Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sorry, No Article This Week

My apologies to you, my wonderful readers, but I will not be posting an article this week.
I have taken ill yesterday and have been bedridden for a day and a half, thus setting me
back on my schedule for the week. This has, unfortunately, affected my timetable to get
a posting up for you this week.

I am starting to feel a bit better, and my energy is returning. I am now up and about, and
am at least able to post this message for you so you won't wonder what has happened to your
favorite Peasant and his observations on our political scene. I shall, of course, have an article
posted for you next week; I presently have some notes ready to craft into the article that I
was to have posted this week. So my offering will be delayed just a wee bit. Better late than

Thank you all for your kind understanding! We'll get together next week!


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