Monday, June 28, 2010

Independence Day Greetings!

Hi, everybody!

Your favorite Peasant wants to wish you, my fabulous readers,
a safe and happy 4th of July! Celebrate our grand country's
birthday safely and joyfully, and while you're enjoying your
barbecue cookouts, your sparklers and fireworks, your
outdoor concerts, and the company of your families and
friends, take time to reflect on the courage, the sacrifice,
the toil, and the accompanying suffering that was blended
in the crucible in which our great nation, the United States
of America, was formed. And remember that we fought
to gain our freedom from a both a dictatorial monarch and
parliament which had imposed a centralized form of government
with myriad and exhorbitant taxes upon our forefathers, while
giving them precious little say in said governance.

Sound familiar?

Replace the monarch and the parliament with a president and a
congress which, while freely elected, began to govern against the
will of We The People through creating dubious "stimulus" and
carbon emission "cap" programs, along with many exhorbitant
levels to fund them, along with a governmental takeover of some
individual businesses along with an entire industry (health care).
The result is a variation on an old and terrible theme!  But if we
remain vigilant, if we stand together against our wayward elected
representatives, if we take constructive and remedial action to
reclaim our government and make it a truly representative and
responsive government we shall overcome this crisis. Oh yes,
WE SHALL OVERCOME! This statement is not the property
of the Left; it is the vow of a people who have had enough of
being disrespected, used, abused, and mocked by anyone in
positions of authority who abuse their authority by abusing the
people whom they are supposed to serve through just and fair
governance, regardless of whatever kind of government it is
that is governing so wrongly!

We shall have our day. We shall have our victory. And on our
country's birthday, we shall have a wonderful time!

Happy Birthday, USA! 234 years young and looking fantastic!
You shall always be "the land of the free"!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Latest With My Conversation With Dudley Sharp On The Death Penalty

My wonderful readers, I want to inform you that soon
I will post here on my blog the ongoing conversation I
have been having with Dudley Sharp, head of Justice
Matters, on the topic of capital punishment.
Dudley e-mailed me very recently asking if we can
have our chat right here on this blog rather than ex-
changing e-letters which I then would post here;
Dudley informed me that this would save him a bit
of time, so that is what I shall do. Here is how it
will work:

1) I shall post all of what we've discussed so far.

2) Next, I shall start posting my subsequent state-
ments in our exchange and Dudley can respond
via the comment box.

3) I shall then copy and post on the body of my blog
Dudley's statements, making our discussion easier
for you, mu beloved readers, to follow.
4) On alternating weeks I shall post new installments
of our talk for you to follow. Of course, you all are
more than welcome to join us by offering your own
comments and questions as we proceed. This is,
after all, one of the purposes of this blog; to foster
discussion of the important issues that we as a nation

And Dudley, if this sounds feasible to you, or if it does
not, or if you have questions or concerns please do
inform via the comment box. If need be I shall devise
an alternative.

NOTE: Sadly, I cannot set up a chat room, as for the time
being I am reliant on public access computers in my local
library which has a rule prohibiting participating in chat
rooms. Thank you for giving your loyal Peasant your
kind understanding.

NOTE TO MY READERS: When you post comments
for Dudley and I you can be passionate, you can be
animated, you cna blow off a bit of steam, but you
CANNOT use offensive language or engage in any
name-calling of a foul and heinous nature! This rule
applies to this blog not just for this occaision but at
all times. Any violations of this rule WILL result in the
offensive remarks deleted and the author of same
PERMANENTLY BANNED from posting any
further comments on this blog. I know that you
are, my loyal readers, by and large above that
sort of behavior, but I must make these ground
rules for us all to abide by in order to maintain
a safe and welcoming forum for us to participate



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

The career of a supposedly distinguished journalist and member
of the White House Press Corps, the elite (and elitist) reporters
who cover the President, has suddenly ended. Helen Thomas,
89, a member of the White House Press Corps for half a century,
resigned in disgrace on the heels of her statement that the
Israeli Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go back
to Poland ... Germany ... the United States." Thomas made her
stinging remarks in a response to a question asked of her at
a gathering of journalists in Washington a few days ago;
her remarks were captured on tape and have gotten wide play.

Thomas, who is of Lebanese descent, has long given accounts of
the goings on at the White House filtered through a left-wing
prism. She has pitched hardballs at Republican presidents while
lobbing softballs at Democrat presidents. But even when taking
her ethnicity into account, Thomas sank to a new nadir for bias
--- a nadir tainted with bigotry and complete abandonment of
the obligation of her trade to impartiality, even though just
sounding off at a party.

While many Jews have emigrated to Israel since its founding in
1948, coming from "Poland ... Germany..." etc., many more Jews
have lived in that location long before the declaration of Israel
as a sovereign nation; Israel is situated where the ancient
kingdoms of Judea and Israel reigned many, many centuries ago,
centuries before the birth of Christ. Jews have, therefore,
lived in this land for some millenia, constantly surrounded by
hostile neighboring states forever trying to eradicate them.
This is even more so the case today. The Palestinians and Iran
are the most immediate threats to Israel and her people, with
many more not far behind.

Thomas said what many on the political left, in the U.S. and
around the world, are thinking concerning Israel and the Jews.
She was much less impolitic and much more candid in her words,
delivered with a laugh no less(!). She quickly apologized, but
whether she did so voluntarily or by orders from her employer,
Hearst Newspapers, is unknown. What is known, however, is her
open admission of being a hater; in 2002 Thomas was quoted as
saying, "I censored myself for 50 years ... Now I wake up and
ask myself 'Who do I hate today?'" Some days it was GOP pres-
idents, others it was those waging war on radical Islamic
terrorism' now it is the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.
Her vitriolic questioning of then-President George W. Bush
and the military action he took drew cheers from the so-called
mainstream media and the political left. And Thomas lambasted
President Barack Obama just a few weeks ago, demanding he state
when he was going to get our troops out of Afghanistan. It is
also apparent that 9/11 means nothing to Helen Thomas!

So the woman known as "The Dean of the White House Press Corps"
leaves her longtime beat. Good riddance to bad rubbish! The
quality of American journalism has just gone on a rocket ride.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Tea Party Movement's Latest Triumphs

More notches have been carved into the Tea Party Movement's
gun handle. Rand Paul, son of U.S. Representative Ron Paul
(R-TX) won Kentucky's U.S. Senate primary over state GOP
favorite Trey Grayson, currently Attorney General for
Kentucky. Paul will now run in November for the seat being
vacated by retiring Sen. Jim Bunning (R). This is Paul's
first campaign for public office and he pulled off a big
upset in knocking off establishment choice Grayson ---
with a little help from the Tea Party folks!

In Nevada, Sharron Angle emerged victorious from a field
of Republican candidates to be the Nevada Republican Party's
nominee for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Harry Reid
(D), the Senate Majority Leader and key Obama ally on Capitol
Hill. Angle, a current member of the Nevada legislature,
was the choice of the Tea Party activists in that state
and had received campaign contributions from Tea Party
people hailing from every state in the union! This kind
of help and commitment is the hallmark of the movement;
constitutionalists from all over the country banding
together to elect like-minded candidates for public office,
contributing time, work, and money to take back our nation
from the statists who currently have control of our federal
government, as well as some of our state and local governments.
We have shown that "We The People" CAN reclaim our country,
CAN determine the direction of our country, CAN make a
difference! And do we have the liberal establishment running

My wonderful readers, we have the enemy on the run. Now is
the time to crank up our efforts and put more pressure on
the foe! Come to the Tea Party rallies, volunteer your time
to help a worthy candidate, contribute whatever money you
can, write letters to the editors of your local newspapers
in support of your chosen candidates, start a blog ---
all of these activities advance our cause! This is how we
will sow the seeds for the harvest of victory in the fall,
and in 2012! Your favorite Peasant will be there, doing all
I can to help our noble efforts, and of course I'll have my
trusty pitchfork handy!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Thousand Apologies!

Greetings to my wonderful, loyal readers!

Your favorite Peasant hopes that you all had a happy
and safe Memorial Day.

Regretfully, I do not have an article for you this week.
Between having some unexpected things come up, and having
some technical difficulties with my blog's web site I am
sorry to report that I don't have anything ready to share.
I am having trouble putting up links to articles and videos
on my blog; the typed link names don't appear in blue as they
once did, and that leaves it to you, my dear readers, to enter
the links manually into your browsers to gain access to all
corresponding articles and blogs, even web sites and e-mail
addresses. I will persevere, however, in getting this solved.
In the meantime, at least I can still give you links; just
please keep in mind the information I gave in the previous
sentence here.

Also, I am working on eradicating the problem with my blog's
text appearing in an uneven manner. I have had this bugaboo
since day one and I apologize to you, my fantastic readers,
for that as well.

Your faithful Peasant humbly apologizes to you, my fabulous
readers, for any inconvenience and disappointment resulting
from all of this. Thank you all for your understanding! We'll
regroup and get together next week.