Friday, October 16, 2009

An Important Development

On Monday October 12 I was offered a wonderful, exciting job
with a major retailer for the Christmas season as a sales associate
in their menswear department, and I joyfully accepted the offer.
My work schedule shall begin as part-time, then become full-time
as Christmas draws closer.

Now, you may be asking "Why is the Peasant telling me this? Does
he believe that there is hot political action taking place in the
world of retail?" I mention this because my work schedule will
sometimes necessitate having to post on different days than I
have done to date. For example: I have been posting on Fridays
and Saturdays since starting this blog, but some weeks I will
have to work on those days and likely put in long hours.
So, during those weeks I shall post on different days, but at
least I will still be able to post weekly as has been my plan
from the outset. This is, of course, a weekly blog.

Rest assured, my wonderful readers, that there shall be no
forseeable interruptions in the essays offered weekly by your
ever-lovin' Peasant! Much to the consternation of the left-wingers
and "faux" conservatives, we shall continue to shine the light
of scrutiny on them while giving support to the people afflicted
by them, and have loads of fun in the process!

Your favorite Peasant has been hit hard by the sickly economy,
as has to bring home the bacon as best he can, as is so for
many of us. But this is what ensures that I am in touch with what
we all have to struggle with every day, unlike many of those in
the halls of power. This is what's known as "Keepin' it real!"

Thank you, my loyal readers, for your understanding and support!
We shall be triumphant!


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