Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day is Upon Us

Your patriotic Peasant wishes you, my beloved readers,
a happy and wonderful Memorial Day! Enjoy the parades,
the picnics, the parties, and all the while give a prayer or a
thought to our country's brave men and women who, over
the years, have fought and sacrificed to make our great
country and our way of life possible. Do you enjoy that
job you have? How about the home you live in? Does it
give you a thrill to watch the parades on this special day
as well as on the Fourth of July and Veterans Day?
Is it a thrill to go down to your polling precincts
on each election day and voice your preference for the
people you want to have represent us in government?
How about the simple joy of flying Old Glory from a
flagpole in your yard or waving a small version of it at
a parade? Thank our vets, alive and in repose, especially
the ones who died while making and preserving a society
in which we can enjoy these blessings of life in a free nation.

Freedom isn't free; it costs a high price. But freedom
is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A True Conservative Declares His Candidacy for the Presidency

On Saturday, May 21, an unalloyed, unabashed conservative
declared himself a candidate for the office of President of the
United States. While it is very early in the presidential election
season, and not very many people have declared themselves
candidates, a true conservative has stepped forward to formally
announce his candidacy. That conservative is Herman Cain.

Herman Cain is not what you would expect for a politician; in
fact, you could say that Cain is an "anti-politician". His history
is not at all like that of your typical office seeker, especially one
aiming at the highest office in the land: Cain was Chairman, CEO
and President of Godfather's Pizza Corporation and had brought
the company from the brink of bankruptcy to solid profitability.
He was president of the Tax Leadership Council, a branch of
Americans for Fair Taxation, a group which works to achieve
feasible, less draconian rates of taxation for U.S. taxpayers.
He was Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant
Association. The closest Cain ever got to being a politician,
let alone one in office, was when he was Chairman of the Board
of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, MO.

Now, your faithful Peasant realizes that this last piece of
information on Herman Cain is a red flag for many conservatives;
many of us righties have long been wary of the Fed, and with
good reason. Although not a governmental bureaucracy, this
body does not offer much transparency in how it goes about
the business of regulating our nation's money supply. While
many conservatives want an audit of the Fed, with U.S. Rep.
and former presidential candidate himself Ron Paul (R-TX)
spearheading the charge, Cain has gone on record opposing
such an audit, declaring as a guest on the Neil Boortz Show:

"... There's no hidden secrets going on (at) the Federal Reserve
to my knowledge ... We don't need to waste money with another
commission or audit. It's not necessary. Because, folks, we've
got a lot of other problems we need to worry about."

While we certainly do have a lot of other problems we need to
worry about, it is certainly fair and proper to question the Fed
and the how and the why it does the things it does, especially
when it has called for turning on the printing presses to jump up
the money supply so as to monetize the nation's debt. The rami-
fications, especially regarding inflation, are onerous. But it may
well be that Cain is being completely honest when he says that
"to his knowledge" that there are no secrets concerning the Fed's
activities; it may, just may, be that the Fed is so secretive in its
operations that even Cain did not, and could not, know all of
what the Fed had done or had planned to do when he was there
in his lofty position. Your quizzical Peasant is just supposing,
just to show both sides of the matter on Herman Cain's trust-
worthiness as a conservative.

Now, I am neither endorsing nor condemning Herman Cain as
a presidential candidate. Your even-handed Peasant is simply
giving some background on the first genuine conservative to
throw his or her hat into the ring to run for the presidency of
our country. Please bear in mind, my eager readers, that it is
so very early in the presidential election season, and there will
certainly be more candidates coming forward to declare, some
of them bound to be conservatives. It is just that it is so good to
hear that a solid conservative has come forward at this campaign
season's nascent stage to be a presidential candidate. And while
Cain's view on auditing the Fed bears further scrutiny, there are
positive things about the man and candidate which should be
recognized: Cain wants Obamacare repealed. He wants to
secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws with more
than mere lip service. He supports making use of our own oil
sources to free us from dependency on those controlled by
our enemies as well as those whose loyalties are not at all clear.
And he wants to reduce the size and cost of government while
expanding the private sector, both in terms of jobs and
subsequent taxpayers. Oh, and Cain happens to be black. Yep,
he's what liberals fear and loathe; a member of a minority group
who is a political conservative. And one who has achieved and
enjoyed success and notoriety in his career in the private sector
to boot. Can you imagine Herman Cain facing President Obama
in the fall of 2012? Your mischievous Peasant can just picture
the shock, the chagrin, and the outrage of the Democrats, their
candidate Obama, and their fellow lefties over having to deal
with a conservative black candidate who is the very antithesis
of Obama and all of the left-wingers' cherished, self-made myths
about their politics, their economics, and their fantasies of where
black people and other minorities fit into the liberals' grand design
for America!

Congratulations to Herman Cain. His presidential candidacy
will certainly encourage robust debate regarding the challenges
our country faces, and may well force the hand of some others in
the field who may try to play cute on those issues. This would be
a very good development.


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Some People Can't Take "No" for an Answer

This just in:

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court election recount
has been completed over the weekend, and predictably
incumbent Justice David Prosser was declared the
winner. His margin of victory was just over 7,000
votes, just like after the first statewide tally. So what
does thwarted challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg do?
She does what any dedicated far left-winger does
when the people deny them their wishes; she goes
to court!

The selfishly stubborn Kloppenburg just won't take "no"
for an answer. But there is a second factor in her motiva-
tion behind her actions: she and her supporters want to
tie up Justice Prosser's officially returning to the Badger
state's top court as a thumb in the eye to both Prosser and
the voters, as well as to cost the latter still more of their
tax dollars for the court challenge to an election result
which was arrived at in a fair and square manner. They
also want to stop the top court from ruling in favor of
the state constitutionality of Gov. Scott Walker's budget
plan and the curbing of state employee union power to
ramrod further huge increases in compensation down
the throats of an already over-taxed, recession-ravaged,
far too much put-upon populace.

My avid readers, your favorite Peasant cannot add any
comment to describe this situation forced upon Wiscon-
sinites by this self-important, elitist harridan which has
not already been made by other observers; her actions
speak for themselves --- and for her. All I can offer is
some advice for the defeated candidate: YOU LOST!

For this is what democracy looks like!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan's Courageous Budget

There is a single voice for sanity and prudence in our country's
fiscal affairs. This voice is a clarion call to lead the United
States back to a balanced budget, starting with some spending
cuts --- real cuts, not phony cuts entailing raising expenditures
X dollars instead of raising them Y. Not simply shaving a sliver
off of the budget and trying to pass it off as a slash to the bone.
Real cuts in federal spending. This is a most courageous voice.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has crafted a budget plan that features
just these cuts. With both our national budget deficit and our
national debt at record levels, putting every man, woman, and
child in the hole at $200,000 each (at the present time), with
no letup in sight (not a good portent for the coming generations
of Americans), The Wisconsin congressman has formed a serious
means of addressing this growing threat to our nation's financial
well-being and its very survival. Rep. Ryan's plan will cut $5.8
trillion from current federal spending projections, and sustained
expenditure reduction at this pace would put us on the road to
a balanced budget.

On the matter of Medicare Ryan's plan would, starting in 2022,
give people vouchers worth what Medicare would then cost,
giving people the option to shop for their own insurance plan,
the plan being subject to government approval. Regarding
medicaid, the program would be turned over to the states,
allowing them to decide how to most effectively administer
the program. No spending for either program would be cut.
The health care industry, as your diligent Peasant has related
in a post on Obamacare a year ago, comprises about one-
sixth of our economy.

All forms of government assistance would be linked to the rise
in the CPI (Consumer Price Index), the prices of consumer
goods and services. These are just a few of the provisions in
Ryan's budget plan which would lighten the tax load for the
coming generations.

The Democrats claim, of course, that Ryan's budget plan
would not affect the wealthy, while burdening working families
and ignoring the poor; that it illustrates the conservatives' lack
of compassion for those who are struggling and how Ryan is
oh so cruel, and more such hogwash. They also want very
badly for us to believe that expanded consumer choice won't
work to reduce costs in the health care market. Uncle Sam
presently spends approximately 50 cents of every dollar spent
on health care; the Dems want even more such spending here,
as evidenced by Obamacare. But in every market where
consumer choice is allowed, competition grows and prices
shrink. Increasing quality while decreasing costs has been
successful in other markets; look at cars, computers, TVs,
calculators, and telephones for just a few examples! And
health care is a commodity not unlike those previously
mentioned, despite what liberals would have us believe.

The onus is upon the Democrats and their friends to make
the case for giving less scope to consumer choice and more
scope to government intervention in our health care. They
must explain why it is a bad thing for the people to have a
variety of health coverage options to choose from and why
government mandated plans, and the exorbitant expenditures
accompanying them, are beneficial. Next, they must also
explain why we must not only keep but grow existing
government assistance programs which displace fathers
as the main providers for families and dissolve people's
initiative and self-reliance for creating careers and rewarding

Your faithful Peasant says: let's give Rep. Paul Ryan's budget
plan a chance. No one else from either party has offered any
alternative, and we must act immediately. Our future gener-
ations, our society, and our country are at stake.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recount Rumblings

Well, JoAnn Kloppenburg did what Wisconsin conservatives
knew she'd do and what Wisconsin liberals hoped she'd do;
she requested a recount of the state Supreme Court election
ballots after having gotten on the short end of the first tally.
With incumbent Justice David Prosser getting the nod with
a margin of approximately 7,300 votes, after an error was
discovered in Waukesha County showing the failure to add to
that county's vote total the votes from Brookfield, the result
being the wipeout of Kloppenburg's 204-vote lead and the
liberal challenger immediate declaration of victory when that
first result was announced, Kloppenburg decided to challenge
that new tally. Gee, funny how she had no problem at all with
the first count which gave her a razor-thin margin of victory,
and now has a beef with the second count which has her behind
by just enough votes that it would be mathematically impossible,
according to electoral analysts, to overcome via a recount.

Well, so far that's just how the recount is shaping up. As of this
posting, the conservative incumbent Prosser leads Little Miss "I
counted my chickens before they hatched" by 6,977 votes with
Waukesha County's votes still being recounted. The county has
asked for an extension up to May 26, and will likely get that
extension, in order to finish its recount (Note: Waukesha County
has been delayed in its recount efforts by Kloppenburg's atorneys
filing this and questioning that in that county's court, trying to pull
off a miracle or delay the inevitable). Your favorite Peasant is
in no doubt of the outcome.

But while Kloppenburg and her fellow lefties are not likely to gain
victory in the recount, they have already succeeded in two other
aims: delaying Justice Prosser's rightfully earned return to the seat
on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and costing Wisconsin's tax-
payers more of their tax monies in this self-serving, petulant,
whiny indulgence.

This is, in effect, the Left's flipping the bird at us because we denied
them what they so desperately wanted. Now that the left-wingers
have shown us their collective IQ, maybe we Wisconsinites can get
our lives back to normal, and continue to reform and to prosper
anew our great state.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

William Rusher, R.I.P.

During your favorite Peasant's recent and unavoidable
absence, a luminary in conservative circles passed away
after a long life and career of much accomplishment.
William Rusher, conservative activist, staff member at
National Review, author, fierce debater, and unflagging
champion of conservatism, died peacefully at the age of 87.

In the 1960s, Rusher was one of the pioneers who ventured
into talk radio and issues-oriented television. He demonstrated
to everyone regardless of political persuasion that not only
could conservative positions withstand liberal fire but could
blow away liberal positions when brought forward with
knowledge and aggressiveness. Indeed, Rusher came across
as a  knowledgeable and erudite conservative while showing
an "everyman" quality, making him a favorite on talk shows
and at dinner parties.

Rusher was very active with organizations such as the Young
Americans for Freedom (your ever-lovin' Peasant was a
member while in college) and the American Conservative
Union, meeting and mentoring many young conservative
activists on college campuses to be alternative voices to
the shrill radical left-wing elements there. Rusher was also
an early supporter of Ronald Reagan as a presidential
candidate. Rusher's greatest legacy, however, is his
promotion of the idea that social and populist conservatism
was, and is, just as important as economic and foreign-
policy conservatism. He made it not only possible, but
practical, to be an all-around conservative; Rusher most
certainly helped make an all-around conservative out of
your faithful Peasant!

We conservatives owe a great debt of gratitude to this
scholar, gentleman, and patriot. Peaceful repose to you,
William Rusher.


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Monday, May 2, 2011

At Last! Osama Been Killed!

This just in:

Osama bin Laden, leader of terrorist group Al Qaieda,
mastermind of the 9/11 attack on our country in 2001
which resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 Americans,
the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York,
and severe damage to the  Pentagon, and a symbol and
an inspiration to bloodthirsty Islamic radicals the world
over, was killed in a brief firefight in Pakistan by a team
of U.S. Navy SEALS. Holled up in a compound, bin
Laden was given the opportunity to surrender but refused.
In the ensuing fight bin Laden took a bullet in the head.

After evading American military forces and intelligence
for nearly ten years following 9/11, we finally caught up
with the evil slime! After giving the monster his much
deserved punishment for murdering our fellow Americans
on that fateful September day, a DNA test confirmed that
the body with the cranial bullet hole was indeed that of
bin Laden. His body was taken into custody by U.S.
forces and was buried at sea in an undisclosed area,
rather than buried on land. This was done to ensure
that his rabid followers would not be able to make
his resting place a shrine, thereby depriving them of
a rallying point of any sort. Although Al Qaieda is
still in operation it is missing its driving force, and is
now scrambling to find a new head honcho. The war
against terrorism is not over, but an important objective
has been achieved thanks to our military and the CIA,
with the Navy SEALS being the group to make it happen!
Come join your grateful Peasant in giving three cheers to
the SEALS, our navy's special forces! As the SEALS
say to our enemies: Mess with the best, die like the rest!
Let us also give thanks to all our people in uniform and
our intelligence folks for their relentless pursuit of one of
the deadliest individuals ever to darken our world, and
showing all who despise us that there is a terrible price
to pay for harming an American citizen, especially on
our home turf. And we, the American people, have
more than sufficient backbone, resolve, and patience
to levy that price!

It is a great day for America, and for the world! Both
are now safer for this turn of events. Good riddance
to evil rubbish!!


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