Monday, December 29, 2014

A Happy New Year to All!

My friends, your beloved Peasant wishes all of you
a beautiful, blessed, prosperous, and happy new year!
In the meantime I shall take a few days off to enjoy
the interim between Christmas and New Year's Day
to get together with family and friends, as you all
will also be doing. When I return, we shall begin
2015 with a bang!

God Bless and Happy New Year!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Your favorite Peasant wishes you, my dear
and wonderful readers and your families and
friends a very Merry Christmas and a joyful,
prosperous, Happy New Year!

Enjoy each other's company, have a big holiday
feast, watch some Christmas specials on TV
and if you get any snow where you live,
enjoy some sledding and tobogganing too!

And here's a fun idea: If you know anyone
who is either a member of the ACLU
(American Civil Liberties Union) or the
AUSCS (Americans United for Separation
of Church and State), or any other group
which has in mind the intention of abolishing
all public celebration of Christmas, including
to the point of saying "Happy holidays" to
people instead of "Merry Christmas",
walk right up to them, greet them warmly,
take their hand in yours to shake and tell
them "Merry Christmas"! If there is still time
to send off a Christmas card to them or to
the headquarters of any or all of these organizations,
do that as well! You will get their goat, so to
speak, while spreading Christmas cheer!
Also, you will be letting these scrooges know
that you will not be intimidated into silence
about your celebrating this holy day, and you
won't fall in line with their politically correct
strictures which prohibit you from publically
acknowledging and celebrating this day either.

We patriots must be warriors in defense of our
rights, our liberties, and our customs as Americans,
but we can do this with a smile and good cheer!

Merry Christmas from The Peasant! And a Happy
New Year as well!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good Riddance to Crooked, Racist Rubbish!

Something unexpected but quite wonderful
happened in the waning days of September:
Attorney General Eric Holder resigned.
Out of the blue, or so it seemed, Obama's
AG tendered his resignation to his boss and
long-time friend and political ally.

Holder's resignation drew gasps and sorrow
from congressional Democrats while evoking
cheers from the congressional GOP. Holder
and the latter had a tenuous, tumultuous
relationship over the six years that Holder was
the nation's top law enforcement agent (now that
fact makes your faithful Peasant gasp!).

As U.S. Attorney General, Holder was a busy bee.
He refused to investigate, let alone prosecute, the
Black Panthers in Philadelphia who were using
intimidation tactics to frighten away white, and likely
conservative, voters form the polls on Election Day
in 2012 when Obama was running for re-election.
He gave us the bedlam and confusion, along with the
shooting death of a U.S. Border Patrol officer, of
Operation Fast and Furious, which was allegedly
to show how guns were coming into our country via
the southern border and being used by criminals.
And part of that horrible plan was to let some guns from
the U.S. travel down to Mexico into the hands of criminals
there who would sell or bring the guns with them into our
country to commit crimes with said guns. Holder may well
have, at the very least, given his seal of approval to the IRS
and its unconstitutional persecution of conservative political
groups which dared to dissent over the president's policies.
And he has demanded federal investigations and related
meddling in the gun crimes in individual cities and towns,
i.e. Ferguson, Missouri, in which black criminals were
shot dead by white police while making not a peep about
black criminals fatally shooting white as well as black
victims. By the by, these are just a few of the "highlights"
of Holder's record as Attorney General.

While testifying before Congress on some matters, Holder
bristled and spouted off at Republicans accusing them of,
among other things, disrespecting Holder just for his skin
color (he's black), and doing the same to President Obama.
Sound familiar? That's the stale, tired, groundless charge
that the left-wingers make against us conservatives when
we state the facts and employ logic in our criticisms of
Obama and his presidential performance. We have the
facts, the logic, and the truth, and the lefties don't.
So they engage in childish name-calling and baseless
accusations. Holder is apparently no different.

The only people who will miss Eric Holder are his fellow
lefties, including his patron, President Obama. Let's hope
that Obama will not appoint anyone even worse than Holder to
take his place.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Celebrating the Unconscionable

Planned Parenthood of Colorado gave an award to
their Aurora abortion facility for --- sit down with a
strong drink, my wonderful readers --- exceeding
abortion visits versus those of the previous year, so
say multiple news reports. This is proof, as if any
more such proof were needed, that PP is first and
foremost in the business of performing and encour-
aging abortions; their constant claims of being a
"women's health" resource is a flimsy smokescreen.

Establishing abortion quotas for its clinics, and handing
out awards for surpassing them, is unconscionable.
But then, we're talking about an organization that
devalues human life for the sake of convenience,
for a price. Gee, I wonder if the Ku Klux Klan
has, now or ever, handed out awards to its
chapters for lynching a certain number of black
people, or if Hitler's concentration camps vied
for a prize from Der Fuhrer himself for achieving
a goal of some number of Jews killed?

If we as a nation do not once again prize human
life, and work to eliminate human problems rather
than human beings, then our nation should lose its
right to call itself civilized. There is no point to your
saddened Peasant writing a long and plaintive essay
here, because we know what course we have to take
to make this happen. We must continue our efforts to
educate the public about what abortion really does,
and what its consequences are. And we must work
for the election of public officials who will work to
eradicate this gruesome practice and cast it upon the
dung heap of history alongside slavery.

Our nation has made mistakes along the way, some of
them truly awful. But it has always endeavored to make
amends, starting with deinstitutionalizing the practices
which begat these dark deeds. We dare not fall short
on abortion, or else we cease to guarantee life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness, for without the first of
these the second and third are irrelevant.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is The Constitution Still Relevant? (Part II)

Your faithful Peasant has had a remarkable stroke of luck,
with a cancellation of an important appointment by the
person I was to get together with today I have a windfall
of time, so I thought I'd use it to our advantage, my great
and wonderful readers. So without further delay, here are
my thoughts and observations on President Obama's
controversial Immigration Speech of November 20.

President Obama stated that our immigration system is
broken. Of course it is; he and his fellow Dems broke it.
They not only refused to continue to build the border
fence along the U.S.-Mexican border which was begun
under the presidency of his predecessor, President George
W. Bush, They placed restrictions on our border patrol
personnel and ICE (Immigration and Customs
Enforcement), lessening their latitude in effectively
carrying out their duties in policing our borders and
seeking out criminals who have illegally entered our
country, especially criminals involved in drug trafficking.
The president went on to say that the number of people
trying to illegally cross our borders is at the lowest
levels since the '70s, buttressing his words proclaiming
"Those are the facts!". Gee, since when has this president
ever gotten chummy with facts about anything? And
with so many people having crossed over to come here
just in the years he has been in office, resulting in five
million illegal residents (whom he re-terms "undocumented
aliens", another one of his politically correct euphemisms
which he employs to sugar-coat a great wrong!) residing
in our country, although your detail-minded Peasant does
not have statistics on hand at this time to prove or disprove
this assertion I have a strong feeling that once again our
president is playing fast and loose with the truth.

Obama went on to say that his program for immigration
reform would, among other things, give more resources
to our border guards to aid them in their duties. What
would help the border guards more would be if the
president would lift the restrictions on how they execute
their duties so they can round up more illegals as they
sneak over the border. He further stated that he would
make it easier for graduate students, entrepreneurs,
and highly-skilled immigrants to remain here and
"contribute to our economy". Obama sure hasn't made
it easier for our own entrepreneurs to build and maintain
their businesses with his outrageous taxes and red tape
either preventing new businesses and accompanying
jobs from being created or has choked off business
expansion. Would he give breaks of any kind to the
entrepreneurs from outside our country that he has
not (and likely would not) give ours? Moving on,
Obama stated that his program would "take steps
to deal 'responsibly' with the millions of undocumented
immigrants already here"; some of these steps we know
already, including putting them on a "fast track" to
attain citizenship, cutting out the costs and some of the
steps, such as physical check-ups complete with chest
x-rays to look for heart and respiratory diseases. The
check-ups have long been employed to ensure that we
would not be admitting anyone into our country that
could possibly spread disease, or at least be a burden
on our society, but apparently Obama thinks that
such measures are somehow discriminatory.

What was most galling about his speech was his
proclaiming that his program would ensure that our
immigration laws would be strengthened and better
upheld; that "we're a nation of laws."


I had to let that out; I know that you, my equally
exasperated readers, share this sentiment! This same
president who very recently claimed that he couldn't
wait for Congress to act by passing an immigration
bill of its own, that "I have a phone and a pen,"
meaning that he was ready to circumvent Congress
with an end-run around it and the Constitution in
order to get his act passed, sanctimoniously boasts
that ours is a nation of laws! This man is a dictator
wanna-be! He forced his rotten, unworkable, expensive
health care scheme upon us despite our demands that
he scrap his so-called Affordable Health Care Plan
and start over in drafting a truly affordable, workable,
and efficient plan that we could more easily participate
in, ignoring our will and wishes as if we were mere
peasants rather than the citizens that we in fact are,
and now he is taking the same tack with his awful
immigration bill, which has woefully little support
from the populace, who want for starters the closure
of our southern border. With a closed border, we
could more easily deal with the many illegal aliens
already here without having to face continuing waves
of more illegals entering our country, otherwise we
would have absolute chaos in trying to maintain our
country and its laws, And Obama wants to push ahead
with his program, which is essentially executive
amnesty. And we all have seen what comes of the
abuse of executive orders by a mendacious power-
monger for a president! Executive orders were never
meant to take the place of Congress and its function as
the legislative branch of our federal government; it is
solely for the expediting of bills signed into law by the
president, who represents the executive branch of
our federal government. This is spelled out in the
Constitution, that pesky piece of paper which the
president finds so irritating, so confining, so big of
a wet blanket to the statist partying and good-timing
that he wants to revel in. Obama scolded Congress
in his speech, demanding "Pass a bill, ... so the actions
I take will no longer be necessary." Heil, Obama!

Obama continued by saying that no deportations of
undocumented immigrants would take place. Fair
enough. It would take a super-monumental effort to
round up, bring into immigration court, and go through
the entire procedure to deport all of the five million
such immigrants already here, some having been here
since before Obama's ascendancy to the presidency.
But what would he do with those who engage in
criminal activity while here? And what of those who
came here to further carry out the illegal drug trade?

His Imperial Presidential Majesty made an amusing
comment when he then said that "Americans are tired
of gridlock." Is that why we elected a Republican
House in 2010 and a Republican Senate last month?
I think that the majority of the American people want
gridlock, so that Obama will be restricted in what all
he wants to ram down our throats during his remaining
time in the White House. He was elected in good faith,
but has since acted in bad faith toward us, so we have
sent Republican majorities to both chambers of Congress
to chaperone our wild-with-power president.

In closing, Obama really outdid himself with quoting a
line from Scripture: "We should not oppress a stranger,"
saying that we were strangers too (meaning our forefathers
who arrived here long ago). What laws were there, in those
days, that our ancestors violated in coming here, I wonder?
Then he finished with saying "God bless this country we
love." If President Barack Hussein Obama truly loves our
country, God help us if he should ever decide to hate it!
The sanctimony, the hypocrisy, and the arrogance was
neck-deep throughout his speech!

Now, let us contact our elected senators and representatives
in Congress and tell them to stop this self-styled autocrat,
and to act with alacrity, if our republic, the Constitution,
and constitutional rule of law is to continue to mean


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Peasant Takes Five

Your faithful but harried Peasant is taking a little
time off to tend to a pile of urgent personal business,
including some business which will have an impact
on my career. It's all OK; no need for panic or any
concern. I'll be back with you, my wonderful
readers, as soon as possible. It shouldn't be an
inordinately long period of time.

And I promise you, my fantastic readers, that I shall have
for you my observations and impressions of President
Obama's immigration speech for you when I return!
I have, in the meantime, played his speech over and
over several, tortuous times to get every point, every
morsel, every crumb of our Crumb-in-Chief's talk
so that I can form my thoughts and relate them to you
here at our meeting place. I don't mean to have you all
on edge awaiting my remarks, it's just that some things
suddenly cropped up and I must attend to them, striking
while the iron is hot, so to speak. You all have my gratitude
for your patience!

In the meantime, enjoy the offerings of these fine
online versions of some conservative publications
which I know you enjoy as much as I do:

Freedom Weekly

National Review Online


Thank you for your kind understanding and indulgence!
Your grateful Peasant will return soon!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Best Wishes!

Your favorite Peasant wishes you, my fabulous readers
a most happy, beautiful, joyful Thanksgiving! We all
have so much to be thankful for, including (but not
limited to!) our wonderful Thanksgiving turkeys and
accompanying goodies; our families and friends to share
them with; our homes, our health, and most certainly
our great and wonderful country the United States of
America! A country where we can be what we want to be,
do what we want to do, speak our minds, and choose our
public servants in free and fair elections. Now, we know
that this doesn't sit well with some among us. But these
unhappy people should realize that among our countless
freedoms as Americans is the freedom to pack up and
go live in any other country on the planet where they
think life is better! They may as well; they are never
going to change our dear country into the kind of place
that they would prefer. And why don't they?

God bless!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is The Constitution Still Relevant? (Part I)

Friends, tonight President Obama (or should I now
refer to him as King Barack?) is going to unveil his
immigration reform plan which will, among other things,
legalize 5 million heretofore illegal aliens currently in our

Obama is going to issue an Executive Order to make this
terrible plan come into existence; after all, he has bragged
that he has a pen and a phone. He has said that he shall use
these items to get what he wants done if Congress will not
help out. Make no mistake: this man thinks that Congress
is an impediment to his plans, that the will of the American
people mans nothing, that the American people are mere
peasants, and that the Constitution is Cottonelle! Ever since
he first took office in 2009 this farce of a president has done
all that he could to relax immigration laws to the point of
being meaningless, in order to bring in people from economically
impoverished countries not so much to give then a fresh new
beginning in a prosperous new land but to get them situated
as cheap labor in the most basic of jobs, to get them enrolled
in various federal social benefit programs (especially the so-called
Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare), and --- when they
finally become U.S. citizens or, perhaps before then, knowing
this president and his political party, to have them remember
who gave them all these goodies come future elections.

Congressional Republicans are already vowing to stop Obama
from carrying out this end run around both Congress and the
Constitution. Obama's action will precipitate a constitutional
crisis in our government and our country. For those of us who
have strong stomachs and steely nerves, we may be witnessing
the end of our constitutional rule of law, and perhaps the end of
our great country as we have always known it. I shall return to
comment on Obama's speech soon, as we shall need to thoroughly
examine the entirety of his speech which shall I'm sure include the
main points of his controversial program. We shall also assess
the potential ramifications of same, as well as what strategies
Republicans and horrified Democrats of good will can employ
to thwart this assault on the Constitution and affront to the
We the People; polls show that Americans oppose more lenient
immigration laws by from 65-80%! Hispanics oppose this, by the
way, by around 55-45%, so squishy Republicans on Capitol Hill
may want to rethink Hispanics as a sure source of electoral
support by voting for such measures (potential GOP presidential
candidates, take note!).

Your beloved Peasant shall return very soon with my impressions
of Obama's speech. Be strong.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Thoughts

Friends, today is Veteran's Day, the day in which
we honor our current and former military service
men and women who sacrificed so much for us
and our way of life. As Memorial Day is the day
to remember our fallen and long ago military
people, Veterans Day is for the ones still with us
in the realm of the living.

Now, your faithful Peasant remembers ALL of our
military people on both of these days, and does so
openly and unabashedly. As a matter of fact, I give
thanks for everyone, past and present, alive and
gone to glory who have so served. As I believe in
gratitude for all good things and people in life,
I give thanks each and every day that I am a free
and well-protected citizen of the United States,
with a constitution which spells out my rights
under our law, and a military which defends
it all. But for this day, my great and wonderful
readers, let us all show our gratitude for these
blessings which we enjoy as Americans by
personally thanking family, friends, neighbors,
co-workers, and acquaintances who have so
served. Shake the hands of these brave souls
and thank them for serving. Tell them that you
think of them and their daunting work when
you vote, when you write a letter to the editor
of a newspaper or a magazine regarding a political
issue, when you attend a town meeting or similar
gathering to discuss such issues with your elected
representatives, when you work on a campaign
of a candidate for office whom you favor or
give money to same, or to an organization which
works on behalf of a cause that you support.
For these wonderful people help to preserve these
and our other freedoms.

And keep them in mind and show your gratitude
for them any and all the days of the year! For
freedom is not just a sometime thing, it is a
fixture in our lives as Americans, and shall be as
long as we always have fellow citizens who believe
that our freedom and our way of life is worth defending
and as long as we recognize and reward these fine
folks for their hard work at doing so. If we should
cease to be grateful to them, our freedom will someday
cease as well; for what we are not grateful for, and
take for granted or, worse, resent and disdain we will


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Resounding Victory!

We did it!

We scored a resounding victory!

We gave Obama and his chums a big
black eye!


I couldn't wait until Thursday, which is tomorrow,
to post this glorious news, so I am posting it today
right now for you, my grand readers! However ...

Your thrilled and joyful Peasant has a wonderful
problem, friends: due to time constraints on me
today I can only briefly mention this momentous
occasion and give only a little attention to a few
specific races in which our candidates triumphed.
But I'll post in greater detail some more of the
victories in yesterday's elections around the country
on a day when I shall have more time to do so,
and that day will not be far off, I promise!

Here in the Badger State, Gov. Scott Walker won
re-election over Democrat Mary Burke. In what
had shaped up to be a close race, Walker pulled
ahead and crossed the finish line ahead of Burke
to win the governorship of Wisconsin for the
third time in four years! He was first elected in 2010,
won re-election in a controversial recall election
forced upon him and the people of Wisconsin by
Big Labor and their fellow far left-wingers in 2012,
and has now won a second term (even though it feels
like he won a third term!) as our governor.
Congratulations to our courageous and wonderful
Governor Scott Walker!

Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel
won election to the office of Wisconsin Attorney
General over his Democrat opponent, Jefferson County
District Attorney Susan Happ. After giving her
concession speech in which Happ thanked her
supporters, she beat a hasty retreat out of the place
where she and her backers hoped to celebrate her
victory, avoiding reporters hoping to ask for her
thoughts on her electoral defeat. Word has it that
she left so fast that she seemed to be jet-propelled!

Matt Adamczyk won election to the office of State
Treasurer, and has come closer to his stated goal of
being the last State Treasurer for Wisconsin. As I
mentioned in my endorsement of Adamczyk here
on this blog, he wants to abolish the office because
most of its duties and functions have been reassigned
over the years to other state governmental entities,
therefore negating the need to keep the office. Bravo
to you, Matt! The taxpayers in our state will be ever
so grateful for your efforts to shrink the size of
the state government. You shall complement Gov.
Walker nicely!

And how about the U.S. Senate returning to the GOP?
Eight seats picked up, a possible ninth we may have
in Louisiana, depending on the final round of their
election after the runoff in which no candidate won
a clear majority of over 50% of the total vote in
that state's senate race. We can still bounce Sen.
Mary Landrieu from the U.S. Senate! Meanwhile,
and best of all, HARRY REID IS NO LONGER
tin horn dictator of a senator will now be the
Minority Leader in that chamber, his wings having
been clipped with the Dems' loss of the Senate.

And there is so much more to savor, and we shall
do so very soon! In the meantime, let us bask in
the warm afterglow of electoral victory in which
we put the clamps on President Obama for the
remaining two years of his horrible, misbegotten
presidency, for he has far fewer allies on Capitol
Hill as well as shoulders to lean on in the governors'
offices around the country!

Isn't victory sweet?


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Two More Endorsements

Friends, your favorite Peasant has two more
endorsements of some wonderful conservative
candidates to announce; these are, like my
previous ones, Wisconsin candidates for public

I endorse Brad Schimel for Attorney General.
A reliably conservative republican, he is being
challenged for this office by Democrat nominee
Susan Happ, currently serving as Jefferson County
District Attorney. For almost 25 years, Schimel
has been in the frontlines of the war on crime as
a prosecutor. As Waukesha County District
Attorney, he has conducted jury trials ranging
from traffic violations to first degree homicide
cases. Victims' advocate groups regard him
highly, as do his constituents in Waukesha
County. Furthermore, Schimel has earned
the backing of over eighty law enforcement
officials, both Republican AND Democrat!

In 2011, Brad Schimel was appointed to both
the Wisconsin Judicial Council and the Wisconsin
Crime Victim Council, and is a founding member
of the Wisconsin Victim Impact Panel for
intoxicated drivers and is currently President
of the Preventing Alcohol-Related Crashes
(PARC) Task Force.

Brad Schimel is also an instructor in the Law
Enforcement and Criminal Justice Department
at Waukesha County Technical College.
With all these accomplishments and accolades,
Schimel is highly respected and admired by his
peers in law enforcement here in the Badger State.
In addition, Schimel enjoys the same from his
constituents, who have long supported him

Susan Happ has a checkered record in this field.
She has been immersed in a scandal centered on
a Jefferson County man with whom she was engaged
in a real estate deal. Daniel J. Reynolds, the man
in question, was once charged by Happ's office
with sexual assault of a minor. Reynolds received
a plea deal in which he was charged only with
disorderly conduct, leading many to think that
Happ could have, and should have, done more
to avoid a conflict of interest. The victim and
her family have filed an ethics complaint against
Happ, the result of same is yet to be determined.

Moreover, Happ has been accused in being lenient
in the prosecution of other criminal cases brought
to her office during her time as Jefferson County DA.
A very murky record, indeed.

My second endorsement is of Matt Adamzyk, GOP
candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer. Mike is
also a strong conservative and champion of  limited
government, so much so that he vows if he is elected
he'll be the last treasurer for the state of Wisconsin.
He states on his campaign web site:

"The state treasurer's office has become a meaningless
office; it has very few duties left. Currently, the only
duty assigned to the state treasurer by the state
constitution is sitting on the Board of Commissions
of Public Lands, which consists of two short phone
calls a month. Almost all duties that were once the
responsibility of the state treasurer have been transferred
to other agencies ... to increase efficiency and to save
tax dollars."

Adamczyk goes on to say that Wisconsin taxpayers still
fund the office at the cost of $1 million per biennium,
and that it is a waste of the taxpayers' money, given how
little the treasurer's office has to do. He thinks that the
remaining few duties can also be parceled out to other
agencies. A very principled and, some would say,
courageous stand for a candidate for that or almost
any other state office to take! And when you consider
al the times that we citizens have had to tighten our belts
when times got tough (especially in recent years!) while
government at all levels kept on its merry spending way
while increasing our taxes more and more, Adamczyk is
a breath of fresh air! This is someone who would, if elected,
be a true public servant, instead of another government
official making the public serve him!

The Peasant hopes that you, my fellow Wisconsinites who
read this blog, will vote for these fine candidates and urge
your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and everyone
else you know to do the same! Election day is Tuesday,
November 4!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Wonderful Milestone!

My dear, wonderful readers, this posting by
your favorite Peasant is my 300th to date!
I just want to take a little time to thank you
all for your continued support through your
readership and your encouragement through
these five years and these 300 posts. After all,
you are the reason that I am online!

We shall get back to business in my 301st
post shortly. But for now, let us now savor
what we have explored here, discussed here,
laughed about here, vented about here, jeered
here, and cheered here on this blog.

It is both a duty and a pleasure for your faithful
Peasant to share my opinions on the political
scene and the political and economic news of
the day with you. I founded this post with the
idea of reaching out to my fellow conservatives
across the land, especially those who like me
are fed up with the Republican Party shunning
its role and duties as the bulwark against
mendacious and encroaching government and
the political party, the Democrat Party, which
promotes this threat to our constitutionally
guaranteed rights and liberties. There are,
sadly, elitist pigs in both parties that feel they
don't have to listen to and serve us, the people
of this grand country, and instead try to force
us to serve them. And I post about stories that
the establishment propaganda machine-cum-
media either ignore or give time to only in order
to put out their slanted view on them, giving
my take in a way that will capture your attention
by providing commentary in a no-holds-barred
manner. I say here what many of you, my
great readers, want to say and probably do when
talking among your families, your friends, your
co-workers, and yourselves. I share your frustra-
tions, your anger, your disappointment, your
hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, and your
prayers for yourselves and all your dear ones,
and of course for the United States of America,
our wonderful, magnificent country. And
I talk about it all here, each and every week.

I enjoy our weekly gatherings here, and sharing
my thoughts about what is gong on in our
halls of power and its effects on our lives.
And I appreciate your coming to visit me
here each time to recharge your batteries,
to prepare for the next round in our fight to
regain our nation from those who hope to
change it into something we wouldn't recog-
nize, nor would want to live in.

Again, your grateful Peasant says thank you,
thank you, thank you many times over for
coming to visit me here at this blog each week!
We shall be victorious!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The First Amendment vs. Political Correctness

Recently in Houston, Texas, that city's
mayor had its municipal government
subpoena the sermons of several local
pastors in order to --- are you all sitting
down, my wonderful readers? --- examine
the contents for evidence of so-called
"hate speech". George Orwell, call your

Here's what happened: Houston Mayor
Annise Parker and City Attorney David
Feldman wanted to see if the pastors in
their churches were trying to drum up
support for a petition drive to overturn
Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance.
This local law reiterates many federally
covered civil rights laws while also
allowing people to use the gender-
labeled public restroom of their choice, i.e
a man could thus use the women's
lavatory and a woman could use the
men's facility. Apparently, the pastors
are politically conservative as are most
of the congregants in their churches, and
have a huge problem with the rest room
provision. The pastors did not have copies
of the petition with them in their churches
to get their members to sign right there on
the spot, by the account from conservative
online publication Personal Liberty that
your favorite Peasant has read. But the
mayor and her legal beagle were sufficiently
incensed that anyone, especially clergy, would
oppose their cherished law and its politically
correct essence that they would demand to see
the notes and drafts of the pastors' sermons to
their flocks to investigate if they were inciting
hatred for the people who would choose to
step inside of the rest room of the gender opposite
of their own. This is political correctness at its
worst, and a grave threat to the First Amendment
of the Constitution.

Houston passed an anti-discrimination ordinance
in May, supporting a bill strongly favored by
the mayor, who is a lesbian. She described its
passage as being "the most satisfying and most
personally meaningful thing that I will do as mayor".
City Attorney Feldman stated publicly that he
had no qualms about the purpose or the scope of
the subpoenas, declaring "If they (the pastors)
choose to do this inside the church, choose to
do this from the pulpit, then they open the door to
the questions being asked." Chilling comments,
are they not? So much for the First Amendment,
and the Separation of Church and State that the
left-wingers love to spout when a person of the
cloth says something that they vehemently
disagree with; apparently they are not the least
bit troubled by the union of these two entities,
provided that the state gets to dictate to the church
regarding what it ought do and say and what it
ought not do and say.

A petition to hold a referendum on the law garnered
three times as many signatures as were required, but were
declared "invalid" by City Attorney Feldman. So much
for democracy. A voter lawsuit challenging Feldman's
action is currently pending. The battle lines are thus

There are three things about the Separation of Church and
State that all Americans, public office holders and
everyday citizens should know: One, that it discourages
the state from establishing a state religion and
church, i.e. the Church of England, and the Russian
Orthodox Church, the latter having been infiltrated,
perverted, and co-opted by the Russian government in
the days of the Soviet Union and still under the thumb
of the state there. Two, it also discourages the state from
controlling the activities and words spoken in places
of worship. And three, it is not at all found in the
Constitution; it is, rather, a guide for establishing
mutually respectful behavior between the state and
houses of faith. Lefties such as Mayor Parker and
her hack Feldman do not have knowledge of this, nor
do they care; power and domination over the people
are what they concern themselves with. Equal rights
are all well and good; dragging clergy into court for
expressing convictions shared with their flocks are
neither well nor good. There are some churches that
your faithful Peasant does not attend and never will,
some being Catholic churches, as I am myself am a
Catholic. But although I disagree with some of what
is spoken, shared and taught in these churches I most
certainly do not want the government at any level
regulating what they say, share and teach. That flies
in the face of the principles of what this country was
founded on and stands for. A wonderful conservative
legal group, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF),
is representing five of the pastors and their churches in
their legal war with the city of Houston, and has filed
a legal brief questioning the constitutionality of
Houston's subpoena.

The gravamen of the ADF's case states that "City
Council members are supposed to be public servants,
not 'Big Brother" overlords who will tolerate no
dissent or challenge. In this case, they have embarked
upon a witch-hunt, and we are asking the court to stop
it", according to ADF's Erik Stanley, the attorney
working on behalf of the plaintiffs. Your beloved
Peasant couldn't state it better himself. The ADF also
condemned the city's handling of the petition to hold
a referendum on the legislation.

It is the Age of Obama, my dear readers. The arrogant,
elitist, unconstitutional ideas of our commissar of a
president and his fellow Democrat party pols, and
and their lefty allies have now spilled out of our nation's
capitol and capital and into the states and municipalities
around our country. This is why elections matter, and
why our participation in them is vital.

And another election is coming on November 4.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Couple of Endorsements

My friends, your faithful Peasant does not
make many endorsements of candidates. Not
because of a dearth of solid conservatives running
for public office, but because there are so many
offices across the land up for grabs at election time,
especially at national mid-term elections such as
the one coming up. The Peasant endorses candidates
in races where there is formidable competition,
and races whose results can have a great effect
on a district, or a state, or the nation as a whole.

So I have two endorsements, each for some great
Badger State conservatives, men with courage of
conviction and spines of steel, unlike too many
in the GOP these days: Gov. Scott Walker for
another term as Governor and Dan Sebring for
Congress from the Fourth District (encompasses
Milwaukee and some of her suburbs).

Gov. Walker was elected in 2010 in the GOP
tsunami and was re-elected by a larger margin
in the controversial recall election forced upon
him and his supporters (of which of course your
favorite Peasant is one) in 2012 by the Democrats
and their union chums. Walker's sweeping reform
legislation, Act 10, gave Wisconsinites a state budget
that will not strangle our financial health as individual
citizens nor as a state. The $3.6 billion deficit that
Walker inherited from his Democrat predecessor
has been transformed into a surplus, school districts
as well as municipal and county governments saw
money freed up for them to fund items that they couldn't
before because they were locked into paying out huge
benefit packages and wages to public union workers;
school districts can now hire and retain better quality
teachers, making room for them by firing those of lesser
quality; and guess what friends, although you'd NEVER
get him to admit it, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett used
Act 10 to find money to fund some items in his city's
budget --- and he campaigned vociferously against
Walker's initiative when he ran against him in the
2010 and 2012 gubernatorial races! He claimed that it
would hurt needed programs. Well, those programs and
others in Milwaukee's budget are doing quite nicely,
without any further raising of municipal taxes to burden
Milwaukee's citizens. Oh, and Gov. Walker created a
$280 million rainy day fund for unforeseen financial

Walker is being opposed by a limousine liberal who at
present holds her one and only elected office, that of
Dane County School Board member, who was Commerce
Secretary for Walker's Democrat gubernatorial predecessor
(who had chased many jobs out of Wisconsin and killed
off many jobs which would have been created here during
his two terms), and the Democrat candidate herself, one
Mary Burke, was an executive at Trek Bicycle, a bike
manufacturer founded and run by her family, and stood by
quietly when the firm transferred much of their manufacturing
functions to China where it could avail itself of super-cheap
(and non-union) labor. Furthermore, Burke has hampered herself
by plagiarism, taking ideas and statements from other Democrat
gubernatorial candidates in other states without attributing same
to their sources, and she has been vague to the point of slippery
about her ideas for governance re: the state's economy, taxes,
and jobs. Not a good recipe for changing hearts and minds in
a state with a governor that has made life in his state measurably
more livable by not taxing everything that moves and breathes!

Dan Sebring is running again for the seat in the House of Re-
presentatives in Congress currently held by Democrat Gwen
Moore, a reliable rubber stamp for President Obama. Sebring
has been able to chip away at Moore's percentage of the vote
between the last two elections in which they faced off,
especially with the 2010 redistricting which brought some
moderate-to-conservative suburban communities into
Wisconsin's Fourth District, long a Democrat stronghold.
Dan Sebring is pro-economic (read: job) growth; he is a
self-employed auto mechanic with a garage in Milwaukee.
He is also a foe of creating and raising taxes and a friend to
business folk, especially small business owners like himself,
and disdains excessive regulations on businesses large and
small. Socially conservative, Sebring is pro-life on abortion
and considers the effects on families by legislation which affects
their income, their standard of living, and their ability to raise
their children the way that they see fit without countering ideas
coming from their local schools and state and federal government
bureaucracies. Gwen Moore is reflexively the opposite on all
these issues, and is therefore an Obama proxy. Time to say
"No more!" to Gwen Moore!

Election Day is November 4. Mark your calendars, make arrange-
ments to get to the polls, bring your families, friends and
neighbors, and support these and other stoutly conservative
candidates! We have a great opportunity to take the Senate
and win a super-majority in the House, as well as to score resound-
ing victories in many statewide races. Let's make the most of these


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Peasant Gets Some R&R

My friends, your beloved Peasant is going to take
a few days off in October to visit family, recharge
batteries, and catch up on some reading so that
I may be all the more knowledgeable on not only
the issues of the day but also the whys and wherefores
of our Constitution, our system of government, and
our economy. When I return to you I shall be "loaded
for bear", and in time for the November elections.
There will be a lot to take in and a lot to discuss,
and I want you to know that your favorite Peasant
shall be at his sharpest so as to be up to the measure!

In the meantime, here are some links to some wonderful
publications for you to click on for you to enjoy
more observations and commentary on the news from
a freedom perspective. And by the by, we shall be
observing and celebrating the fifth anniversary of our
gathering here every week to examine and discuss
the news, sticking the Pitchfork's prongs into
the backsides of those richly deserving of a good
jab while commending and supporting those who
are fighting the good fight for the preservation of
our wonderful country and the freedoms, the security,
and the prosperity we enjoy as its citizens! A good time
will be had by all!

National Review Online

Freedom Weekly

Reason Magazine Online


See you upon my return! God bless!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Great Milestone and a Ton of Gratitude!

My fabulous readers, on this day, September 23,
we have reached a great and wonderful milestone
together. For it was on this very day, five years
ago that your beloved Peasant published his debut
post in launching "Peasant With A Pitchfork".
Your grateful Peasant thanks each and every one
of you for your readership, your support, and your
kind wishes!

Today, we shall pause from our usual activities
here at this blog to reflect on the time we spent
together, and to be thankful for it all. We must
always be grateful for the blessings that come to
us, and I am most grateful for being able to get
together with you all for our weekly visits!

I began this blog with the intention of providing
a place for my fellow conservatives to visit, to
closely examine the political and economic news
of the day, and to identify the good from the bad
and the ugly among the players on the scene.
And what a lot of stories we reviewed! What a
lot of newsmakers we focused on; some we
commended, some we condemned. The former
we gave our laurels of praise to; the latter we
poked with the prongs of this, our pitchfork!
All while having a wonderful time together!

I have endeavored to make this blog one which
would state my observations and opinions in
ways which would differ a bit from how other
commentators on the scene --- those on the broad-
cast media, those in print, and those in cyberspace
--- so comment. This is not only to make this blog
more enjoyable but also to better connect with
what we conservatives think and feel regarding
the actors on our political stage and the stories
that play out there. As you have seen, my grand
readers, I will term something (or someone) in
no uncertain terms without being nasty and mean-
spirited (we'll leave that rhetoric to our chums on
the Left) but without beating around the bush.
If something is black, your favorite Peasant
calls it black. If something is white, then I'll
call it white. No ifs, ands, buts, or apologies.
You get, and shall always get from me my
very sharpest, most concise, target-striking
commentary, with the chips falling where they

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to publish
this blog for you, my conservative friends and
for my libertarian readers as well, and for the
few brave, hearty liberals who go where many
of their number fear to tread! You all mean more
to me than I can ever say with any words, and
I've been told by more than a few folks that I have
an extensive vocabulary! Thank you, my wonderful
friends, for five fantastic years! May we continue
to gather here for many more years to come!

God bless you all!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

One of Big Labor's Tentacles Get Bitten Off

Not only has Big Government gotten very intrusive
in our lives, but Big Labor has joined it in making
invasive mischief --- intruding into home life.
Consider a story from Illinois, where Pam Harris,
whose son suffers from a debilitating disease which
requires around-the-clock care and has chosen his
mother to be his caregiver, was informed by the SEIU
(Service Employees International Union) that as the
caregiver to her son, and with them receiving
payments from the state's medical coverage program
(your faithful Peasant doesn't know whether or not
they are or were also receiving payments from
Medicare of Medicaid), Illinois law required Harris
to pay some of the funds received for union
membership dues, in this case to the SEIU.
Never mind the fact that Harris is not an employee
of any health care organization; in fact she stays
home so that she can give her ailing son the con-
stant care he needs. But as far as the SEIU and
their chums in the Illinois state government is
concerned, this somehow makes Harris a state
health care employee in a big union shop state,
therefore the demand for union dues.

Not taking this lying down, Harris objected to
this political alchemy on the grounds that the
state of Illinois was violating her First Amendment
right of free association and to petition the govern-
ment for redress of grievances, and promptly sued.
The case went all the way to the Supreme Court,
which ruled 5-4 in Harris' favor. Justice Samuel
Alito, one of the five, drew a distinction between
traditional public employees and what he termed
"partial public employees" such as Harris, whom the
state pays to care for their own children. Personally,
I do not know how or why Harris should be at all
considered a public employee, even though her
own son has asked her to be his caregiver; she is
family, after all, and her son picked her over anyone
he could have hired from an agency or perhaps a
freelance nurse. The money they are getting is badly
needed, as Harris cannot earn money outside the home
because of her son's considerable care needs.
But Alioto and four of his fellow Supremes thus
ruled that Harris and others in her situation shall be
exempted from regulations that force them to pay
union dues against their will.

This is a tremendous victory for Pam Harris and her
son, as well as for others like them, because not only
are their constitutionally guaranteed right of free
association affirmed and protected, but they can thus
spend whatever payments they receive from the state
and/or federal governments on medical items for their
ailing relatives without having to scrimp on their
purchases in order to pay tribute to a grasping, clutching,
leeching union desperate for revenue as their disenchanted
rank and file exit, taking their dues monies with them.
All Big Labor has left to try to continue on with are
coercive measures to force workers to join and to
remain in their thrall.

And the union bosses wonder why unions have fallen out
of favor with the American public. The answer to their
question can be found in any mirror, if only they would
have the guts to take a peek.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Government Business as Usual

The GAO (General Accounting Office) recently
launched a number of undercover investigations
to check Obamacare's infrastructure's capacity
and ability to spot and block phony applications.
In sixteen of eighteen such applications, GAO
staff successfully gained approval for ineligible
subsidies to assist in paying the premiums. This
discovery made it crystal clear to the GAO that
established Obamacare verification procedures
are shamefully inadequate, and are leading to
approvals of many fraudulent applications.

Gee, doesn't this sound familiar? Similar screwups
with other governmental assistance programs, i.e.
food stamps and welfare have had the same under-
pinnings. But then, considering the mania of the
current presidential administration to get as many
Americans onto the rolls of such programs, this
should not come as a surprise. The best way to
control a person, a community, or an entire country
is to establish a link between the wallet and the
governmental teat. The Regime understands this
simple truth all too well, and therefore don't look for
these folks to fix this problem with Obamacare
anytime soon, or ever.

On an unrelated matter, your increasingly harried
Peasant has had to post on some Tuesdays and
Wednesdays instead of on the usual Thursdays
in recent weeks, today being more of the same.
This is because of some firm, immovable
commitments that could not be rescheduled. But
fear not, all is well with your beloved Peasant.
In fact, things are getting better and better, and
I shall share with you about this in the weeks to
come! Thank you all for your continued support
and good wishes! If I have to reschedule my posts
for you I shall certainly so inform ahead of the fact.
Thank you all!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Bagpipe Police Never Sleeps

Your bemused Peasant learned recently that our U.S.
Customs Service is working most diligently to protect
us from marauding bagpipes and their pipers; oh yes,
in this era of multitudinous threats to our country's
safety from near and far, our fearless customs people
are making sure that we all don't get blown away by
the screeching sounds of pipers attacking us with the
strains of "Amazing Grace" and "Highland Cathedral",
causing permanent deafness and perhaps a few nervous
breakdowns by pipers crossing our borders coming
or going!

Here's the story: As I was listening to conservative
columnist, guest contributor to National Review,
and occasional guest host for Rush Limbaugh
Mark Steyn host again for Rush a few days ago,
Steyn shared this account of the American customs
crew on the U.S.-Canadian border confiscating the
bagpipes belonging to two New Hampshire youths,
17-year-old Campbell Webster and Eryk Bean,
because their instruments were not valid for crossing
at this particular locale at the border. The boys had
to obtain a certain certificate in order to bring their
bagpipes into Quebec, Canada where they were to
perform at a Scottish Highland event, and the customs
staff informed them that while their paperwork and
certificate were indeed valid, the pipes were not allowed
to cross at that particular point along the border with

After some unreported period of time, the customs zealots
returned the bagpipes to the lads only after the incident
became international news and a PR black eye for the U.S.
Customs Service. As Steyn described it, " ... So, if you're
a piper in, say, Pittsburgh, New Hampshire and you want to
play in a competition in La Patrie, Quebec 20 minutes north,
you have to drive 4-5 hours south to Logan Airport in
Boston, fly to Montreal and drive two hours east to La Patrie."
Steyn went on to relate that anyone who wishes to take
bagpipes in or out of the country must still pay a $238 fee ---
each way --- for the privilege of doing so. If anyone still does
not believe that our federal government hasn't gotten way out
of control, that it isn't threatening our basic rights and freedoms,
that it still works to serve us rather than force us to serve it,
they should read this story. And some people wonder why there
is a Tea Party movement going on today!

The Peasant thanks the always brilliant, insightful, and witty
Mark Steyn for sharing this story on
Rush Limbaugh's radio show.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Good Time Was Had By All (Especially Me!)

The 2014 Milwaukee Irish Fest is now in the books.
And this year's fest was one for the books! The lineup
of entertainers was astounding as usual, especially with
my favorite band The High Kings playing there! All
the way from Ireland, The High Kings are Brian Dunphy,
Darren Holden, Martin Furrey, and Finbarr Clancy.
Finbarr happens to be my cousin!

Fine musicians and singers, The High Kings perform many
great Irish favorites, including "Fields of Athenry",
"Boulevogue", "I'll Tell Me Ma", "The Irish Rover",
and "Step It Out Mary" along with their own songs
which they themselves have written and recorded.
And with great gusto! Some of the songs they play at a
rollicking pace, such as "The Irish Rover" while those that
require a gentler touch certainly get that from the High Kings.

Finbarr, who is the son of Bobby Clancy (of the Clancy
Brothers and Tommy Makem fame), invited me to a grand
party after the fest with many of the performers in attendance
along with the executive director of Irish Fest, many coordi-
nators, a few rank-and-file volunteers like myself, and family
members of same. Held at the Hyatt Regency a few blocks
from the festival, I brought along a friend and fellow member
of the Chuck Ward Celtic Song Circle which I founded in
2010 and have mentioned on this blog some time ago, and
we felt as if we died and ascended to heaven! We met
Dougie MacLean, a grand Scottish folk singer and composer;
Seamus Kennedy, a wonderful singer, songwriter and musician
who writes and sings wonderfully humorous songs that can
cause you to fall on the floor laughing; Gaelic Storm, a world-
renown band that shot to fame when appearing in the movie
The Titanic as the steerage band aboard the ill-fated ship;
and so many other luminaries of Irish and Celtic music.
Finbarr sat down with us at a table in the Hyatt's lobby bar
where we were congregated in joyful revel and we chatted about
many things: Irish music, The Beatles (we all are fans), Finbarr's
and your partially green Peasant's common ancestry, The High
Kings' life on the road, politics (Finbarr is a fellow
conservative! He is worried for our country with Obama
at the helm, and stated that Obamacare is a lousy program!
A kinsman AND a kindred spirit! Heavenly joy!), and we
even sang a song together! Finbarr, my song circle mate
and your musical Peasant sang a chorus of "Fields of
Athenry" there in the lobby bar, to the delight of those
close by. At least one of them took pictures of us with an
iPod! And Finbarr wants to join our humble song circle
for a session when he returns to town! What an event that
will be! Meanwhile, my friend and I were enjoying our
visit with my cousin Finbarr.

A fabulous festival and a fabulous time! Your beloved Peasant's
cup overflows with heaven's blessings! I am grateful for my
illustrious cousin being in my family and clan, for his friendship
and hospitality, for my town's Irish Fest, my song circle, and
for you, my fantastic readers! If ever you are in Milwaukee
in mid-August, come to our Irish Fest for a unique and magical
good time. There's no telling what will happen, but all will be
such great fun!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Pupil May Not Be Ready, But the Teacher Has Appeared

As our imperial president continues to trash the
Constitution in his quest to push the "change"
part of his "Hope and Change" scheme on us,
there are some constitutional truths that he
could --- and should --- take time to learn
and heed; indeed, these would only benefit him,
not to mention the rest of us.

Here is one:

-Ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that was decided 7-2
with the majority stating "When an agency claims to
discover in a long-extant statute an unheralded power
to regulate a significant portion of the American economy,
we typically greet its announcement with a measure of

This ruling is an overdue correction to MASSACHUSETTS V.
EPA, a 5-4 decision in 2007 which held greenhouse gases can
be "pollutants" under the clean air laws written decades before
the "carbon footprint" panic of today. It wrongly rewrote the
Clean Air Act from the 1970s. In order to obey the law as written,
the EPA estimated, permit applications under one program would
have zoomed to 6.1 million annually from the present level of
15,000. Congress intended for traditional byproducts like SOx
or ozone to be so regulated; the ceiling limits made no sense
where carbon is concerned. Any CO2 rule would thus reach
far beyond factories and power plants to millions of carbon
sources such as hospitals, grocery stores, farms, schools, and
churches, mandating penalties of $37.5 K per day.

The UAR Group v. EPA ruling from the Supreme Court backs
off the EPA from the temptation of claiming unprecedented
authority to order the states to create "cap-and-tax" programs
or otherwise ration energy usage. A less headstrong and power-
hungry administration would be more likely to heed the Supreme's
ruling, so don't hold your breath waiting for Obama and company
to become contrite on this.

The ruling states "An agency has no power to 'tailor' legislation to
bureaucratic policy goals by rewriting unambiguous statutory
terms. Would that King Barry and his regime, and agencies
comport themselves to these constitutional restrictions.
Our country would not be in quite such dire straits.


Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Milwaukee Irish Fest Time Again!

August 14 through 17 will be the dates for this year's
Milwaukee Irish Fest, and as always your green-striped
Peasant shall be on hand, working as a volunteer at the
music booth by the Aer Lingus Stage for the sixth
consecutive year! I received my 5-year pin last year,
and I am planning to be at that booth every year for
the rest of my life!

Now, the first day is a Thursday, as is the usual with
the festival. So that week, I shall post a day or two
before the day in question; you won't have to be
without your weekly dose of precise, hard-hitting,
insightful analysis and commentary on the political
and economic news of the day from your favorite
Peasant. And we shall gather together again on the
following Thursday, our regular meeting day.

If any of you, my great and wonderful readers, wish
to attend Milwaukee's Irish Fest, here's a link for the
information you'll need:

And while you're there, stop by the Aer Lingus music
booth and say hello! Ask for Mark Minor at the booth,
I'll be on hand selling CDs and DVDs along with posters
and any other goodies brought by the bands playing on
the Aer Lingus stage, and coordinating the after-concert
autograph sessions with the performers. The Milwaukee
Irish Fest is the largest Irish festival in the United States,
and it is the closest thing to actually travelling to the
Emerald Isle itself! Come on over and see for yourselves!
You'll be so glad you did!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Voyage Round the News

Your watchful Peasant has been paying even closer attention
to the news of late, more than ever before. Here's what I

Jay Carney, heretofore President Obama's spokesdweeb
who swore to every lie that his boss uttered as Press
Secretary, resigned from this position and has joined
the Washington Speakers Bureau to join the D.C. gab
circuit with other former presidential cabinet members,
former congressional members, and other people of
influence in the Washington sphere of influence.
Carney stands to make honoraria upwards of ---
brace yourselves! --- $100,000 per speech. This
simply proves what P.T. Barnum, master showman of
the nineteenth century, once remarked: "There's a
sucker born every minute." And any person or group
willing to pay a hundred grand to hear what a person
who has never said anything worth ten cents quite
aptly proves Barnum's point.

The ever-continuing flow of aliens entering our country
at our southern border has taken a new and tragic turn.
Children --- unaccompanied by parents or other adult
relations --- are being brought into the U.S., either
riding on board ramshackle trains with little or no
food and water, or are being smuggled in by "coyotes",
people that take aliens to our country illegally and for
exorbitant fees (usually every last dollar that aliens
and/or their families have). President Obama has asked
Congress for $3.7 billion to give medical and other care
to these people, some of whom are NOT even children
but are in fact adults, some of whom are in fact gang
members from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras,
covered in tattoos of their gang logos. And some say
that Obama has been planning to have these ---
and I'm going to call them what they are, you know
how much your beloved Peasant HATES political
correctness and its rotten lingo --- illegal aliens
come to our country to settle here, making these plans
early on in his presidency. We have a debt load in
excess of $17 trillion, courtesy of this very president,
and we cannot be expected, nay, demanded to pay
money that we don't have in order to bring here a
swarm of people, children or adults, undocumented and
outside our immigration laws which have served us
long and well before this regime. Your faithful
Peasant will have more to say on this matter in the
very near future.

There is a movement, I don't know how large it is, but
there is in fact a movement to draft Mitt Romney to
run for the presidency again (Yes, again! The same
Mitt Romney who was an such an ineffective candidate
as the Republican nominee in 2012, and Obama so ripe
for the picking!). This much I do know: those behind this
laughable plan are the RINOS and their beltway allies,
the ones who claim that a true conservative can never,
ever be elected president; that only a "thoughtful, reasoned,
reasonable, high-minded" moderate or liberal can ever
be embraced by the electorate. No Tea Party people need
apply, thank you; just give us someone who is of the
beltway establishment or at least someone who is
acceptable to it. Your exasperated Peasant says to these
lunkheads: Have you forgotten Ronald Reagan? A true
conservative if ever there was one, Reagan said what he
would do if he was elected, and then did almost all of
what he said he would do. He would have done everything
that he put on his agenda if he had both a Republican House
as well as a Republican Senate, but he was able to compromise
on a few ideas and means to implement them without
compromising his core values. Contrast this with how
today's Republicans, including the two Republican presidents
elected since Reagan, have carried on. The beltway set is
a part and parcel of the liberal establishment, with its citadels
of power and its salons in Washington, New York, Chicago,
and L.A./Hollywood. They sneer at the rest of the country
and we, her people. If they had their way, we would have no
real choices in our elections; tweedle-dum and tweedle-dummer
just ain't gonna cut it! We must draft a real conservative to
be our standard bearer in 2016 and work like people possessed
to get him/her elected! Let Mitt Romney and others of his ilk
remain in their country clubs while we genuine conservatives
do the work of reclaiming and rebuilding our great country!

U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is leading the charge to uncover
the facts about the Benghazi disaster in which four Americans
died at the hands of radical Islamists. And he is making the Obama
regime and their former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nervous!
Clinton has resorted to personal attacks on the conservative
congressman, and many of her political supporters, hoping to
elect her to succeed Obama in the White House, are joining her.
Gowdy has been hugely instrumental in creating the committee
in Congress to investigate and to hold hearings on Benghazi,
and Team Obama and Clinton know that he won't rest until he
gets to the truth. Gee, it sure is great to see a Republican on
Capitol Hill stand up to the regime, and on a burning subject
such as this one! May what he has spread to his colleagues in
both chambers.

Billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet has been
quite the sugar daddy to the abortion industry. In the past 12
years he has given $1.2 billion to it (talk about blood money!).
His charity, The Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation, however,
states with great clarity that they will not respond to any inquiries
regarding their financing except for their Outstanding Teacher
Awards and their scholarships. Gee, it sounds as if Buffet and
his empire are trying to sweep this information under the rug.
But it is widely known that Buffet is a huge abortion rights
supporter, and that it stands to reason that he would every now
and then write a fat check to NARAL, Planned Parenthood,
or some related entity to fund their rotten work. Naturally,
the lame-stream media won't elaborate on any of this. Many
thanks for Freedom Weekly
for bringing this information to light.

Your favorite Peasant will have more juicy news to share with
you, my grand readers, next week! See you all then!


Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Much-Needed Equalizer

There's a bill before Congress at the present, a bill which
would require that since members of our military are made
to fly coach as opposed to first class on commercial airline
flights then so should members of Congress. It is that simple
and straightforward.

Members of both chambers of Congress have it so cushy;
fancy dining rooms, bars, gym memberships, out-of-this-
world medical coverage plans, subsidized meals and gas for
their cars, both government and private, all paid for by we
taxpayers, including those in the military. And the
Congressional folk get to fly first class if they so choose,
and many of them do. And again, on our dime. But our
people in uniform have to fly coach, or tourist class,
as it seems that it would be an outrage for these brave,
hard-working, risk-taking men and women to have any of
the cushy, clubby, comfy trappings that the Congressional
crowd get to enjoy! Even (GASP!) flying in roomier,
comfier seats on airline jets! After all, our military folk
only defend our country from deadly enemies and assist
our allies in their struggles with same, placing their lives
on the line, living, fighting, and sometimes dying in hellish
places with hellish conditions, all so we here stateside can
enjoy the fruits of being Americans, and our Congressional
representatives enjoying these and much more.

Your bemused Peasant can't wait to see who in the House
and the Senate will oppose this legislation, and what their
stated reasons will be. This is a bill that every American
can, and should support. Call, write, or e-mail your repre-
sentatives and senators to let them know that you, my
wonderful readers, support this bill and that you want to
see it passed by both chambers ASAP and sent to the
Oval Office to be signed into law. The bill, H.R. 4632,
is known as the "If Our Military Has to Fly Coach Then
So Should Congress Act". A straightforward bill with a
straightforward title. And believe me, those in either
house who would fight this fair and just legislation will
show themselves to be true elitist pigs, and will deserve
electoral slaughter in November!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Milwaukee County, Support Your Local Sheriff!

Your beloved Peasant, Milwaukee city and county resident,
is endorsing our incumbent sheriff, David Clarke, for re-
election. Clarke, a conservative Democrat (an almost extinct
creature!), a lifelong citizen of the city, is a dedicated law
enforcement agent who has kept Milwaukee from becoming
more dangerous than it is; he would be able to make the city
even safer if he were not opposed and stymied by a soft-on-
crime mayor, his allies on the city's Common Council and
the County Board, bolstered by maddeningly lenient local
judges. Your favorite Peasant will expound on the Milwaukee
political scene regarding this situation later on; for now I
want to urge you, my locally-based readers to mark your
calendars to remember to vote on Tuesday, August 12,
to return our courageous sheriff to office!

Clarke has worked in law enforcement and public safety
locally for the past 35 years, beginning his career as a
Milwaukee Police Officer, rising to the rank of Lieutenant
of Detectives, then rising even higher to become Commanding
Officer of the MPD's Intelligence Division. Clarke later was
selected for training by the FBI's National Academy in
Quantico, Virginia, gaining leadership and management
instruction at this prestigious school. Clarke is also a
summa cum laude graduate from Concordia with a degree
in Criminal Justice Management. The university later honored
Clarke with their Alumnus of the Year Award in 2003.

Sheriff Clarke knows his role: to protect and serve the people
of Milwaukee County, not the left-wing, winking-at-criminals
pols and special interests. That is why he is feared and hated
by the latter. Oh, and he also happens to be black. Gee, he's
black, conservative, and a no-nonsense sheriff; a triple threat
to the local libs! And get this: Sheriff Clarke has gone on
record, stating on local radio talk shows, and even appearing
in ads supporting Wisconsin's Concealed carry gun law,
recommending that people get trained and licensed to
carry firearms to protect themselves from muggers and other
criminals. Our sheriff knows that one cannot always call
9-1-1 to get the police to come to one's aid in all such
situations, and even when one can the police cannot be there
quickly enough to prevent the crime from being carried out.
Moreover, response time has at times been horrendously
slow, making things easier for the criminals and harder for
their chosen victims. Yet the local powers-that-be think that
calling 9-1-1 is the proper response when facing criminals
preying on you here in Milwaukee; if there's a long wait time
for the police to arrive too bad, so sad. Better somehow that
the thugs have the guns rather than the law-abiding folks,
for that makes fewer guns out on the streets. I guess the local
honchos never got the memo saying that when guns are
outlawed, only outlaws have guns. But if they did, would
they care? With their upside-down, inside-out priorities,
don't bet on it.

Appointed Sheriff of Milwaukee County by then-Gov. Scott
McCallum in 2002, Clarke would win election and re-election
by landslide margins over politically liberal opponents, each
year gaining more votes and percentage points for greater
victory margins. He is being opposed in the Democrat primary
on August 12 by a police lieutenant who is a toady to the current
Chief of Police Ed Flynn, who is in turn a toady to the left-wing,
criminal-coddling Mayor Tom Barrett. Now THERE'S a puppet act!
Your law and order loving Peasant recommends to my Milwaukee
-based readers to vote for Sheriff Clarke in the Democrat
primary. The date for the primary is coming up fast,
and I wanted to get this endorsement posted in time for you,
my fantastic local readers, to act! Please join your faithful
Peasant in voting for Sheriff David Clarke to remain our
sheriff and our buffer against the criminal class and the local
pols who favor them above we, the law-abiding citizens,
especially those who have been preyed upon by these thugs.
We'll be Democrats for a day --- just long enough to do some good,
and to tweak the Dems' collective nose!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

James Oberstar, R.I.P.

A unique and distinctive Democrat, a mindful
and dedicated public servant, and a friend from
long ago passed away recently. Former U.S.
Representative James Oberstar, from Minnesota,
left this world on May 3 at the age of 79.

The son of a miner in the Iron Range, the north-
eastern part of Minnesota, Oberstar attended the
University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul; my
alma mater as well. In fact, that is where we met,
on the occasion of his giving a speech there.
We got to chatting and discovered that we had
much in common politically despite our being
in opposing parties: pro-life, pro-preservation of
wilderness areas without making it difficult, if
not impossible, for people to access these areas
to enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, and snowmo-
biling, to name a few. And on topics where we
differed, the congressman was every bit as
courteous and cordial with me as when we were
in agreement on those topics where we had common
ground. We also were fellow Catholics, and the
desire to attend Saint Thomas which we both had
was based in part on the fact that we wanted to attend
a Catholic institution of higher learning.

After serving thirty-two years in the House of
Representatives, Oberstar lost in a stunning upset to
Tea Party-backed Republican Chip Craavak.
Oberstar represented Minnesota's Eighth
Congressional District, a district so overwhelmingly
Democratic that the few times when the
Republicans did bother to endorse and nominate
a candidate for any office in or from the district their
candidate was fortunate to receive 25% of the vote.
It was 2010, the year that the Tea Party came to the
forefront of the national political scene, and the
movement capitalized on the growing discontent with
President Obama's "Hope and Change", and many
Democrats, like Rep. Oberstar, felt the wrath of the

But James Oberstar had some stands on some key issues
which set him apart from, and above, Obama and those
Democrats who rushed to sweep the country away in the
zeitgeist of Obama was the driving force. Most of his
constituents, however, did not think it was sufficient to
keep him in Washington to continue to serve their
interests. Still, Oberstar respected their decision to
bring him home, as he always listened to them and
tried his very best to represent them and their wishes,
their hopes, and their desires, never forgetting that they
the people of his home district were the bosses of him,
not his being their boss. That is a quality that too many
representatives and senators from both parties lack these
days, to the detriment of the country.

Rest in peace, my old friend. It was a pleasure and a joy
to know you.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Good Man Who Can't Be Kept Down

News from your faithful Peasant's Badger State:
In Wisconsin Senate District 21, which includes
Racine, former Republican State Senator Van
Wangaard is running again for the seat he held
but lost in a controversial recall election in 2010,
which is referred to in my home state as The Year
of the Recall. This was the year in which several
state legislators from both parties, as well as Gov.
Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch were
subjected to recalls themselves. Democrats wanted
to recall Walker, Kleefisch, Wangaard, and other
GOP elected officials in Madison for passing
Act 10, the revolutionary budget reform act which
clipped the public employee unions' wings concern-
ing their impact on Wisconsin's budget and taxes;
Republicans wanted to recall key Democrats in the
capitol for fleeing the state to deny the GOP
majority a quorum in order to pass Act 10 and
related measures.

Today's post is about Van Wangaard and his campaign
to regain the seat in my state's Senate which he lost in
a heated recall election with some shenanigans along
the way. Wangaard, a former Racine police investigator
and a solid conservative, challenged incumbent Democrat
Jim Lehman for the District 21 Senate seat in 2010, the
big Republican year in which the party won both the
Assembly and the Senate in Wisconsin and Scott Walker
was elected governor, and the GOP won big in many other
state races around the country while also winning the
House of Representatives in Congress. The brutal battle
between Wangaard and Lehman ended with Wangaard
winning the seat in a close contest, taking 52.5% of the
vote. Lehman and the district's Dems would have none
of it; when they geared up to recall Walker et. al. they also
added Van Wangaard to their hit list, and nominated Lehman
to set up a rematch.

Under Wisconsin law, the state's Government Accountability
Board (GAB) has 31 days to determine if enough valid sig-
natures have been submitted to mandate a recall election.
But with 1.9 million signatures to review for six recalls,
the GAB asked Judge Richard Niess of Dane County,
where capital city of Madison resides for an extension.
The judge granted the GAB an additional 30 days. Now,
the GAB has, for the last few years, been mostly made up
of Democrats appointed by the Gov. Walker's Democrat
predecessor Jim Doyle, and have long been accused of
acting in a partisan fashion on many issues. The state,
with a specially-created software, had workers scan the
petitions into computers and the software read the names,
then converted them into type. Next, a human operator
verified the name, correcting any errors before it was then
entered into the GAB database.

Wangaard filed a signature challenge on February 9, 2013,
eight months after the election. He questioned 7,491 of the
signatures, stating that they were either listed more than
once, or were illegible, or the signers were not of the legal
voting age (18), or otherwise ineligible to vote. Also note-
worthy, the recall election took place in the "old" district,
which was the district before the 2010 redistricting that
changed it from a 60-40 Democrat district to a 70-30
Republican one. This was ordered by a Democrat judge
(big surprise!) to be so conducted. Unofficial results had
Lehman winning by 779 votes, and Wangaard called for a
recount which added 40 more votes to Lehman's original
vote tally, giving him the election, thus returning him to
the Senate. But Van Wangaard is running again this year
and interestingly enough, John Lehman is giving up the
seat to seek a statewide office(!). While the Dems choose
a new nominee, John Stitz, a Republican businessman from
Racine, is challenging Wangaard for the Republican nod
to run for the 21st District Senate seat.

Both GOP candidates are accentuating economic issues in
their campaigns. Van Wangaard is the only one of the two
with public office experience, and has authored a solidly
conservative economic issues record of low taxes, private
sector growth and budget reduction while also backing
legislation helping communities to have safer environs.
One example of this is Wangaard's authoring the Castle
Doctrine Bill, which gives residents the right to attempt
defense of themselves, their families, and their property
if an intruder invades. In addition, Wangaard co-authored
the state's Concealed Carry Law, which was passed by
both houses and signed by Gov. Walker, making Wisconsin
the nation's 49th state to legalize concealing gun on one's
person while carrying the weapon. On abortion, Wangaard
is solidly pro-life and has proven himself to be a major
thorn in the side of Planned Parenthood, working to
prohibit receiving state health grants. For these stands and
others of this conservative vein Van Wangaard has received
the support of the Racine Tea Party PAC, and your discerning
Peasant congratulates the Racine Tea Partiers for making a
splendid choice!

Although Jonathan Stitz is a good candidate and an honorable
man, The Peasant endorses Van Wangaard for the Wisconsin
District 21 Republican State Senate nomination and election to
that office. He is experienced, savvy in the ways of Madison,
and is the best candidate to serve the interests and needs of
the people of this district as well as to be a most competent,
and reliable ally for Gov. Walker. I met Van Wangaard when
I attended the Wisconsin Republican Convention in Milwaukee
on May 2, and was impressed by his command of the issues
as well as his enthusiasm for running again for the seat that
he lost under questionable circumstances. Van Wangaard is
proof that you can't keep a good man down!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Independence Day Thoughts

As we enjoy our nation's birthday, my fabulous readers,
let us remember the people who made it possible all of
those 238 years ago, and all the people who followed
that protected what was created for us, and those people
who this day are also protecting all that which was
made for and left to us. And let us do our part by being
the most aware, the most diligent, the most responsible,
the most active, and the most appreciative citizens we
are capable of being. Vote. Contact your elected repre-
sentatives when something is on your mind. Work on
a campaign for a candidate for elected office whom you
believe in. Work for a cause which you believe in.
Contribute money to these if you can. Run for office
yourself if you feel you can make a difference that way.
Did I mention vote?

In the meantime, enjoy the parades, the picnics, the games,
the concerts, the fireworks, and the warm summer weather!
And count your blessings, starting with the fact that you are
Americans! You live in the most free, the most prosperous,
the most secure, the most wonderful nation on this earth!
Yes, I know, believe me I know; the economy is still sickly,
the federal government is watching us all much more closely,
and the reigning regime in Washington is encouraging, if
not instructing, the IRS to harass citizens who don't agree
with the policies of the regime, businesses are being choked
to death with red tape galore with small businesses getting
the worst of it, people thinking about starting a business
seeing this and rethinking their plans, and our children being
taught in their schools that the United States is the cause
of the world's ills as well as a most unjust and unfair place
for those who live here, and that the Constitution is at best
an outdated piece of paper and at worst a giant shackle on
the rights of the people rather than a guarantor of those very
rights, and that certain amendments in the Constitution do
not say what it has long been acknowledged that they say
(the Second Amendment most notably). But we as a nation
have thrown out a king, beaten back Barbary pirates that
preyed upon our seafaring commerce, defeated again the
very nation which we had won our independence from
when they tried to snatch us back, fought, survived, and
healed our nation after a bloody civil war and ended slavery
in the process, fought and won two world wars, the second
in which we stopped an evil axis of thuggish dictators who
led (or misled) their nations into attempting to conquer the
world and vanquish freedom throughout it, put men on the
moon, and have been --- throughout it all --- the beacon of
hope for humanity, the ray of bright liberty and the bright
promise of a better life for the oppressed and downtrodden
people of the world, attracting them to our shores to build
and enjoy lives that they could only dream of doing in their
native countries. And we often faced, and had overcome
impossible odds along the way. We can turn around our
situation which we now face if we remember our heritage,
and if we believe in ourselves and each other.

Enjoy the Fourth! And save a hot dog or a burger for your
favorite Peasant!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Thought for Parents

Your gimlet-eyed Peasant saw this message on
Facebook recently, and I want to share it with you,
my fabulous readers, especially those of you with
youngsters not yet through their teens. This wee
bit of wisdom will do much to bring about respect
for girls and women, as well as to revive true romance;
we as a society could only benefit from this knowledge.

                   THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN:

A man who flatters her and a man who complements her,

A man who spends money on her and a man who invests
in her,

A man who views her as property and a man who views
her properly,

A man who lusts after her and a man who loves her,

A man who believes he's a gift to women, and a man
who believes she's a gift to him,

And then we need to teach our sons to be that kind of man.

I posted this piece on my Facebook page as soon as I saw
it. If all parents did this for their children, our families,
our communities, our society, and our country would be
so much less contentious and so much more civil, loving,
respectful, caring, kind, warm, and joyful.

Don't you think?


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Roadblocks on the Information Superhighway?

My friends, your troubled Peasant has recently learned
about a plan by President Obama to give away control
of the Internet to a United Nations committee. As he
believes that the United States should not be in any
position of authority, responsibility, or leadership of
any sort in the world, this is not at all surprising.
But the ramifications of this terrible idea are truly

Throughout the entire time that Obama has occupied
the White House, he and his regime have been vexed
by the level of opposition to his ideas on governance
voiced online,  especially by conservative bloggers
such as your humble Peasant. Obama and his
cabinet, his "czars", and his advisers have hatched
several ideas for reining in the online opposition,
and this idea does two things that Team Obama favors:
It gives up American oversight and protection of
the Internet to the UN, a body that isn't known for its
admiration of and support for the U.S. in the realm
of world affairs. And two of its more influential
members, Russia and China, have long gritted their
teeth at the long-standing arrangement in which our
country has watched over and guarded online traffic
through a company known as ICANN; you see, the
Russians and the Chinese want more power to
regulate and censor the Internet, especially concerning
their own dissidents. And if they can crack down on
what Americans may say on the high-tech highway
concerning their governments' treatment of their people,
their threatening behavior toward their neighboring
countries, or their intentions toward the United States,
then that would be a feather in each of their caps.
Couple this with Obama, Democrat legislators in
Congress, and their left-wing allies here at home
doing same to opposing voices and you will have
a totalitarian nightmare worthy of a George Orwell

On April 23, the "Global Multistakeholder Meeting on
the Future of Internet Governance" took place in Brazil
for the purpose of initiating the transfer of control over
the Internet. Your gravely concerned Peasant does not
yet know exactly how far this process has gotten toward
fruition, but I do know that there is growing opposition
to this horror among the American citizenry, especially
by the Tea Party. I pray that our combined efforts are
not too little too late. Here are the consequences of UN
control of the information superhighway:

*Every oppressive government in the world will have
the power to censor and restrict what their countries'
people can see and transmit on the World Wide Web.
Tinpot dictators, runamok royalty, military martinets
and the like will be able to tighten their control over
their subjects all the more, preventing them from
sending and receiving ideas that would counter the
prevailing party lines and whatall being rammed down
their throats.

*The UN would be free to tax each and every transaction
that you would make on the Internet. You can expect to
be taxed for every purchase of any kind, every time you
send an e-mail to anyone, every time you would visit a
web site!

* You would be taxed by the UN just for regitering a

*UN officials and despots would also be able to spy on
you. Oh, yes, and they would do it in a nanosecond!

And none of this troubles our wayward president. ICANN
would be swallowed up by the UN and become an arm of
the organization. And the European Union will want a piece
of the action; they too will want to grab some of this
revenue booty from the U.S. and other countries. The UN
and other globalist organizations will waste no time in
scrubbing the Internet of all content critical of their agenda
and anything else that they and thier elitist pals, such as
currency trader and international meddler George Soros
would find troubling.

Your faithful Peasant shall comment further on this and
related news concerning the future of the Inernet and
the battle for control of it in the weeks and months to come.
These events will not only have an impact on bloggers
like myself, but on everyone who goes online for any
purpose at any time --- and these days that's just about

Let us be vigilant.