Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rep. Alan Grayson is Not Fit to Serve in Congress!

An especially vitriolic denizen of the far Left has
recently spewed his especially toxic venom against
the Tea Party recently. How fitting that this monster
has unleashed his most horrible and terrible attack
on those of us who only want our government to
readhere to the Constitution in its governance, to
limit itself in scope and power, and to be account-
able to We the People instead of forcing us to be
subservient to it --- just as the founding fathers
desired and made clear in drafting our Constitu-
tion --- just before Halloween.

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) had sent out a
poisonously hateful e-letter likening the Tea Party
to the Ku Klux Klan, complete with a photo of a
KKK cross burning with two Klanscreeps in full
white regalia, and the burning cross presented as
the letter "T" in "Tea Party" spelled out next to the
cross. Beneath the picture is a caption saying
"Now you know what the "T" stands for".

Now, Grayson has a reputation for saying outrageous
things about Republicans, especially conservative
Republicans, their legislation, and their opposition
to Democrats' legislation that range from simply
intemperate to forest fire-raging hateful. This
individual --- I hesitate to refer to him as a man
--- has been in and out of Congress and elected
political offices of other sorts largely because of
his offensive behavior and statements. Since his
being returned to the House by virtue of running
for a seat from a different district, Grayson has
gone on the warpath against all whom he politic-
ally disagrees with, reaching new lows in the
process. This e-letter that he sent out, your out-
raged Peasant does not know whether it went
out to his constituents in his district or to
supporters near and far for fundraising purposes,
also includes some transcripted conversation
with fellow left-wing hatemonger Al Sharpton
when Grayson was on Sharpton's MSNBC
show earlier this month. The exchange between
these two moral microbes compliments the
rotten photo all too well, is all that your angered
Peasant will say about that!

Meanwhile, Tea Party activists, especially black
conservatives in the movement, are beyond offended.
They are way past angry. They want to run this
bully out of Congress! Lloyd Marcus, a friend of
your faithful Peasant and one such black conservative
in the Tea Party movement, said in an e-letter sent
out to those on the Conservative Campaign Committee
members list, "As a black conservative who has been
a headliner at hundreds of Tea Party rallies, and
penned the "American Tea Party Anthem", I take
special offense over the hateful words and conduct
of Congressman Grayson .... " The e-letter went on
to show the conversation Grayson and Sharpton

Marcus continued, "Enough is enough! In the
'American Tea Party Anthem' I wrote this line:
'So when they call you a racist, because you
disagree, it's just another one of their dirty tricks
to silence you and me." And Congressman Grayson
is trying to silence us ... ".

Grayson, like so many, too many in the Democrat
Party, knows nothing about his party's shameful history
of keeping black people down; enslaving them, keeping
them from voting and running for office, consigning them
to separate but very unequal accommodations, jobs, and
quality of life in our country. As we know, my dear readers,
the Democrats had not just tolerated slavery and these other
injustices done to blacks but had instituted them. It was
the Republican Party, which was founded in the 1850s,
which did away with these wrongs starting with Abraham
Lincoln's presidency and continuing through a savage
civil war and subsequent Republican administrations.
Republican Dwight Eisenhower, while serving as
president, ordered the desegregation of the school in
Little Rock, Arkansas, where Democrat Governor
Orval Faubus refused to obey a federal order to let
nine black students attend class. Republican Ronald
Reagan appointed Clarence M. Pendleton to be the
first black American Chairman of the U.S. Commission
on Civil Rights. George H.W. Bush, Reagan's Vice
President and successor in the White House, appointed
Clarence Thomas, a black judge, to the U.S. Supreme
Court. These appointments marked a turning point in
the lives of black Americans, shattering the ceiling
imposed over them in terms of what they could accom-
plish in American life and what quality their lives would,
and could, have via American law. And let us not forget,
that Republicans in both houses of Congress were integral
and indispensable to the successful effort to pass the 1964
Civil Rights Act; a greater proportion of Republicans in
the Senate than that of their Democrat colleagues voted
in favor of its passage in that chamber, with the very
conservative Republican Senator Everett Dirksen of
Illinois leading the charge. But all of this is lost on
Rep. Grayson and his fellow hatemongers of the Left,
who have much sway in the Democrat Party these days.
And these beasts are not only haters, bullies, libelers and
slanderers but hypocrites as well, for they then turn
around and accuse Republicans and we in the Tea Party
movement of doing to them precisely what they them-
selves do to us!

Someone once said that you can't fix stupid; I say that you
can't fix evil either. It's time to throw Alan Grayson out of
Congress! In next year's Congressional election we Tea Party
folk have to make giving this spiteful fiend the boot; this
we must put on our "to do" list for 2014! And we should also
work to defeat any and all other elected officials and candi-
dates for public office who engages in slinging not just mud
but manure at decent, honest, concerned Americans who
only want to return fiscal sanity and responsibility along
with respect for the Constitution and for We the People.
If we are to reclaim our country, this is essential.

This magnificent country belongs to decent, civil, temperate
people. Hysterical, unhinged, deranged losers like Alan
Grayson have no business being involved in our country's


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Greetings!

Enjoy Halloween, my fantastic readers and your families!
Enjoy Trick-or-Treating with your children, host Hallo-
ween parties, watch scary movies that are in keeping with
this unique day, and scare a liberal!

To do this last thing, try any or all of the following:

*Wear a shirt or sweatshirt with Ronald Reagan on it.

*Wear a shirt or sweatshirt with John Wayne on it.

*Plaster your car or truck with conservative candidate's/
causes' bumper stickers and drive around in a solidly
liberal neighborhood or town. Wear a Reagan mask,
too, if you have one!

*For that matter, have your child go Trick-or-Treating
while wearing a Reagan mask, if you live in such a
community! But accompany your child just in case
some lefties try some nasty tricks, i.e. setting dogs
after your little goblin.

*Put up scary Halloween images, i.e. ghosts, monsters,
vampires, zombies, and skeletons wearing or holding
signs daying "Liberals stay away!" Come to think of it,
these would be quite useful during an election season,
especially with Halloween coming so close ahead of
Election Day.

*When decorating your yard with aforementioned images,
top it off with playing recordings of speeches by Ronald
Reagan and Barry Goldwater, and recordings of editions
of "Firing Line", William F. Buckley's talk show.

But best of all, and you can do this any time of the year,
each and every day really; live your lives as the proud
Americans that you are! Wear your candidates' and causes'
pins and clothing when you go out, campaign for same,
attend your services in your houses of worship, help a
neighbor in need, tutor a child who is struggling in school,
clean up your neighborhood, donate money, food, clothing,
and furniture to the poor, do whatever thing or things which
will benefit someone. For that is what we conservatives are
about; service is at our core, and pride in our heritage and
in our great country is our mantle.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nobody Knows the Trouble Obamacare's Seen

By now we all learned of the huge technical malfunction
that has ensnared the Affordable Health Care Act, a/k/a
Obamacare. People trying to access the web site at least
to see what plans are offered under this most controversial
act, let alone sign up for and pay the initial premiums for
the plans chosen. In Connecticut, the opening day saw a
whopping 22 people (yes, I'm being pointedly humorous
here!) enroll for plans offered under the act's umbrella.
Washington D.C. had around 170 registrants. Your Badger
State Peasant has yet to see any numbers from my home
state, but I heard how some members of the TV media tried
accessing the site to see what there is to see and to share with
their audience, and they got an air message stating that access
was not possible at that time due to technical difficulties,
and that they should try again sometime later. And the system
did not crash because of any great rush of people chomping
at the bit to sign up for Obamacare; the trouble started before
the Grand Opening of the site! Some accounts have it that
problems manifested the night before, befuddling IT personnel.
And this is the smooth, efficiently functioning web site that
the Huckster-in-Chief promised all that would be awaiting
them and that registration would be quick and easy. Of course
he also said that under this legislation that we could keep our
doctors and our health care coverage plans if we liked them
and wanted to keep them. But there's more bugaboos in this
dubious setup:

*A study released by the Society of Actuaries predicts that
costs will soar an average of 32% by 2017 for insurers serving
the individual health care market.

*Economists, business owners, and employees all report that
Obamacare is shrinking the number of full-time jobs as they
are being replaced by lower-paying part-time jobs, which are
also mush less stable than the outgoing full-time positions had

*A Quinnipiac University poll shows two-thirds of self-
identified Democrats expect the law will either hurt them or have
no benefit.

*Obama and his pals are trying to rush implementation of their
health scam lickety-split, above the protestations of the Repub-
lican members of Congress and a growing majority of the

And life in America goes on.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Most Crowning Insult

My fabulous readers, your beloved Peasant has been
a political activist for close to forty years; there is very
little that I have not yet seen, especially that which
surprises, shocks, or befuddles me. But this week, I came
across a story that outrages me beyond words, a story
that has made me more angry, far more angry than
any other story from the political realm (or any other
realm for that matter). This story has enraged me even
more than when President Carter gave away the Panama
Canal with the help of a senate which cavalierly ignored
the protestations of the American people who were
concerned about the very possible negative impact that
the loss of control over the canal might have on our
national security, as well as that of the region where the
canal is located.

An Honor Flight group of World War II veterans which
traveled from Chicago to visit the WWII Memorial in
Washington D.C. arrived at the memorial only to find it
barricaded by order of the White House. This shameful
event came about because of the impasse over the
budget talks in Congress, and President Obama's reluctance
to negotiate in good faith with Congressional Republicans;
the GOP members compromised twice on Obamacare,
going from repealing to defunding to delaying the program's
implementation for a year, in large part due to the individual
mandate provision still being upheld for individuals and
families while exemptions made for unions and some
large corporations as well as members of Congress and
of course (doesn't it figure?) the First Family, and
systemic difficulties cropping up on the morning of the
first day of registration for Obamacare resulting in so
very, very few enrollees nationwide, with very few
people even gaining access to the registration web site
just to have a look at what the plan offers. As of today,
the technical malfunctions still abound. Now, the HHS
and the Obama Administration had three years to set up
the web site and get it ready for their October 1, 2013
debut; they STILL couldn't get it ready for the big day!
But our imperial prez wouldn't hear of it! Full speed
ahead with his health care plan or no budget deal.
The GOP would not give any more (Bravo to them
for showing some backbone!) so the deadline for
reaching an agreement came and went with no deal.
The Government shut down except for "essential"
staff and functions. Apparently, it was not deemed
"essential" by the Elitist-in-Chief to have the WWII
Monument kept open for this group of 90-year-old
soldiers, sailors, and marines to visit and to remember
their fallen friends in the biggest, bloodiest war that
ever took place, a war that was for the preservation of
freedom and democracy in the world. These members
of our "Greatest Generation" might not get another
opportunity to visit this gesture of gratitude made just
for them, as they are now aged, frail and not long for
this mortal plane. But all that be damned; there's politics
to pay attention to. And there's a chance to make the
GOP the fall guy for the budget talks stopping without
an accord. Oh yes, Obama and his minions want to con
these vets, our grand heroes, along with the rest of the
populace believe that the Republicans caused the budget
impasse and the closure of places like the WWII Memorial
with it. 

But these brave warriors from a long-concluded war showed
all just how they came to be called The Greatest Generation.
They had an ace up their sleeve. With some congressional
Republicans in the amassed crowd watching, some of the
vets stepped up to the barricades, unhooked them from one
another, and simply moved them aside! This done, they all
came forward to have a proper visit to their memorial, their
monument to their steadfast service and harrowing sacrifice.
And to give his Self-Imagined Majesty Obama a huge PR
black eye! Oh, to have been there to witness this first-hand!

And His Nibs' response? Maintaining the closure of the
national monuments like this one, along with the national
parks and forests, and all other places under the Department
of the Interior's purview, along with this arrogant provision:
that anyone trying to do what these elder patriots did at the
WWII monument be arrested for trespassing. This is what
further fuels your outraged Peasant's rage!

So what does this mean? Will any subsequent Honor Flight
vet groups planning to visit this site or any similar site that
is under the auspices of Uncle Sam have handcuffs clicked
around their bony wrists, their delicate bodies which once
got them through the battlefields of Europe and the pacific,
performing almost super-human acts in crushing the enemy
and freeing nations from the foe's iron grip, hauled up out
of wheelchairs and shoved into paddy wagons to drive them
to police stations to book and jail these heroes? Or will
these ever-brave souls face gun-wielding guards threatening
to shoot them if they don't move along quietly and go home
without seeing the monument created as a gift of love and
gratitude for their heroic actions in a dark chapter of our
country's and our world's history?

One of your favorite Peasant's favorite conservative radio
talk show hosts, Mark Levin, announced on his show that
if the government, through its guards, lays a finger on any
one of these honored veterans, that he will mobilize a throng
of 500,000 Americans to protest right there on those very
grounds. This would send a clear and unmistakable message
of dissent, rebuke, and repudiation of our grandeur-deluded,
hyper-elitist, contemptuous abomination of a president and
his political allies.

And your loyal Peasant will be in that gathering.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Tom Clancy, R.I.P.

Tom Clancy, insurance salesman-turned-bestselling author
of political thrillers which include "The Hunt for Red October",
"Clear and Presnet Danger", and "Patriot Games", passed away
at the age of 66. No cause of death was determined for the renown
conservative, who has a final novel, "Commnad Authority" set
for release in December. A movie adaptation of a recent novel,
"The Sum of All Fears", is set for a Christmas Day release date
this year.

Among Clancy's fans were President Ronald Reagan, whom the
author met. Clancy also met Presidnet Bill Clinton, of whom he
remarked was someone of great charm but possessing
"no character at all". Uber-left Hollywood took a shine to Clancy's
espionage and international political novels, promptly optioning
several stories of his featuring CIA hero Jack Ryan into hit
films starting with "October". Although not at all keen on Clancy's
brand of politics, Hollywood certainly recognized a cash cow in

Unlike so many books which come under the international political/
espionage genre, Clancy's novels presented our country's real-life
enemies, i.e. the Soviets and the radical Islamists rather than showing
our military or our government as the villains. Tom Clancy was an
unapologetic, patriotic American who loved his country and refused
to embrace any politically correct, revisionist claptrap in his books,
in contrast to what Hollywood is enamored with and romanticizes
in too many other movies. This man wrote for the like-minded,
make no mistake! His death comes on the heels of another author of
similar adventure novels with the same perspective, Vince Flynn.
Although not quite as well known as Clancy, Flynn showed his
unabashed conservatism in his books as had Clancy.

Our country has lost a fine storyteller who presented America
in an honest light in each of his novels. Clancy wrote for Americans
who saw our our country as the champion of freedom in our world
and not its foe. He will be greatly missed. Rest well, Mr. Clancy;
your work is your testament.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

An Appalling Absence of Leadership

Well, it appears that the Free World has a new leader.
No, Barack Obama has not stepped down as our
president (darn it!), but he has been replaced, or so
it seems, as the Leader of the Free World --- by, of
all people, Russian President Vladimir Putin. You
know, the fellow who was the KGB chief during
Russia's Soviet days who next jumped into Russian
politics and climbed to the pinnacle of Russia's
government, establishing a government with some
sinister overtones and leaving one to wonder whether
or not Russia will come under totalitarianism again,
albeit a different version than the communist regime
which oppressed this nation for 74 years in the
previous century.

Let your faithful Peasant explain. Obama has been
searching for a way for us to intervene in Syria,
where their dictator Bashar Assad had been waging
an especially bloody civil war. He has seen fit to
attack the opposing forces and even innocent civil-
ians with chemical weapons, causing the most painful,
horrible deaths. Women and children were not exempt;
they died in ghastly fashion as well. But the other side is
backed by Al-Qaeda, the folks who brought us 9-11
over a decade ago. As terrible as things have become
for the people of that war-torn country, the U.S. has
nothing to gain and lots to lose by getting militarily
involved. But Obama wanted to play knight-in-
shining-armor and ride to the rescue, so he could
show the world (and his detractors at home) that his
foreign policy is robust, forceful, and decisive;
not weak, wimpy, and muddled, as many observers
at home and abroad have concluded.

However, Putin and Russia have an interest in Syria
themselves; they have a military base there, serving
not only their military objectives but their political
objectives as well. While Obama has babbled about
a "red line in the sand" concerning getting Syria to
turn over their remaining chemical weapons to the
international community lest they face sanctions and
a military strike, Putin set his diplomats to work in
helping the Assad regime to turn over said chemical
weapons and head off any attack by U.S. forces.
And Obama could not muster any allies to back him
up in making a military strike to punish Assad for
killing hundreds of his people with the chemical
weaponry. So, the resulting equation was formed:
no international cooperation for the U.S. plus
Russia blocking any attempts to levy sannctions
against Syria equals Obama being made to look like
a fool. His subsequent move? Ask Congress for a
war authorization to strike Syria. This would be a
sort of a CYA move if Congress gave this permission,
and a handy out in the form of blaming the Republicans
if this permission were denied. And Obama is
exposed as a poor leader who couldn't make a tough
decision, and all too eager to take any way out to
avoid responsibility. The deadlines and timetables
Obama had set for Syria to comply with the demand
to turn over their chemical arsenal? Disappeared in
a puff of smoke. Putin took advantage of Obama's
weakness and let it be known that he would only
allow rules for conduct that would not threaten
Assad's rule in Syria, including demands that the
U.S. promise not to attack Syria or help the rebels.
Obama is now in the subordinate position to Putin,
and all because of a community organizer finding
himself in over his head in the world of international
politics. Putin successfully backs a bloody tyrant
who thinks nothing of slaughtering his own people
in the most hideous way that he can, orders the U.S.
about like a naughty child in need of disciplinning,
and the rest of the world sees all this and wonders
"What the hell happened here? What did we just see?"

What the world saw was the abdication of leadership
by the lone military and political superpower on Earth,
committed by a naif who never should have been
elevated to the highest position of power in its
government, a position far beyond his abilities and
competency. And the world, especially the Middle
East part, is a lot less secure as a result. And Putin
makes sport of the U.S., ridiculing our country
and our president to anyone who will listen, even
writing a guest editorial piece in the New York
Times to this effect!

Ah, hope and change abroad.