Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Greetings, America!

This is both an exciting and a dangerous time for the United States.
We have a president and a congress seeking to radically
remake our government, our economy, and our society. We also
have a populace who, after having elected said president
and congress on the basis of wanting "change", now has "buyer's
remorse" as it has decided that it doesn't like the "change"
that the president and the congress has unveiled and is trying
to implement. And the two sides are clashing in a war for not
just the direction, but the soul of America.

A rapidly growing number of Americans want our elected public
servants to adhere to the principles of governance that our
country's founding fathers established; limited government,
government truly representative of the people, and adherence
to the United States Constitution --- the document which defines
the boundaries of governmental actions, enumerating the rights
and responsibilities of the federal government within while
setting aside certain other functions to the states to tend to.
We Americans are discovering (or, in some cases, rediscovering)
our constitution and the wisdom of the men who created it, and
are asking our elected representatives why they aren't governing
in accordance with its provisions. Their answer (if you could
call it an answer) is a cold shoulder, disrespect, and ridicule!
Furthermore, some of our elected representatives at the state
and local levels are acting just as arrogantly!

Our elected officials, our supposed public servants, who owe
their positions to us, call us "angry mobs", "malcontents",
"howlers", "rednecks", "racists", and even "terrorists"!
All because we dare to disagree with them over the direction
in which they want to take our country with their brand of
"change"! All because we want them to listen to our concerns
and our ideas for solving the problems that we as a nation face!
"Who do they think they are?" they say about us. We are the
citizens of the United States, the people who gave these
self-styled elites their jobs and political careers, and that
makes us their bosses, NOT the other way around! They view us as
peasants and our country as their fiefdom. Thus, the name and
the purpose of this blog, "Peasant With A Pitchfork".

I am a proud member of the nation-wide "angry mob", one of the
"peasants" who want to reclaim our wonderful country from these
bumptious bums. I want to replace these elitists with people who
understand the role of public servants and gladly embrace that
role and its duties. One of the many freedoms that we Americans
enjoy is the right to dissent, which is enveloped in the United
States Constitution's first amendment which guarantees our freedom
of speech --- the free expression of our thoughts and ideas.
A right that our elected officials seem hostile to us employing
to express our dissent with them and their actions. Thus, this
blog is my "pitchfork".

In this blog I will share my ideas, and those of like-minded
Americans, through not only activism in the political arena but
the arenas of our economy, our marketplace, our education system,
and our culture. We will take the fight to the foe on all fronts!
And I want you, my readers, to feel free to share your ideas for
this endeavor with me and with each other through this blog.
Together we shall contribute to and shape the national dialogue
on what kind of country our country should be. We will thus
create the kind of country which we shall pass on to the coming
generations of Americans. It is our right, our duty, and a great
blessing. Besides, it will be a lot of fun!


Mark E. Minor
"Peasant With A Pitchfork"

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