side will not go gentle into that good night, however.
In recent national elections they have resorted to illegal means
of attempting to ensure victory for their candidates, which have
included many kinds of vote fraud, voter intimidation (case in
point: the Black Panthers standing in front of polling precincts
in Philadelphia, harrassing people coming to vote), even 
discounting ballots cast by our brave military service members
in Iraq and Afghanistan! This year, some states have even
dragged their feet in getting ballots sent to our military folk
so that if some of them haven't received them by now, it will
be too late to get the ballots into their hands in time for
November 2, thus disenfranchising the very people fighting
to defend our freedom!

But our right to vote, to determine the leadership and the
direction of our government, has been secured for us at a
terrible sacrifice over 200 years ago. Some of our early
countrymen died to gain that right for us, many of them
knowing that they may not live to exercise this right
themselves. We have inherited a precious legacy, we have
received a tremendous gift, paid for with the very
blood of former colonists of the British crown who had
had enough of being treated like subjects and wanted to
be sovereign citizens. And now we have the opportunity
to vote out a gaggle of wayward elected officials who
are treating us in this same shabby, disrespectful fashion.

In voting on November 2, we will not only change the
makeup and course of our government, we will also be
thanking our forefathers for their frightening undertaking
and accompanying sacrifice. We owe it not only to ourselves,
but to them, to vote, and to cast our votes wisely.

See you at the polls!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Evening With Ben Stein

On Monday, October 25, I seized the opportunity to hear Ben
Stein; author, speaker, conservative activist, speechwriter for 
President Richard Nixon, columnist, actor, talk show host and
game show emcee; a human whirlwind and a renaissance man!
Ben Stein one of my favorite conservatives, nay, one of my 
favorite PEOPLE in all the world, and I heard him give a talk 
at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee campus. I even got
to meet him afterward, and told him about myself and this blog. 
He asked me to e-mail the link to him at his e-mail address, which
I have already done! Your favorite Peasant is becoming known
in lofty circles!

I also happened across a fellow whom I met at a tea party rally last
year, just after he announced his candidacy for Congress. Con-
servative Republican Dan Sebring is challenging incumbent
U.S. Representative Gwen Moore (D) and is posing a serious
challenge to the seemingly entrenched Democrat. I chatted with
Dan at both of these events and found him to be a dedictaed
conservative who will be helpful in rolling back President Obama's
radical programs and stop Obama's other ideas from coming to 
fruition. Dan is boldly challenging an incumbent situated in the
very Democratic 4th Congressional District; make no mistake,
this district is no bastion of conservative politics!

But if enough of you "right-minded" folk come out to vote
for Dan Sebring on Election Day (November 2), a historic
achievement will be realized, and a stern message will be sent
to left-wing members of Congress that NONE OF THEM 
are safe from the citizenry which they have ignored and
scorned since Obama entered the White House! It is
imperative that we, my loyal readers, turn out to vote
for our constitutionally-dedicated candidtaes next week,
whether they are running in conservative districts where
victory is a certainty, or in liberal districts, where they
face an uphill battle. We cannot, must not, concede ANY
office, ANYWHERE! We have to build astrong conservative
majority in both houses of Congress in order to handcuff
Obama for the final two years of his term (which we shall
endeavor to make his only term!) and to begin to shape our
country's government, its direction, and our country itself
for the years ahead.

Your diligent Peasant shall make every attempt to address
you, my fantastic readers, once more before Election Day.
Meanwhile, mark November 2 on your calendars; it's our
political D-Day!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Egregious Violation of Civil and Human Rights

Today's story is a dramatic departure from the usual bill of fare
that your humble Peasant offers you, my wonderful readers.

Just three days ago a friend and reader of this blog brought to
my attention an article relating how American scientists, in the
name of scientific and medical research, infected patients in a
mental hospital and prison inmates in Guatemala with syphilis
in the 1940s. This was done by arranging prison visits by
prostitutes as well as by innoculation of the disease. An account
of this U.S. government-funded experiment was discovered
by Wellesley College medical historian Susan Reverby. The
shocking experimentation was supposedly conducted to
determine if penicillin, then still a fairly new drug, could prevent
infection via sexually transmitted diseases. The experiment
yielded no useful information but caused much undue and
unjust suffering for the people who were, without their know-
ledge or consent, thrust into the role of unwitting laboratory
rats. Not surprisingly, the project and all records on it were
submerged in secrecy for decades --- then enter Susan Reverby.
reverby reported that the U.S. received permission from
Guatemalan officials to conduct the now-controversial
experimentation but never informed the chosen subjects.
Seems like prisoners and mentally ill people didn't matter
to our scientists or the governments of the U.S. and Guatemala
at that time, so the idea was why not forge ahead with the study
and to heck with the consequences upon the subjects being
studied? After all, they were just criminals and lunatics; they
didn't matter.

Furthermore, the government researcher who headed this
terrible undertaking was also involved in the Tuskegee
experiment, in which during a forty-year period from 1932
to 1972 American scientists observed 600 black men in
Alabama who had syphilis but never knew it, and never
offered treatment to these men at any time. This was started
and carried out during the years of the FDR and Truman
administrations, progressive presidents long thought to be
champions and protectors of human rights at home and abroad.

Fortunately, we have stringent regulations today which
clearly state that it is unethical and therefore improper to
experiment on people without their knowledge and consent
require certain standards for any such work with vulnerable
groups of people, i.e. prison inmates and the mentally ill. Sadly,
these regulations were not existent in the 1940s, so no recognized
ethics violations or breached protocols resulted from this
study in Guatemala. If there are no rules forbidding a particular
activity, is it legal to then engage in that activity? Just because
something is not illegal does not automatically make it right,
but this likely didn't cross the minds of those who established
and carried out the Guatemalan experiment.

The U.S. government has recently apologized to Guatemala for
its role in conducting this horrible experiment upon some of that
nation's most vulnerable people. An official with the Guatemalan
Embassy in the United States said that his country hadn't been
aware of the study until U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
telephoned to convey the apology, but that "(They) appreciate
this gesture from the U.S., acknowledging the mistake and
apologizing," and that "This must not affect the bilateral relation-
ship (between Guatemala and the United States)."

Our great country engaged in unethically conducted scientific
experiments, perpetrated upon groups of people who were
considered to be marginal in relation to the societies which
they were a part of. Although the norms of the day differed
from those of today, this ghastly project is far beneath the
standards upon which our nation is supposed to adhere to.
But to its credit, our nation has acknowledged and apologized
for its mistakes in Guatemala and Alabama. The United States
is not a great country because its is perfect; it is, however, a
great country because it owns up to its errors and endeavors
to correct them. In the song "America The Beautiful" there are
words, "... God mend thine every flaw, confirm thy soul in
self-control, Thy liberty in law." This passage from this beau-
tiful, patriotic sons says it all.

If you, my fabulous readers, want to learn more about Susan
Reverby and her findings on the Guatemalan syphilis study,
you can visit her website:

The Peasant wishes to thank the Associated press and the
McClatchy News Service for the article from which this
subject matter was derived, and the Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel for publishing this article. The Peasant also wishes
to thank the loyal reader and good friend who called my
attention to this article.


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Peasant's Christmas Season Plans

Hi everybody!

Your faithful Peasant wants to let you know that once again
I shall engage in Christmas season employment to better make
ends meet. As with last year, we'll still get together at this site,
but I will not always be able to post on Wednesdays or on
Thursdays as I customarily do due to what my work schedule
will portend. Of course I shall make every endeavor to post
each week; if some weeks even this proves to be impossible,
this too shall be due to the demands of my schedule.

To borrow a phrase from one of our country's foremost
conservative radio talk show hosts, Sean Hannity, "Let not
your heart(s) be troubled." We'll still have our fun examining
the political news stories of the day, especially the results of
Election Day (November 2) when we shall celebrate the
smashing victory we will have achieved over Obama's
Democrat pals and their RINO stooges in Congress
and elsewhere around the country! Your beloved Peasant
shall be close by!

In the meantime, do vote on November 2, won't you?
This election is one of the most important elections
that we as a nation have ever had, for we have the
opportunity, the duty, to defang the monster that is
Barack Obama by voting out his allies in Congress
as well as like-minded officeholders in state legislatures
and governors' offices. That will weaken the statist
Obama in terms of the damage he could further wreak
upon our economy and our liberties; two years later
we'll vote out Obama himself and have done with this
nightmare! If you don't vote on November 2, you will
deeply regret it in either of two ways: by not contributing
to the successful effort to take back Congress (and some
other elected offices as well) or by contributing to the
failure to reclaim these offices, thereby giving Obama
a second wind, all because you didn't vote. You then
shall feel either pangs of envy or feel suffocating sorrow,
depending upon the outcome of the day.

Don't let that happen! If you haven't registered to vote,
go to your city, town, or village hall and register! It takes
just minutes to do, and all you need is a valid photo ID
proving your residence and/or a telephone or utility bill
for same, depending on the laws in your community or
state. Some places will accept a resident in your community
to come and personally vouch for you, as long as that person
has the aforementioned documentation. Then, on the
appointed day, go to the polls and vote! It's as simple
as that!

Let's make this election day a day that we shall always
remember and cherish!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Pulls Sen. Russ Feingold's Strings?

As we approach our special day --- the day of our
national election, the political weather forecast is
predicting a massive tsunami of change in Congress
as well as state legislatures and governors' offices.
The waves of public sentiment are poised to sweep
a lot of elitist pigs from both major political parties
out of office, putting in their places good, solid,
conservative candidates who will respect the
Constitution and the people rather than spit on
them. Now we will get some REAL change, not
more of the awful stuff that Mr. Hope and Change
has been forcing on us from the White House!

In your beloved Peasant's home state of Wisconsin,
incumbent U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, extremely left-wing
Democrat and relaible Obama yes-man, is trying for a
fourth term in the Senate but is running farther and
farther behind businessman and political newcomer
Ron Johnson, the Republican candidate and Tea Party
choice. Sen. Feingold has been elected and re-elected
by scant margins, only because he has faced either flawed
or little-known opposition. Last time out he defeated a
businessman who was a candidate for the Senate seat
Feingold has held now for nearly eighteen years, a candidate
who was a novice in politics, someone who had good ideas
but was most ineffective at communicating them and therefore
could not beat an eminently beatable incumbent.

But this election is different for the following reasons:
Ron Johnson has been a much better communicator
of his ideas as well as a more fierce attacker of Sen.
Feingold's record in the Senate. Johnson understands
that politics is a rough, tough endeavor and one must
both attack and defend with unrelenting vigor. Moreover,
the increasing anger at the current Congress, not to
mention the White House and the party which currently
controlls them has provided a wave of energy to ride.
That is certainly the case here in Wisconsin, where
Badger State Democrats are bracing for a rough
storm. Here, the problem has been more with these
Democrats and their dismissiveness toward the people
and their concerns rather than with sellout Republicans,
as the case has been in some states. For Sen. Feingold's
part, he has consistently ignored the opposition of his
fellow Wisconsinites to Obamacare, Cap & Trade,
bank & corporate bailouts on the taxpayer's dime,
and dubious "stimulus packages" which do nothing
to stimulate the economy but rather harm it further
through increased deficit spending and increased
borrowing, the latter creating more debt. We now
have record levels of both.

And to further insult the people of my state, and the
candidate that a demonstrable majority of them are
supporting, Sen. Feingold has attacked Ron Johnson
by questioning who Johnson is beholden to, as far as
third party (a/k/a interest groups) support is concerned.
This from an incumbent who has long received the support,
especially financial support, of labor unions, Hollywood
celebrities, feminist groups, abortion so-called rights
supporters, and oh, yes, left-wing billionaire George
Soros, through the political group which
he funds to the hilt. Soros has been trying hard to influence
our elections with his vast fortune from currency trading,
attempting to bring our country into his sphere of influence,
funding Democrats in their election bids for Congress
and the Presidency. Soros has put his finger into other
nations' political pies for the same purpose over the years.
So who is Senator Russ Feingold to criticize Ron Johnson,
or anyone else for that matter, given his long list of special
interest supporters?

This race has Obama & Co. concerned, and gravely so.
This is why President Obama, the First Lady, and Vice
President (and Gaffemaster General) Joe Biden have all
made special visits to Wisconsin to talk up Sen. Feingold's
record in the Senate and to raise money for his campaign.
Obama personally came here FOUR TIMES just to help
his ol' pal Russ with his flagging campaign! That should tell
you, my wonderful and intelligent readers, that Ron Johnson
is running a strong, vibrant campaign, enough so that he
is highly likely to send Sen. Feingold packing.

It's no sense trying to talk to the Senator; although he has
conducted "listening tours" around the state he listens only
to those who agree with him and his actions on behalf of
Obama and his agenda. He has even disparaged some of
the citizens who have voiced their displeasure with his votes
in the Senate, including the entire county of Waukesha.
That's right, Sen. Feingold had made condescending remarks
about the people of Waukesha County, a prosperous and
hard-working people, because they overwhelmingly dislike
him and the policies he supports. Your favorite Peasant
had e-mailed him on a couple of issues and he sent back
letters bragging about his support for the very programs and
legislation which I oppose, and how it will somehow be good
for Wisconsin and the country, taking a paternalistic tone in
his responses. Your diligent Peasant has learned that he has
taken the same tack and tone with other people as well.

Note to my fellow Wisconsinites: This jerk has to go! NOW!
On November 2 we have an opportunity to replace this elitist
pig with a candidate who understands us and our concerns,
who will listen to our concerns, our opinions, and our ideas
regarding the issues and challenges we face as a state and as
a nation, and will abide by the Constitution in his actions in
the United States Senate. Let's tell Russ Feingold to update
his resume' and start peddling it, because we are going to give
him his pink slip! We want a senator who will be beholden
to us, the people, not to big-monied, high-powered interests
who don't have our best interests in mind and frankly could
care less!

Senator Feingold, start cleaning out your office and pack your
bags. We Wisconsinites have had more than enough of you.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Senator Lisa Murkowski - Poster Girl for Sore Losers!

How's everybody doing?

Your favorite Peasant came across a video that encapsulates
the recent "highlights" of U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's (R-Ha!-AK)
senatorial career; by now you know that she had conceded the
Alaska GOP U.S. Senate primary race to her opponent and
Tea Party choice Joe Miller, accepted the outcome, then turned
around and rejected said outcome by announcing her write-in
candidacy to try to keep the seat in the Senate which her father,
then-Governor Frank Murkowski appointed her to. And she's
getting the support of some left-wing political groups, including
some labor unions, in Lisa Murkowski's extremely churlish,
selfish and Quixotic cause. And Alaska Democrats could not be
more thrilled! They had been worried about how their candidate
would fare against conservative rising star Joe Miller on Nov. 2,
but now are hopeful of the Queen of Sore Losers and Spoiled Brats
Lisa Murkowski dividing the Republican vote so as to enable a
turnover of that senate seat.

Here is a link to a YouTube video  of a TV ad that says it all about
Murkowski. Enjoy! And those of you from Alaska, do all you can
to aid Joe Miller in this the final stretch of the election season in
your state; hand out fliers, make phone calls, write letters to the 
editors of your local newspapers to urge your fellow Alaskans to
vote for a candidate for the U.S. Senate who will selflessly serve
them in Washington, and not selfishly serve himself --- to vote
for Joe Miller! Send the crybaby brat spoilsport elitist pig Lisa
Murkowski packing on Election Day!