Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Had to Share This With You

My beloved readers, your super-busy Peasant just learned
about an idea so outrageous, so brazen, so totalitarian, so
beyond belief having been publicly given voice that I just
had to come back from my self-imposed break to share it
with you. The left-wingers have hatched many wild schemes
to foist upon us over time, but this idea from hell is the prize-

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue (D) said before a
recent gathering of Rotarians in her state that our country
dispense with Congressional elections for the next two
years so as to help the "economic recovery"(?!). No
exaggeration. No lie. No blarney. She really said this.

I quote from her speech: "You have to have more ability
from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over
the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things. I think
we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for
two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them,
whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this
country recover. I really hope that someone can agree
with me on that." Well, a hard-core statist such as, say,
a communist would heartily agree with you, Governor.
For this is the tactic that communist dictators have long
used in solidifying their power in countries where they
have come into power, the rubric being that the revolution
has to have time to solidify and take root. And now, you,
one of our liberal establishmentarians has voiced a
version of this stridently anti-democratic idea.
Perhaps you would also declare martial law?

Such left-wing luminaries like Robert Mugabe and Fidel
Castro would high-five Governor Perdue for her initiative.
This is precisely what these dictators did upon ascending
to power in their respective countries. All the better to
avoid dealing with voter blowback from imposing policies
upon them which they never would have consented to.
And the Democrats are still reeling from the blowback
that the American electorate gave them in last year's
Congressional elections which resulted in the Republicans
taking control of the House of Representatives. They
have already demonstrated their contempt for the We The
People through actions such as bailing out businesses
and industries with our tax monies and forcing upon us
a socialized medicine program which we had loudly and
clearly rejected, voicing our disapproval to President
Obama and to Congress only to receive their arrogant
cold shoulders and insults to our intelligence and our
character. Governor Perdue's demented brainchild
is simply an extension of this.

Perdue's staff tried to spin their boss' remarks as being
a bit of humor, but when she spoke her words she had
a serious expression on her face, and no one in the audience
was laughing, chuckling, or even cracking smiles by accounts
of attendees. Instead, their lame attempt to pass off Governor
Perdue's remarks as a joke made her statement yet more
egregious. Team Perdue showed the same contempt and
condescension for the American people as had President
Obama in regards to the aforementioned subjects.

Folks, the Democrat Party is now anything but a group of
democrats; these are not democratic people by philosophy
or practice. We have got to vote them the hell out in 2012;
Obama, the Democrats controlling the Senate, The
Democrats in the House, and the Dems in office elsewhere
around the country. These people have gotten drunk on
power and have become addicted to this heady booze.
Their statism, their elitism, their arrogance, their contempt
and disdain for the Constitution, for We The People, and
for our way of life have made them as a political party
completely unfit to govern at any level of government.
This is why we have a Tea Party movement. This is why
we as a nation are taking more interest in governmental
affairs, and are becoming more active in the electoral
process. And this is why we shall carry out our duty as
informed, responsible citizens charged with preserving
our freedom as a free people and FIRE THESE ELITIST
PIGS IN 2012!!!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two Wonderful Years!

My fantastic readers, it is my pleasure to announce
the second anniversary of your favorite Peasant
wielding his Pitchfork at the elitist pigs working
to ruin our great country by gutting our prosperity,
trashing the Constitution, dispensing with our
rights, and calling us derogatory names! You are
the reason for this blog's success and growing
longevity! The anniversary is actually September
23, but as I post on Wednesdays, today being a
Wednesday, we shall mark the occaision today.

In the days to come, we will be taking a look at
Solyndra, the latest "crony capitalist" venture
misadventure of the Obama regime, plus a review
of each of the candidates vying for the Republican
Party's presidential nomination, along with some
other eye-catching political and economic news.
Our third year together will start with a bang,
to be sure!

For now, your faithful Peasant is going to take a
week or two off to FINALLY move into a lovely
new home --- at last I have found a suitable, no,
beautiful rental home in an almost rural setting!
I shall still be in the Milwaukee vicinity, but will
be in a place with less hustle and bustle. It is
everything that I wanted, and more!

I shall require some time to pack and move, then
then settle in at my new residence. But once that's
done I shall be back with you, my wonderful readers,
with the aforementioned offerings for you to enjoy!
thank you for your readership, for your support, and
for your friendship! I couldn't ask for a more engaging
and splendid group of readers! Blessings to you all!

By the way, here again is the link to the petition to
stop the passage of the so-called jobs bill scheme
of President Obama and the Democrats. Please take
a few minutes to add your names to the growing list
of citizens opposed to further stimulus schemes, pork
projects, and governmental tinkering which won't
create any new jobs for unemployed Americans but
instead will only further empower a runaway
government which is already running us over!

The link:

Thanks and praise to you all!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Tea Party's Latest Conquest

My beloved readers, your favorite Peasant is happy and
proud to report a landmark triumph in yesterday's special
election in New York's 9th Congressional District, the
district which was represented by the now ex-congressman
who lived down to his name, Democrat Anthony Weiner.
Republican businessman and Tea Party choice Bob Turner
scored one of the biggest election victories of all time in
winning the race for the seat, which has been in Democrats'
hands since 1923, resoundingly defeating Democrat
David Weprin, a New York state assemblyman who was
the handpicked candidate of the New York City Democrat
Party machine. The district encompasses Brooklyn, as well
as parts of Queens, and has a 3-to-1(!) Democrat advantage
in voter registrations. But people there are so angry at Pre-
sident Obama over his relentless spending on so many things
and his disdainful refusal to listen to their concerns about
same, that they sent a strong, clear message: they aren't having
any more of it!

As of 11:00 AM EST today, with 459 of the 512 precincts
counted, Turner had 32,446 votes to Weprin's 27,699, giving
Turner a 54-46 per cent cushion. In Brooklyn alone, solidly
Democrat Brooklyn, Turner crushed Weprin 67-33 per cent,
a 2-to-1 margin! All this in a district which Obama won over
John McCain by a 55-44 per cent advantage! Democrat pollster
and Fox News commentator Douglas Schoen, in an interview
with Newsmax, acknowledged that the win was a "stunning
rebuke" to President Obama and his policies. Gee, you think?

Turner, a television executive, gained the support of former
New York mayors from both major parties, Democrat Ed Koch
and Republican Rudy Giuliani. Koch's backing was pivotal in
Turner's success, as Koch is still one of New York's most
respected and influential Democrats.

This victory, my fabulous readers, is not just a rebuke of a
pitiful putz who resigned a congressional seat in disgrace;
it is also a rebuke of an arrogant, elitist, statist president
and his poisonous policies which are making a bad economic
situation even worse, and who refuses to listen to the people
--- even those who helped elect him but have misgivings
about the direction in which this president is dragging us.
If Obama can't muster a decent level of support for his
financially ruinous programs in what was considered to be
for him a friendly district, then his re-election chances are
becoming slimmer, faster, than a contestant on The Biggest
Loser. And that is good --- no, great news --- for the rest
of us!

Another factor in Turner's victory: the district is the largest
Jewish district in the United States in terms of the number and
percentage of residents. These folks have a huge bone to pick
with Obama concerning his antagonistic policy toward Israel.
Obama wants Israel to cede much of their land, going back to
the map of that part of the world as it was in the 1960s. Very
popular with the Arabic people in the Middle East, but
a bum idea with Jewish voters in New York and throughout
the country! Too bad for Obama that the Arab neighbors of
Israel can't vote for him when he tries for a second term.

There is one cloud, however, on the horizon for U.S. Repre-
sentative-elect Bob Turner and his joyous supporters; his
congressional district is being considered for elimination
as Albany redistricts. The Democrats control both chambers
of the state legislature as well as the governor's office.
But some good news from Nevada: a special election in
that state put a Tea Party-supported Republican into a
congressional seat. And meanwhile, the people of New
York's 9th will have an opportunity to repeat their message
--- again, loud and clear --- that they want no more of the
Democrats and their gluttonous government growth schemes.

So what was all that noise from U.S. Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid (D-NV) about the Tea Party dying? It looks
pretty lively to me! How about you?


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ALERT: Here's a petition you can sign to let President
Obama know your opposition to his proposed jobs bill,
which will be yet another "stimulus" rip-off via our taxes! 
Written by Liberty Council Action, a wonderful conservative
activist organization, just click this link to read and sign:

Your beloved Peasant has already signed the petition! Come
join me in drawing the line on further wasting of our money! 
Thank you, my fantastic readers! Together we shall reclaim
our country!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Somber Anniversary

In four days from today our country will be 
observing the tenth anniversary of a most fateful
day, the day terrorists hijacked four passenger
jets and flew them into the World Trade center in
New York and the Pentagon on Washington. The
United States Navy SEALS, masters of covert war,
finally tracked down and killed the mastermind of
the horrible attacks, but the sense of payback
has not diminished the deep pain that we as a 
nation still feel, especially those who lost family
and friends in that dark episode of our history.
One plane, likely destined for another D.C.
target, was waylaid by a handful of courageous
passengers who seized control of the plane. It
crashed into a Pennsylvania field killing all 
aboard, but the plane never reached the target that
the terrorists intended, which would have resulted
in yet more deaths of innocent people.

Your faithful Peasant still remembers the morning
of September 11, 2001. I was living in Saint Paul
at the time, and was in the midst of preparing to
move back to my home town. I awakened
early to listen to the news and a local talk show
while having a little lie-in. What I heard was
something akin to Orson Welles' classic radio
broadcast from the 1930s "War of the Worlds"!
I could not at all believe what I was hearing!
I became wide awake and turned on my TV
to see whatever live coverage could be had.

I shall never forget what I saw: throngs of people
running from the towers, whose middle sections
were ablaze. It looked like a scene from a block-
buster action movie. I learned that a plane had 
struck one tower; another plane would strike the
other tower a short time later, a terrible sight
which I in fact witnessed via my TV.
Sometime later that morning, word came that the
planes were hijacked by terrorists and flown on
purpose into the towers, and another into the
Pentagon in Washington. I got on my phone and
called several of my local friends to ask them if
they were listening to their radios or watching
their TVs; those that were not I told each of them
to pour a strong drink and tune in to the horror.
We were all at a loss for words. We were not 
around when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the
Japanes in the Second World War, so we had no 
experience in own lives to which we could com-
pare to what was unfolding before us that morning,
but we knew that there was going to be hell to pay
for whoever committed this attrocity. We would
certainly be going to war.

Over 3,000 people perished that day, at the bloody
hands of the terrorists that carried out the massive
crime. We did indeed go to war, and we are still
fighting that war, the War on Terror we call it.
The evil slime that thought up this terrible crime
was a practitioner of a particular strain of Islam,
which will not accept any other form of that faith
nor accept any other faith, nor accept any other
way of life, period. The United States, being
a staunch supporter of Israel, a long-time thorn
in the rear of its hostile Islamic neighbors, must
have been on the twisted, hate-drenched
minds of the terrorist cabal. But what we as a
nation have demonstrated for friend and foe to
see, is that we as a nation shall stand by our
friends --- regardless of the risks to ourselves.
And by the same token, we shall stand up to our
enemies, and shall prosecute them when they
have wronged us, as some of them have most
greviously wronged us on September 11, 2001.
We showed that it is right to have confidence in
United States as a friend, and that there are grave
consequences in making us a foe.

We shall, of course, never forget the events of
ten years ago. We shall never forget the loss of
our friends, our relations, our associates, our
neighbors, and of course the brave, selfless,
dedicated police, firefighters, and first responders
who marched into hell, never to return.
Dispatching the monster that orchestrated
the bloody events of that day most certainly
did not and could not bring those good people
back to us. But it put the world on notice that
our great country has backbone and resolve.
We can handle adversity, we can handle tragedy,
and come back all the stronger for the fiery test.
Whle this is bad news for those who wish us ill,
it is joyous news for those who see us as the
world's best hope for peace, for stability, and
for freedom in an increasingly troubled, 
uncertain, and unstable world. And it is especially
wonderful news for us, her citizens, who want so
much to have confidence in our nation and her
strength of not just might, but of character and


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