Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Peasant is Back!

Hello everybody! Your favorite Peasant has returned from
a necessary break to take care of some personal matters of
high priority and great importance.

One of these matters was a move (yes, I moved again). A pain
in the backside but worth it, as I now have a home where I have
more living space. I am in apartment which I share with a
delightful lady who happens to be the daughter of one of the
movers and shakers of the Milwaukee Irish Fest, which as I
have mentioned here in postings past I am much involved in,
and have been for many years as a performer, a volunteer, and
as an attendee. My other activities have been in the realm of
my work as a part-time groundskeeper at a catholic church
in nearby Elm Grove, St. Mary's Church of the Visitation, a
position I have held since last autumn, as well as developing
other sources of income through entrepreneurial endeavors
(more on this in the near future). And despite what our
Fearless Leader, the Great and Powerful Obama wants
so fervently for us to believe, government DID NOT make
any of this happen (more on this in the nearer future!).

Your perpetually moving Peasant is busier than ever these
days but it's all so very good! And of course I shall be at
Irish Fest again, working in the Aer Lingus Stage Music
Booth selling CDs and DVDs as well as setting up and
assisting with the coordination of the autograph sessions
with the music performers who appear on the Aer Lingus
Stage. For those of you, my dear readers, who would like
to attend this year's Milwaukee Irish Fest, it will be held
at its regular venue, the Henry W. Maier Festival Park
which is located at 200 North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee,
right on Lake Michigan's shore. For more information,
visit the festival's website:   www.irishfest.com
There you will get information on admission prices,
entertainment (including concert times and locations),
refreshments, cultural activities for both grownups and
children (Our Irish Fest is a VERY family-oriented event),
and so much more. The dates for the fest are 8/16 through

And feel free to come visit me at the Aer Lingus Stage
Music Booth; your shamrock-tinged Peasant will be on
duty there on Friday 8/17 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Look for a somewhat tall fellow with silver-tinted brown
hair, a white moustache, and wire-rim glasses and say hello!

In closing, we'll get together here at PWAP plenty of times
between now and our Irish Fest! Stay cool and comfy, and
we'll talk again soon!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Recommended Reading During The Peasant's Hiatus

My wonderful readers, your busy Peasant wants to take
just a few minutes from a breakneck schedule to recom-
mend a wonderful publication to you who appreciates
the conservative/libertarian commentary which I, your
beloved Peasant, provides here in this blog. I refer to
Freedom Weekly, a fine conservative publication that
is published here in Wisconsin and can also be enjoyed
online at freedomweekly.com for those of you who
reside outside of my home state. This outstanding paper
will satisfy your craving for conservative perspective
on the political and economic news of the day while
your burdened Peasant takes care of some urgent
matters in the latter half of this broiling month of July.
And the price is certainly fitting for these harsh eco-
nomic times; a copy of FW is free!

This unabashed conservative periodical gives attention to
and in-depth coverage to stories that the so-called main-
stream media either ignores, glosses over, or distorts
rather than reports. FW reports on election fraud,
pork-barrell spending, gun ownership rights, my state's
courageous governor Scott Walker and the successes
of his legislation and its benefits to Wisconsinites, as
well as national stories, i.e. Obamacare, illegal immi-
gration and border security, the national debt and
deficit, along with the latest news on the presidential
campaign. FW also shares some witticisms on the
events on the political scene, such as this gem from
the latest edition:

"Ineptocracy: A system of government where the
least capable to lead are elected by the least capable
of producing, and where the members of society least
likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded
with goods and services paid for by the confiscated
wealth of a diminishing number of producers."

If this weren't the truth of the state of affairs here in
our great country one could have a big belly laugh.

So anyway, pick up a copy of FW or visit them
online anytime. Your favorite Peasant shall return
as soon as he can with some more observations
on the political and economic scene! Keep the


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Delightful Evening With Dan Sebring

Just before the Fourth of July, your favorite Peasant had
a delightful evening attending a fundraising party for
Dan Sebring, Republican candidate for Wisconsin's
4th Congressional District seat. He'll once again face
incumbent Gwen Moore (D), as he did two years earlier.
The event was held at the Astor Hotel in downtown
Milwaukee, where we enjoyed a live jazz band, a
fine bar, and great party food, along with the company
of the guest of honor the candidate himself. A great
time was had by all! And a beautiful locale to enjoy

Dan is, as you all know, a conservative to his core;
as I have mentioned him several times in this blog.
A staunch believer and adherent to the Constitution,
Dan is opposed to the so-called stimulus spending
of the Obama administration and the Democrats, to
which Gwen Moore is committed in complete lock-
step. He also is adamantly opposed to the Affordable
Health Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare, and the govern-
mental takeover of one-sixth of our economy and
its resultant restrictions on our choices of and access
to health care coverage. Dan believes that we can
have affordable and accessible health care with more
input from the marketplace (which is, by the way,
you and me). Furthermore, Dan is pro-life on abortion,
which is another reason for which he opposes
Obamacare, as the measure would do away with the
Hyde Amendment --- the late U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde's
(R-IL) measure which forbids federal money to be
spent on the provision of abortions. Dan is also a
businessman; he owns and runs an auto garage in
Milwaukee, so he knows what businesses, especially
small businesses, face from Washington ---
endless red tape, endless taxation, endless contempt
for having the temerity to create a money-making
enterprise and a source of employment for workers.
And as a veteran, having served in the Navy, he is
sympathetic to and understands what issues veterans
and their families face.

I could go on until Election Day with all the good
points that Dan Sebring has to offer, but know this:
he has a challenging campaign to unseat a solidly
entrenched Democrat incumbent in a solidly Demo-
cratic district. He ran against this incumbent in
2010 and gathered a sizable minority in votes,
showing that more than a few Democrat voters are
rethinking President Obama's rocket-ride spending,
accumulation of record debt, and stimulus programs
which, despite their hype, yield few if any jobs.
But he still has the hurdles of voters dubious about
supporting a Republican for Congress (or any office
for that matter), and the Democrat's money-raising
apparatus with strong ties to Washington. Therefore,
your humble Peasant is proud to endorse Dan Sebring
in his second quest for Congress from Wisconsin's
4th Congressional District, and I urge you to support
Dan in any way you can; send campaign contributions,
place lawn signs in your yards (if you live in his
district), wear "Dan Sebring for Congress" buttons
as I'm doing, work on literature drops, perhaps host
some fundraising events of your own. And of course,
vote for Dan on the day!

Whatever you can do to help Dan in his bid for
Congress will be greatly welcome and appreciated.
Write checks out and mail in to:

Committee to Elect Dan Sebring to Congress
Address: 6005 West Howard Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53220

For further information on how you can help Dan,
call (414) 321-3605
or e-mail info@dansebringforcongress.com

Your industrious Peasant will be back with you,
my fabulous readers, as soon as possible. This
month I am having an unrelenting schedule with
many personal and professional committments
to tend to, but I won't be far away for terribly
long! Keep the faith!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Brief Postponement

As a result of the record-setting heat wave gripping your
favorite Peasant's Milwaukee metropolitan area, and the
effects it is having on my energy and health, I regretfully
must announce that there shall be no posting today. Your
pan-fried Peasant is feeling rather woozy from being out
in this heat and therefore shall postpone my story that I
wanted so much to share with you, my fabulous readers,
until I feel less lethargic and sluggish. Yesterday, the
Fourth of July, Milwaukee saw (and felt!) a new record
daytime high temperature established --- 102 degrees.
The Milwaukee area, and Southeastern Wisconsin for
that matter, used to NEVER get days with 100+ degree
weather; we usually get a handful of days in the 90s
but this weather is straight from hell's furnace! For my
local and statewide readers, as well as my readers who
are suffering horrible heat at this time in other parts of
our great country your thoughtful Peasant has some tips
on how to protect yourselves from the brutally hot
weather: be around air conditioning as much as you
can, be it in your homes, your cars, your places of work,
your houses of worship. Drink lots of liquids --- water
of course but fruit juices, lemonade, limeade, iced tea
(especially iced green tea, which has even more
vitamins), and try to eat something cool and refreshing;
salads, ice cream, sherbets, and yogurts are wonderful,
as are chilled soups such as gazpacho, a light and
enjoyable vegetable soup that you serve chilled
rather than cooked. If you are going to be outdoors
a great deal be where it's shady as much as possible,
and dress lightly. Take along some sunscreen too.
If you are planning on going swimming, you might
prefer an indoor pool where there is some climate
control to keep you comfortable. When you go for
a swim in an outdoor pool, you will still be in the
unrelenting sun and breathing that tortuously hot air,
and that might have consequences for your health.

In the meantime, we'll meet back here as soon as we
can. This heat wave has to end eventually!