Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Substitution This Week

Hello All!

Due to some unexpected priorities popping
up for your favorite Peasant to tend to,
there will be no article to post this week.
But fear not; I have for you, my fabulous
readers, the link to National Review Online
for you to visit William F. Buckley's great
magazine's online version! Just click here:

... and enjoy! There are not only wonderful
articles written by the NR lineup of fine
political journalists and commentators, but
some wonderful videos with the latest news
from the political scene as well as other
important events from around the country
and around the world.

The Peasant shall return soon, with more
political matters to comment on and for
us to examine with our eagle eyes,
to see who's been naughty or nice, as well
as to share a little Christmas holiday cheer!
We already have a fabulous early Christmas
present, delivered on Election Day last month:
a conservative resurgence resulting in the
taking of the House of Representatives in
Congress as well as many governors' offices
and state legislatures around the country!
It was our Christmas gift to ourselves!

My wonderful readers, you are my Christmas
gift! A gift that your humble Peasant is so
very grateful for every day of the year!
See you all next week!


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