Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dissent is No Longer Patriotic

Remember when Hilary Clinton, then United States
Senator from New York, declared that dissent is
patriotic in railing against then-President George
W. Bush when he countered the criticism from those
opposed to the wars being waged in Afghanistan
and Iraq after 9/11? She also hollered "I am sick
and tired of people who say that if you debate and
you disagree with this administration, somehow you're
not patriotic!". Clinton was speaking for the liberals
who assailed Bush for his prosecuting the War on
Terror on these two fronts. Although Bush fired back
at his opponents, he never persecuted them in any way,
especially by using any agency or department of
the government as a tool for this purpose.

How things change when administrations change!
The IRS has been called on the carpet for harassing
Tea Party and other conservative non-profit groups
because they dared to question the great and powerful
Obama! IRS officials held up many tax-exempt status
applications from these groups as the presidential
election season was picking up steam. All of a sudden
these organizations were required by the IRS to
provide confidential donor lists, reading lists (books
and periodicals), materials distributed at meetings,
and membership information. In some cases, the
IRS even demanded to know what prayers, if any,
some of these groups began their meetings with!
That sound of breaking glass you hear, my grand
readers, is the sound of the first amendment
soaring out the window, having being thrown by
the Obama regime.

In some instances, the confidential information was
sent over to various Democrat groups and Obama
campaign operatives from the IRS. One of these
groups, ProPublica, received such information from
the IRS on no less than 31 conservative groups.
The National Organization for Marriage said their
donor list was forwarded to the Human Rights
Campaign, a group that the NOM is opposing on
the subject of gay marriage. The HRC proceeded
to publicize the information in order to embarrass
donors to the NOM, calling them an anti-gay
outfit, when all that NOM is opposed to is extending
legal sanction to gay couples marrying. And wouldn't
you know, HRC president Joseph Solmonese was
appointed around this time to be co-chair of
President Obama's re-election campaign. Coincidence?

IRS staff delayed the tax-exempt status applications of
conservative groups and harassed them with audits and
in addition to demanding the release of information that
the IRS had no constitutional right to demand, let alone
receive. The nation's tax collectors actions were so
outrageous that high-ranking IRS official Lois Lerner
plead the fifth amendment against self-incrimination
before Congress a few days ago.

Friends, this is NOT the way our government, not any
single branch of nor all of it, is supposed to function!
This is what happens in countries with statist and out-
right totalitarian governments, where the people cannot
criticize their leaders without fear of reprisal. In these
woe-betide places, dissent is not considered patriotic
but rather treasonous. Is this how Obama and his
pathetic administration view those of us who speak
out against their statist machinations, which include
forcing on us a national health care plan which we
want no part of; spending money faster than it can tax
and receive from us in order to provide "stimulus
packages" to their cronies whose businesses are poorly
run, and don't make any significant number of new
jobs (if any jobs are created at all) but instead line the
pockets of said cronies; not to mention forsaking the
ambassador to Libya and his satff when they repeatedly
beseech military backup for their protection and are
spurned, then are killed by radical Islamists in an attack
on their compound, with Obama and company lying
like rugs to cover their backsides, hoping against hope
that the truth behind their callous lack of action doesn't
come out? There are people who have come to the
United States from eastern European countries to settle
here and become citizens, telling anyone who will listen
that this is just what they saw and experienced in their
native countries, before their countries were locked down
under totalitarian control; that this was only the beginning
of the horrors that they fled, only to see some of the same
things happen here. We should heed these folks, they
know from whence they speak.

President Richard Nixon, whom your favorite Peasant is
no fan of, did many wrongful things to those who opposed
him, including ordering the burglary of the campaign
headquarters of the candidate who ran against him for
the presidency when Nixon sought a second term.
Nixon was a paranoid bully. But to his credit, he
did no more than contemplate using federal agencies
such as the IRS against those whom he declared his
enemies; Presindet Obama has now done it, and our
great country has become that much less free. Your
gravely concerned Peasant hopes that we can avoid
any more such change from President Hope and Change.
Otherwise, America may as well be spelled "Amerika"
from now on.

And, in closing, there hasn't been so much as a peep
of protest from Hillary Clinton. Apparently Clinton
beleives that dissent is patriotic only if it is directed
at a Republican administration.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day Contemplations

My friends, your favorite Peasant is going
to take a little time off to reflect on Memorial
Day, and to share some of my thoughts
regarding this important day with you.

Although I am grateful every day for the service
and sacrifice of our military, especially those who
made the Ultimate Sacrifice, Memorial Day is
the day set aside in these United States for
remembrance of those who had died in battle
for us. Spilled blood and curtailed lives have been
the price of making and keeping our country free;
freedom isn't cheap, but it is no luxury. Rather,
it is a necessity! Freedom is a human being's
natural state. In this state of being, a human
can be all that he can be, wants to be, achieve
what he wants to achieve. All without begging
permission from a potentate, a dictator, or a
bureaucracy. With freedom. a body can create,
invent, express, and become whatever he wants
in order to enhance his own life and the lives of
others, be it providing goods or services, or
creating and building a community, a state,
a nation. All will benefit, and others can join
in and do the same. This is what makes a
civilization work for the greatest good of all.
Our forefathers understood this all too well.
That is why they fought to free thirteen colonies
from the whims of a king and his parliament
of elitist cohorts and established a country
where freedom would be able to flourish,
where the people would have a government
which serves them rather than controlls them.

Sadly, we presently have a government which
believes that our nation can function only by
government edicts, executive orders, and
legislation rammed through and rushed to our
statist president's desk to be quickly signed into
law, sidestepping debate and any feedback from
the people. Our forefathers fought the King of
England for our independence over 200 years
ago, to be an independent and sovereign nation
answerable to no monarch or dictator of any sort,
only to have ourselves be bamboozled into electing
a statist, elitist president who has disdain for our
country's heritage, her people, and her way of
life. In order to preserve the many liberties that
our forefathers sacrificed to give to us long ago,
as well as to honor them and those who came
later also to sacrifice to keep those liberties, we
need not shoulder any guns; all we must do
is stay informed, be vocal, and vote. After
what these brave souls did before us, it is the
least we can --- and should --- do. Let us not
cause those sacrificed lives to go for naught.

The Peasant wishes you all a happy, blessed,
and safe Memorial Day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

An Exciting Milwaukee Event

Your ever-busy Peasant will not be able to get together
with you, my fabulous readers, this Thursday, as I am
going to attend a special event in downtown Milwaukee
that day, and will be there for the day's duration.

On Thursday, May 16 I shall be at the BizExpo, a day-
long business event for entrepreneurs and people who
want to become entrepreneurs. I have a fledgling business,
as it happens; this is why I was not able to be with you
two weeks ago --- I was with a customer! I own and
operate Friendship House & Yard Service, and I do
tasks that people may not have the time, energy, or
willingness to take on themselves. I clean out attics,
basements, garages, and tool sheds; I also do gardening,
lawn care, and limited landscaping. This is my way of
making it through the monster of a recession that we are
still trapped in, and I love my work and my biz!

At this event I will attend seminars on how to get the most
from my efforts and to build a strong customer base.
Among the topics are:

*Leading your Sales Culture to the Next Level.
*Innovation ... Because Growth Matters!
*Business With a Conscience: How Value-Led Businesses
  are Out-Performing Profit-Driven Companies
*Leadership in Contentious Times
*Strategic HR Topics Every Businessperson Should Know

And there's a luncheon and an after-event gathering to network
over drinks and snacks! The event itself runs from 9:00 AM
until 5:00 PM.

It's $20 to attend if you don't make a reservation in advance,
and free if you do. If any of you, my grand readers wish to
attend there may still be time to reserve ahead of time!
Click this link to find out how and to reserve your places:

This is an event for anyone who wants to have an income-
generating enterprise of their own or who already does have
one! You'll learn a lot and meet many people just like you!
And here's a great extra: local conservative radio talker
Jay Weber (WISN-AM 1130) will be there after his show!
He'll be on hand from 10:30 AM until 1:00 PM.

This is an event for businesspeople and free marketers!
your favorite Peasant hopes as many of you can come
as possible!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Travesty of a Budget From a Travesty of a President

Recently President Obama proposed a budget.
No, really! He had, in fact, proposed budgets
in the past years of his presidency but they were
never passed by Congress; even the Democrat-
held Senate wouldn't touch Obama's tax-and-
spendathon budgets! This is why we have not had
an operating budget during Obama's reign thus far.
But before sighing "Finally!", know that this budget
has all the Obama hallmarks, and that spells trouble
for taxpaying citizens, businesses, and the economy.

Some of the features in Obama's budget are these:

*It includes $3.77 trillion in government spending
for 2014, up from last year's projection. Although
Obama claims that there will be a reduction in the
deficit, no reduction will be possible without a huge
tax increase on businesses, the creators of jobs.

*Obama's 2014 budget has a $744 billion deficit which
won't be balanced but will place an even greater burden
on the backs of already straining taxpayers.

*The budget includes futher taxes, as a matter of fact,
to the tune of $563 billion over 2014.

And with his victorious re-election campaign, Obama
thinks that he has a mandate to do all this, that We the
People actually want to surrender more of our hard-
earned money to pay for his increasing the size and
scope of the federal government, along with its power
over us. And who knows how much of the swag he'll
reward his crony capitalist pals with for their continued

Something else is set for 2014, though: the interim election
in which we can elect a conservative Republican Senate
(note that your precise Peasant put "conservative" before
Republican! No more RINOS!) and maintain the GOP
majority in the House so as to hem Obama in, taking away
his room to operate in foisting his statist machinations on
us. We can make him a truly "lame duck" president as he
continues to the conclusion of his second and mercifully
final term in the White House. In the meantime, we can
and should begin our search for a reliable, unapologetic-
ally conservative Republican candidate to run in 2016
in order to thwart the Democrats' quest to continue thier
hold on the presidency.

Friends, we have a two-fold mission: we must elect as
many conservatives as we can to Congress, especially
to the Senate, by challenging incumbent establishment
Republican incumbents in GOP primaries as well as
warding off challenges for nomination by like candidates
who may run against the conservative candidates we
field. Then, we must get our conservative nomination
winners to victory against Democrat incumbents and
challengers. We can still neuter the Obama attack dog
and thereby prevent any further attempts to bite us in
our wallets and our ability to make a living, not to
mention our personal liberties! Meanwhile, let us get
in touch with our representatives and senators in D.C.
and tell them to vote this travesty of a budget down!

In the weeks to come your faithful Peasant shall focus
on the races for seats in the House and Senate that are
currently taking place in the form of special elections,
as well as offer commentary on the 2014 races as they
begin to assume form. In the meantime I hope that you,
my wonderful readers, are having a lovely Spring!