Monday, April 29, 2013

The Peasant Takes On a Project

My fabulous readers, your faithful Peasant
is swamped this week; I have undertaken
a profitable project that is taking up most
of my time this week, so I am asking for
your kind indulgence and understanding
while I tend to this activity. I thank you all
for being so kind, and I shall leave you with
a link to a wonderful conservative news
web site, Newsmax, to enjoy news stories
on matters political and economic, as well as
other topics of interests to conservatives.

Here is the link:

Again, thank you for being so understanding!
I'll be back with more news items and com-
mentary next week. See you Thursday,
May 9!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

As the Facts Come in From Boston ...

Since our last visit more facts have emerged
regarding the Boston Marathon bombing,
two suspects have been identified among
them. And with the revelation of these facts,
some side matters have come to light.

Two brothers from central Asia, likely from
one of the nations there which were once
provinces of the former Soviet Union, were
found to be the suspects by the FBI and the
local police. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and
Dzokhar Tsarnaev, 19, wounded over 250
people while killing three with the two bombs
that they devised and detonated near the
finish line of the marathon. The older brother
was killed in a shootout with police while the
younger escaped, causing a massive manhunt
to be conducted accompanied by a lockdown
of Boston and her suburbs; no one could leave
their homes, all public transportation  --- buses,
subway trains --- ceased operating, businesses
and schools closed, and two local professional
sports teams, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston
Bruins, cancelled their scheduled games during
the lengthy hunt for the younger Tsarnaev brother.
This remaining suspect was apprehended while
hiding in a boat in the back yard of a resident of
the suburb of Watertown, having been wounded
in another confrontation with law enforcement
personnel. This took place on Friday of this past
week, just the day after my most recent post.

Officials, speaking anonymously, said the two
brothers did not appear to have been directed by a
foreign terrorist organization; it is now thought that
they became radicalized by web sites set up by
same, soaked up the propaganda, and acted on it
on their own. This has been determined by limited
information provided by Dzokhar Tsarnaev to
authorities, which seemed to indicate this.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev had traveled to Russia fairly
recently, but no evidence has emerged showing
his having received instructions from anyone there
that lead to the bombing.

Yesterday, the remaining brother was charged with
using a weapon of mass destruction and malicious
destruction of property. The death penalty is a
distinct possibility should he be convicted.

Now, what has come forth on the periphery of all
this is just as riveting, perplexing, even shocking.
Much commentary has come from left-wing pundits,
most if not all with a common aim; to paint the
terrible tragedy as anything other than the scheme
of radical Islam. MSNBC has been busy downplaying
any possibility of Islamic influence on the brothers,
employing "We have no idea why they did this"
dialogue in a segment featuring one of their talk
show hosts Rachel Maddow with Georgetown
University professor Charles King --- what his
specialty is and how it relates to the subject matter
I have no idea, but the professor uttered, and
Maddow readily agreed with, these comments:

" ... I don't know why we tend to focus on this one
particular aspect because these guys frankly have a
lot of consonants in their names and we're kind of
worried about that somehow. But in lots of other
contexts of mass killing, we go to other kinds of
motivations and I think we really ought to look at
those in this case as well."

Are you serious, professor? Why are you so eager to
gloss over the information uncovered in the investi-
gation conducted by the authorities, especially those
given by the surviving suspect himself? And Rachel
Maddow not prodding for any reasons for doing thus?
Why not analyze the information obtained from the
source itself, at the very least? Dzohkar Tsarnaev
even told police that his older brother was the one who
thought up the bombing, and that he wanted to "defend"
Islam from attack (attack from whom? Perhaps he
thought that the crowd of spectators along with the
participants in the marathon were the enemy?).
And then David Sirota, one of the staff at,
a very left-leaning news and commentary web site,
stated outright on the site that his readers should hope
that the suspect(s) turn out to be white conservatives,
maybe Tea Party activists(!), giving as his reason that
it would then not undermine President Obama. In the
meantime, the lame-stream media, the government,
and other so-called experts like the prof on Maddow's
show are going all out to look past the most obvious
possibility, if not definite cause, for the attack on
the Boston Marathon by looking at and discussing
everything else that they would rather see and deal
with. Your disgusted Peasant smells the hideous
stench of political correctness! And remember, our
current administration has established a rule for
itself to not use terms such as "radical Islam",
"Islamofascist", or "terrorist attack". They have
replaced these terms in their vernacular with more
politically correct phrases such as "man-made disaster"
for terrorist attack, and so forth. George Orwell, call
your office!

By the way, this gruesome twosome became American
citizens in the years that they have been here. The
younger Tsarnaev got his citizenship very recently,
all the while that this sorry, misbegotten regime has
held power, weakening our borders and our immigration
laws. And their equally disgusting pals wishing out loud
for the culprits responsible for the Boston horror to be
conservative white Americans just so they can bolster
President Obama by further denouncing those who oppose
his statist policies and having proof that they would
employ violence to make their point! I never thought
we would ever see such an obscenity take place in our
great country. These horrible people don't give a flying
whatever for our safety and well-being; all that matters
to them is their ongoing acquisition of power, and their
quest to transform our United States into a leftist

Meanwhile, let us continue to pray for the people of
Boston, especially those who were injured or killed
in the attack at their marathon and their families and
friends, and also pray for our country as well. Both
Boston and the United States are hurting, and rather



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keep Boston in Your Prayers

On Monday a terrible catastrophe occurred in Boston,
at the location of its famous annual Boston Marathon.
Two bombs exploded near the finish line while the
race was on, sending ball bearings into the crowd of
people in attendance, injuring over 130, some severely
enough that they had limbs blown off while some others
had to have limbs amputated upon being rushed to
nearby hospitals; there are three known fatalities
as of this writing, one of these victims an eight-year-
old boy.

No suspects have been identified, nor any motive,
but the Boston Police and the FBI are investigating.
In the meantime, my fabulous readers, let us keep
Boston in our prayers, and pray for the victims of
this horrible attack, their families and friends, the
police and First Responders, the FBI, and for the
populace of this big New England city. Let us also
pray for answers to some very serious questions,
and for justice to be served. Your loyal Peasant
shall provide comment when more information
becomes known.

Such times we live in.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Education or Indoctrination?

Your busy Peasant became aware of a program here
in the Badger State which has as its aim the purpose of
inculcating racial guilt in white VISTA volunteers who
work in economically struggling, racially diverse public
schools. According to a report by CNS (Conservative
News Network), Wisconsin's VISTA program, which
is part of AmeriCorps and whose name is an acronym
for Volunteers in Service to America, "wants its white
VISTA volunteers ... to examine the 'privilege' their
Caucasian race confers on them."

Now, this is supposed to mean that white people are
inherently biased, their being aware of said bias being
irrelevant. The state's Department of Public Instruction
has put up a web site titled "Power and Privilege"
which contains links to racial justice workshops,
personal racial bias tests, and other items of a similar
nature. According to this web site, "Not only should you
examine the kind of privilege you bring to your site but
also how power is distributed among the families,
community members, and students you work with."
Just a few of the seminars and links presented on this
web site are:

*What if the Tea Party was Black?
*Materials on Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome
*Only For My Kid: How Privilege Parents Undermine
  School Reform

And the driving force behind this propaganda program?
Recently re-elected DPI Supervisor Tony Evers, whom
I mentioned on this blog just two weeks ago. This is part
of his plan to create guilt in the minds of dedicated VISTA
volunteers, and ultimately schoolchildren, and to brainwash
them into being obedient, servile tools for the left-wing
social planners of the liberal establishment. And guess who
is getting the bill for the costs of designing and implementing
this program? Right you are, my grand readers! Because
it's for our own good, and for the greater good of our
society, our liberal leaders greatly desire us to believe.
They think that we are too stupid, too bigoted, and too
untrustworthy to handle our own interpersonal affairs in
our schools, our workplaces, and our neighborhoods.
Never mind the considerable progress which we, as a
nation, have made in interracial relations over the years.
Never mind the black people who openly acknowledge
that progress, and do not seek a radical overhaul in our
educational system to promote additional progress in
this area of life in our country (anyway, these folks are
written off and ridiculed by liberals --- especially white
liberals --- for thinking this; they are branded "Uncle
Toms" and worse!) And don't forget who established
the liberal establishment and comprises a majority part
of it; whites! Do THEY acknowledge any guilt from
any supposed "white privilege?"

All of this points out the embarrassing lack of support
given to Don Pridemore, Evers' challenger in the recent
election, who received so little in campaign contributions
that he couldn't get even one campaign ad aired on TV
and lost what would have been a winnable race. He
is a true and dedicated conservative who would have
blocked such a program from being carried out. We
should make it very clear to Evers and his allies that we
won't stand for the indoctrination of our children in their
public schools nor our family members, friends, and
neighbors who generously volunteer their services to
our communities through VISTA, and to be forced to
pay with our taxes for it all! It's all part and parcel of
the era of Obama's "Hope and Change" in which the
left-wingers hope to change our great country into
something akin to Chavez' Venezuela. Besides, there
are just as many examples of racism in the black
community and those of Asians and Hispanics; funny
how you don't see liberals working to eradicate
racism in those places. Do they even acknowledge
the existence of racism there?

VISTA volunteers give a year of their lives to work
full-time at a non-profit organization or a government
agency, forgoing a livable income in the process. They
certainly deserve better than this! Ditto our children
in the public schools. And liberals wonder why more
and more parents are seeking alternatives for the
education of their children, to free them from such
a politicized and corrupt education system. And, as
much as a shock this will be to the lefties, this includes
many black and other non-white families!

This misbegotten program is illustrative of government
bureaucracy and political extremism combined for the
control of the people, and is incompatible with a free
society. We must take steps to halt this madness without

The Peasant wishes to thank Freedom Weekly for the
article which brought this story to my attention. It is a
wonderful publication which I have mentioned and praised
in this blog, and heartily recommend it to you, my great
and wonderful readers. It is a Wisconsin-based publication,
and I don't know whether or not it is circulated outside
of my home state, but you can enjoy its online version
at its web site via this link:
for those of you who don't happen to reside in Wisconsin.
The print version is free, as is the online edition. A fine
publication for conservatives offering an alternative take
on the political news of the moment! Enjoy!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Requiem for an Iron Lady

This morning we have lost one of the greatest world
leaders that our world has ever been blessed and
graced with, who came along at just the right time
for the impact that she would make, making both
her country and our world vastly better places.
Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain
spanning three decades from the 1970s through the
1990s, died after the last of a series of strokes which
she suffered during her retirement years, aged 87.

Lady Thatcher, a Conservative, defeated Labor
Prime Minister James Callaghan for the office on a wave
of discontent with Labor's economic policies which
rendered the British economy stagnant and unemploy-
ment high. Thatcher would have not only a tremendous
impact on Britain but on the world as well, becoming
one of the triumvirate of western leaders (the others
being United States President Ronald Reagan and
Pope John Paul II) who would successfully stand up
to and defeat the Communist Bloc of the Soviet Union
and its satellites. Because of this noble trio Eastern
Europe gained its freedom, the Iron Curtain tumbled,
and the Soviet Union collapsed. And none of these
leaders ordered a single missile launched nor a single
shot fired. Thatcher was given the sobriquet "The
Iron Lady" by the Soviet Tass News Agency, more as
a means of ridicule than a compliment, but she indeed
had an iron will and a backbone to match, as her
enemies at home and abroad learned to their dismay
and discomfiture and her supporters discovered to their
joy and delight.

In Britain, she stood up to and backed down the TUC
(the Trade Union Congress) over economic reform, and
did the same to the welfare advocates who pushed for
broadening the range of and eligibility for the country's
welfare programs. Like Reagan in the United States,
she cut the top marginal tax rate and lowered taxes in
general, benefiting many taxpayers and making possible
jobs for the unemployed and underemployed. She also
lessened the regulatory burden on British businesses.
The first and so far only female prime minister in British
history was a devout student of free market economists
Milton Friedman and Frederich Von Hayek, and
implemented their teachings, supplanting the Fabian
socialism which had slowly enveloped Britain during the
twentieth century. Thatcher famously quipped that
"The trouble with socialism is that sooner or later, you
run out of other people's money."

On the world stage, Thatcher had augmented the words
and actions of Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Michael
Reagan, the president's son, told Lady Thatcher on the
occasion of his father's death that it took all three of
them working together to accomplish the death of
the Soviet menace, as each had a unique role to play
that no one else could have played, and that neither
one or any two of the three could have done without
the other one or ones, and that they needed a strong
leader in the western hemisphere. Thatcher responded,
"I never thought of that"; the three simply knew what had
to be done, and they set about doing it. Pope John Paul
was the driving force behind the non-violent liberation
of his native Poland, Reagan stopped communism from
gaining a foothold in central America, and Thatcher gave
stern warnings to the Soviets, their allies, and their satellites
as to what they would face if they continued to menace
former British colonies since turned British Commonwealth
members in Africa and elsewhere. And each one stood
with the others, unwavering, unflinching.

With the sorry state of the world today, what with radical
Islam taking the place of the Soviets as the biggest threat
to world peace and freedom, big government making a
comeback in the United States and in Europe, a youthful
pipsqueak building a nuclear arsenal in North Korea to
threaten South Korea and the United States, feeling his
oats after inheriting the Stalinist government handed down
to him in his family's tyrannical dynasty, and Iran farther
ahead with the development of their nuclear weapons
with bullying Israel on its agenda, we sure could use
some leaders like this troika, these three musketeers of
freedom. Sadly, none seem to be on the horizon, and
the current leaders of Great Britain and the United States
are at best milquetoasts, with the latter literally bowing
and scraping before the tinpot tyrants of the world.

Rest in peace, Lady Thatcher. Yours was a job well done.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Victorious Election Day in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin's left-wingers took it on the chin once again
at the polls on Tuesday, April 2, as State Supreme Court
Justice Patience "Pat" Roggensack routed her lefty oppo-
nent, Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone by
gaining nearly 60% of the votes cast. This victory means
that the Badger State's highest court will retain its 4-3
conservative majority, which will ensure that Gov. Scott
Walker's Act 10 and other legislation crafted and passed
by Walker and the Republican majorities in both chambers
of the legislature will not be stymied, and that the people
of Wisconsin shall have the government they want,
unrestrained and unimpeded. The Democrats and their
allies failed to disrupt Walker and the GOP yet again,
having lost a state election in 2010, an unsuccessful recall
election in 2012, and now having lost a bid to alter the
makeup of the top state court to stop Walker's reforms
there. Act 10, which curbs public union's influence in
state budgetary matters, will be safe to stand, and voter
ID legislation passed by Walker and the legislature will
no longer be held up by liberal courts. Bravo!

In the race for Milwaukee's District 45 judicial seat,
Judge Rebecca Bradley defeated liberal challenger
Janet Protasiewicz to keep the position in conservative
hands. Judge Bradley will be able to continue to have
a strong role in making Milwaukee's streets safer by
taking a tough tack with criminals, and in supporting
both police and residents' efforts.

Sadly, the lefties won one race --- a race of great
importance; incumbent State Superintendent of Public
Instruction Tony Evers handily defeated Republican
State Assemblyman Don Pridemore by a 61% - 39%
margin. In this race Pridemore was for reasons which
confound your favorite Peasant all but completely
ignored by the state GOP and many conservative
groups; Pridemore received very little in campaign
contributions, so little that he could not run any ads
on TV(!). In the days and weeks to come your
inquisitive Peasant will get to the bottom of this
malfunction and have some answers as to why this
happened, but know that even without significant
funds Pridemore was still able to gain around two-
fifths of the total vote. Imagine what he could have
accomplished with sufficient funds! Now Evers
will continue to pump for political-correctness
accented coursework and lax standards in the
core curriculum classes (reading, math, and science).

Anyway, we have much to be thankful for from the
results of this election. We shall continue to build
upon our successes in the days to come!


Monday, April 1, 2013

A Note to My Fellow Wisconsinites

My Fellow Badger Staters:

Tomorrow we will have an election that, although it
pales in size and scope to the presidential election
we had last November, still is of great importance
to us. Please come out and vote tomorrow to give
State Supreme Court Justice Patience "Pat"
Roggensack another term!

Chosen by the Wisconsin Civil Justice Council as
the most conservative justice on the Wisconsin
State Supreme Court, she has been vital in uphol-
ding Act 10, Governor Scott Walker's legislation
which eliminated our state's $3 billion-plus budget
deficit, saved taxpayers billions of dollars, and
prevented further increases in property taxes as
well as curbing public employee unions' influence,
making an even playing field for taxpayers. She
is being challenged by a left-wing gadfly who had
campaigned for the thankfully unsuccessful recall
attempt on Gov. Walker who if elected will tilt the
makeup of our state's Supreme Court from
4-3 conservative to 4-3 liberal, which would
threaten Act 10's very existence. The lefties would
be able to return us to the tax-and-spend night-
mare we escaped from when we elected Walker
and the Republicans to run our state's government.
Nuts to that and to them!

Also, conservative Don Pridemore is challenging
incumbent Tony Evers for the DPI State Super-
intendent which is responsible for overseeing the
public school system in our state. Evers is an
anti-Walker, hard-lefty who has given his OK
to institute programs in public schools that would
"educate" students about the negatibe impact of
"White privilege" on our society and minorities
as well as other left-wing political correctness
gobbledy-gook. Pridemore is currently a member
of the State Assembly, and is very knowledgeable
on educational issues, and would be a great DPI
chief. Strangely, this race has not gotten nearly
as much attention as has the State Supreme Court
race, although it is at just as important for its far-
reaching consequences; the justices on the state's
top court serve 10-year terms, and the DPI
Superintendent can and does shape our public
schools' curriculae, as well as many of their other
functions. Please come out and vote for BOTH
of these fine conservatives tomorrow, won't you?

See you at the polls!