Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

To my wonderful, loyal, fantastic readers,
Your faithful Peasant wishes all of you
A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
May 2011 bring you prosperity, love, joy
and laughter!

I shall be taking the rest of December off
for a little rest and relaxation, to sharpen
my pitchfork so we can get off to a great
start in the new year. And what an exciting
year it's going to be!

So enjoy the holiday season! Eat well,
gather with family and friends, pray,
play, sing, and love ... do whatever you
and your loved ones enjoy doing at this
beautiful, joyful time of year! We'll get
together after New Year's Day.

God Bless!


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Socialism, Interrupted

Well, my terrific readers, here's the wonderful news
which I, your faithful Peasant, promised to get to you
before the weekend; Obamacare lost a battle in court,
and this development could lead to its complete defeat!

Just a few days ago, U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson
ruled that the U.S. Government cannot require Americans
to purchase health insurance. Judge Hudson wrote that
no court has ever expanded the Commerce Clause of the
Constitution to allow the government to regulate a person's
decision not to buy a product, in this case health coverage.
"It's about an individual's right to choose to participate,"
Judge Hudson opined. Or not participate. But making all
Americans buy a certain amount of health care coverage
was an important component of Obamacare, getting us
on the way to mandatory health care provided by Uncle
Sam. This ruling deals a major setback to all that.

Judge Hudson has stated, in his order, that he will allow
the law to remain in effect while appeals are heard. The
insurance coverage mandate does not take effect until
2014, so the whole matter should be resolved well before
that time, and likely will be resolved in favor of the op-
position to the national health legislation the way things
are now going.

In closing, Judge Hudson wrote "The outcome of this
case has significant public policy implications," and
"the final word will undoubtedly reside with a higher
court." This case will certainly go to the Supreme
Court, as it is being so hotly contested by both sides,
each side confident in its declarations.

Judge Hudson is the first federal judge to strike down
a key part of Obamacare. Several other lawsuits have
been dismissed with others pending, including one filed
by the attorneys general of twenty states. This is most
joyful news for those of us who favor the marketplace
over government mandates, constitutional restraint over
political whimsy, and individual freedom of choice over
legislative coercion. What a wonderful way to finish 2010,
a year of great political triumphs, and to greet 2011 ---
a year which is ever growing in great promise! Statism
is on the way out; freedom is making its way back in!

Meanwhile, our Christmas will be truly merry!


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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Apologies for a Slight Delay

Hello all,

I wish to apologize for not having an article ready for you,
my splendid readers, today. But no worries, I am working
on an article which brings some wonderful news to you,
and I just need a wee bit more time to get it put together
and posted. My week has been especially busy, especially
with some interruptions the nature of which I won't bore
you with. Just know that your trusty Peasant has something
very special in store for you!

My timetable now is to get this posted for you by the weekend.
Thank you, my fantastic readers, for your patience and under-


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Espionage Lark

Lately, the talk of the country has been the escapades
of a young hacker from Australia, one Julian Assange,
and his creation WikiLeaks. With this web site, this
punk has made public approximately 250,000 classi-
fied documents about U.S. military operations and
related items, as well as information exchanged
between diplomats (including U.S. diplomats).
This caper is reported to be the largest leak of
top secret information held by our government
in our country's history.

The exposed classified information will very likely
put our military people, Afgahn military personnel,
Afghani human rights activists, informants, spies,
and innocent civilians in peril. Among the documents
Assange posted were those with technical details
about an Army device designed to prevent roadside
bombs from exploding and even the social security
numbers of many of our soldiers.

Assange became a computer hacker while in his
early teens, having taught himself the finer points
of this dubious activity through reading many books
on computer science and mathematics. He had a
rather unusual childhood, which molded him into
what he is today; Assange's mother and he moved
37 times (!) before he turned 14, all part of a nasty
custody battle with Assange's stepfather. The hacker's
mother had him home-schooled most of that time,
stating her worries "that formal education would
inculcate an unhealthy respect for authority" in her
pride and joy. Supposedly, this explains Assange's
anarchistic tendencies.

While a teen Assange started a group of hackers
called International Subversives. He later wrote
"Conspiracy of Governance", an online publication
which was regarded as a pseudo-intellectual diatribe.
After many hacking capers, Assange went big-time
with hacking into U.S. government files to lay bare
military and diplomatic secrets vital to our country's
war effort. President Obama, his administration, and
Congress have yet to come up with an effective
response to Assange's malicious mischief-making.

In order to successfully prosecute the espionage
troublemaker, U.S. prosecutors must prove three
things, based on the Espionage Act of 1917:

1) That Assange had unauthorized possession of
information related to national security.

2) That the information could bring harm to the U.S.
and/or aid an enemy.

3) That Assange had willfully kept the information
after a demand for its return.

Accounts of Assange and his espionage escapades
show the larcenous lad to be simply contemptuous
of ruling institutions, regarding them as being invari-
ably corrupt and everything that they say just lies.
But the actual and potential damage from his
supposed childish lark is much more than something
akin to egging the school principal's car or placing
false reports of suspicious activity to the police;
not only are many lives placed at increased risk
but communication between diplomats, between
military personnel (especially at command level),
even between heads of state, is compromised.
Furthermore, journalists will find it more difficult
to write articles on specific revelations for public
consumption, i.e. What missile technology did North
Korea give to Iran? How would we and our allies
wage the war in Afghanistan if we had to tighten
our security to the point where communication
would be encumbered by fear of advanced means of

Julian Assange is a war criminal and should be arrested
and tried as such. A haphazard upbringing should not be
an excuse for not meting out appropriate punishment
to an egregious transgressor now of majority age.
Especially a transgressor who has so little respect for
authority that he desires to stick his finger in its eye,
without regard to whomever else might be injured.

Your faithful Peasant has posted a link for you, my
treasured readers, to help you to gain more insight
into the mindset and resultant activity of this cyber-
smarty-pants. Click below to watch a video of
Julian Assange talking about the enemies of his


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Substitution This Week

Hello All!

Due to some unexpected priorities popping
up for your favorite Peasant to tend to,
there will be no article to post this week.
But fear not; I have for you, my fabulous
readers, the link to National Review Online
for you to visit William F. Buckley's great
magazine's online version! Just click here:

... and enjoy! There are not only wonderful
articles written by the NR lineup of fine
political journalists and commentators, but
some wonderful videos with the latest news
from the political scene as well as other
important events from around the country
and around the world.

The Peasant shall return soon, with more
political matters to comment on and for
us to examine with our eagle eyes,
to see who's been naughty or nice, as well
as to share a little Christmas holiday cheer!
We already have a fabulous early Christmas
present, delivered on Election Day last month:
a conservative resurgence resulting in the
taking of the House of Representatives in
Congress as well as many governors' offices
and state legislatures around the country!
It was our Christmas gift to ourselves!

My wonderful readers, you are my Christmas
gift! A gift that your humble Peasant is so
very grateful for every day of the year!
See you all next week!


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