Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Best Wishes!

Your favorite Peasant wishes you, my fabulous readers
a most happy, beautiful, joyful Thanksgiving! We all
have so much to be thankful for, including (but not
limited to!) our wonderful Thanksgiving turkeys and
accompanying goodies; our families and friends to share
them with; our homes, our health, and most certainly
our great and wonderful country the United States of
America! A country where we can be what we want to be,
do what we want to do, speak our minds, and choose our
public servants in free and fair elections. Now, we know
that this doesn't sit well with some among us. But these
unhappy people should realize that among our countless
freedoms as Americans is the freedom to pack up and
go live in any other country on the planet where they
think life is better! They may as well; they are never
going to change our dear country into the kind of place
that they would prefer. And why don't they?

God bless!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is The Constitution Still Relevant? (Part I)

Friends, tonight President Obama (or should I now
refer to him as King Barack?) is going to unveil his
immigration reform plan which will, among other things,
legalize 5 million heretofore illegal aliens currently in our

Obama is going to issue an Executive Order to make this
terrible plan come into existence; after all, he has bragged
that he has a pen and a phone. He has said that he shall use
these items to get what he wants done if Congress will not
help out. Make no mistake: this man thinks that Congress
is an impediment to his plans, that the will of the American
people mans nothing, that the American people are mere
peasants, and that the Constitution is Cottonelle! Ever since
he first took office in 2009 this farce of a president has done
all that he could to relax immigration laws to the point of
being meaningless, in order to bring in people from economically
impoverished countries not so much to give then a fresh new
beginning in a prosperous new land but to get them situated
as cheap labor in the most basic of jobs, to get them enrolled
in various federal social benefit programs (especially the so-called
Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare), and --- when they
finally become U.S. citizens or, perhaps before then, knowing
this president and his political party, to have them remember
who gave them all these goodies come future elections.

Congressional Republicans are already vowing to stop Obama
from carrying out this end run around both Congress and the
Constitution. Obama's action will precipitate a constitutional
crisis in our government and our country. For those of us who
have strong stomachs and steely nerves, we may be witnessing
the end of our constitutional rule of law, and perhaps the end of
our great country as we have always known it. I shall return to
comment on Obama's speech soon, as we shall need to thoroughly
examine the entirety of his speech which shall I'm sure include the
main points of his controversial program. We shall also assess
the potential ramifications of same, as well as what strategies
Republicans and horrified Democrats of good will can employ
to thwart this assault on the Constitution and affront to the
We the People; polls show that Americans oppose more lenient
immigration laws by from 65-80%! Hispanics oppose this, by the
way, by around 55-45%, so squishy Republicans on Capitol Hill
may want to rethink Hispanics as a sure source of electoral
support by voting for such measures (potential GOP presidential
candidates, take note!).

Your beloved Peasant shall return very soon with my impressions
of Obama's speech. Be strong.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Thoughts

Friends, today is Veteran's Day, the day in which
we honor our current and former military service
men and women who sacrificed so much for us
and our way of life. As Memorial Day is the day
to remember our fallen and long ago military
people, Veterans Day is for the ones still with us
in the realm of the living.

Now, your faithful Peasant remembers ALL of our
military people on both of these days, and does so
openly and unabashedly. As a matter of fact, I give
thanks for everyone, past and present, alive and
gone to glory who have so served. As I believe in
gratitude for all good things and people in life,
I give thanks each and every day that I am a free
and well-protected citizen of the United States,
with a constitution which spells out my rights
under our law, and a military which defends
it all. But for this day, my great and wonderful
readers, let us all show our gratitude for these
blessings which we enjoy as Americans by
personally thanking family, friends, neighbors,
co-workers, and acquaintances who have so
served. Shake the hands of these brave souls
and thank them for serving. Tell them that you
think of them and their daunting work when
you vote, when you write a letter to the editor
of a newspaper or a magazine regarding a political
issue, when you attend a town meeting or similar
gathering to discuss such issues with your elected
representatives, when you work on a campaign
of a candidate for office whom you favor or
give money to same, or to an organization which
works on behalf of a cause that you support.
For these wonderful people help to preserve these
and our other freedoms.

And keep them in mind and show your gratitude
for them any and all the days of the year! For
freedom is not just a sometime thing, it is a
fixture in our lives as Americans, and shall be as
long as we always have fellow citizens who believe
that our freedom and our way of life is worth defending
and as long as we recognize and reward these fine
folks for their hard work at doing so. If we should
cease to be grateful to them, our freedom will someday
cease as well; for what we are not grateful for, and
take for granted or, worse, resent and disdain we will


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Resounding Victory!

We did it!

We scored a resounding victory!

We gave Obama and his chums a big
black eye!


I couldn't wait until Thursday, which is tomorrow,
to post this glorious news, so I am posting it today
right now for you, my grand readers! However ...

Your thrilled and joyful Peasant has a wonderful
problem, friends: due to time constraints on me
today I can only briefly mention this momentous
occasion and give only a little attention to a few
specific races in which our candidates triumphed.
But I'll post in greater detail some more of the
victories in yesterday's elections around the country
on a day when I shall have more time to do so,
and that day will not be far off, I promise!

Here in the Badger State, Gov. Scott Walker won
re-election over Democrat Mary Burke. In what
had shaped up to be a close race, Walker pulled
ahead and crossed the finish line ahead of Burke
to win the governorship of Wisconsin for the
third time in four years! He was first elected in 2010,
won re-election in a controversial recall election
forced upon him and the people of Wisconsin by
Big Labor and their fellow far left-wingers in 2012,
and has now won a second term (even though it feels
like he won a third term!) as our governor.
Congratulations to our courageous and wonderful
Governor Scott Walker!

Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel
won election to the office of Wisconsin Attorney
General over his Democrat opponent, Jefferson County
District Attorney Susan Happ. After giving her
concession speech in which Happ thanked her
supporters, she beat a hasty retreat out of the place
where she and her backers hoped to celebrate her
victory, avoiding reporters hoping to ask for her
thoughts on her electoral defeat. Word has it that
she left so fast that she seemed to be jet-propelled!

Matt Adamczyk won election to the office of State
Treasurer, and has come closer to his stated goal of
being the last State Treasurer for Wisconsin. As I
mentioned in my endorsement of Adamczyk here
on this blog, he wants to abolish the office because
most of its duties and functions have been reassigned
over the years to other state governmental entities,
therefore negating the need to keep the office. Bravo
to you, Matt! The taxpayers in our state will be ever
so grateful for your efforts to shrink the size of
the state government. You shall complement Gov.
Walker nicely!

And how about the U.S. Senate returning to the GOP?
Eight seats picked up, a possible ninth we may have
in Louisiana, depending on the final round of their
election after the runoff in which no candidate won
a clear majority of over 50% of the total vote in
that state's senate race. We can still bounce Sen.
Mary Landrieu from the U.S. Senate! Meanwhile,
and best of all, HARRY REID IS NO LONGER
tin horn dictator of a senator will now be the
Minority Leader in that chamber, his wings having
been clipped with the Dems' loss of the Senate.

And there is so much more to savor, and we shall
do so very soon! In the meantime, let us bask in
the warm afterglow of electoral victory in which
we put the clamps on President Obama for the
remaining two years of his horrible, misbegotten
presidency, for he has far fewer allies on Capitol
Hill as well as shoulders to lean on in the governors'
offices around the country!

Isn't victory sweet?