Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Scattershot View of the News

My vacation was a much-needed respite for your
always-busy Peasant. I took two weeks off to enjoy
Milwaukee's Irish Fest and to take a breather from
the political and economic news so that I could
re-energize. In the meantime, these events took place,
so we'll take a glance of each one and see what there
is to see.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told the Tea Party
movement to "go to hell" --- Yes, she really did say
that. For those of you, my terrific readers, who may
not know who she is, Waters is one of the most left-
wing members of either chamber of Congress. She
is known for popping off with some leftist drivel
such as calling for the nationalization of the entire
U.S. oil industry (just to give one example). Even
among a group of political characters who are not
known for their civility and their respect for others
with different points of view, "Mad Maxine" (my
name for her) is an especially rabid creature. Your
gracious Peasant wants to take this moment to, on
behalf of our Tea Party movement, to tell the
Congresswoman from California that we shall decline
her friendly invitation to visit her home, but we thank
her kindly just the same.

One of her colleagues, Rep. Andre' Carson (D-IN),
has joined Waters in spewing raw hatred for us Tea
Party activists in this slanderous offering: "This is
the effort that we are seeing of Jim Crow. Some of
them in Congress right now with this Tea Party
movement would love to see you and me ... hanging
on a tree." Carson spoke these wild words while
addressing a Congressional Black Caucus job tour
event in Miami, Florida on August 22. Carson's staff
even confirmed that he made the remarks, which were
caught on video. The video of Carson's rant can be seen
via a link in the article listed below from
A video of Water's hateful tirade can be accessed in the
article from, also listed after this article.
And these venomous snakes dare to lecture us on civility
in political discourse!

Vice President and Gaffemaster General of the United States
Joe Biden visited China, and while there he praised their long-
standing "one child only" policy, which includes forcibly taking
pregnant women to hospitals and make them undergo abortions
when they refuse to do so on their own after having one child,
and after repeated visits from "family planning" agents of the
communist government to get the women to acquiesce. As
horrible as Biden's commendation of this brutality is, your
politically savvy Peasant is not at all surprised by it. Almost
fanatical in his support of so-called abortion rights, Biden is
just acting par for his sorry course. The other half of the
misbegotten pair in power, President Obama, is even more
rabidly pro-abortion.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has thrown his hat into the GOP
side of the presidential race, finishing a strong sixth (for a
write-in choice; he didn't declare in time to be put on the
ballot) in the Iowa straw poll. Your intrepid Peasant is trying
to learn as much as possible about Perry, and will comment
on him and his candidacy in due course. But I will say this:
the Republican field at this point in time looks underwhelming.
The only candidate that I find that I could possibly get behind
is Herman Cain, but I fear that he will sink in the polls as the
more seasoned politicians in the race raise and spend more
money in getting their messages out, and despite voters
claiming that they like a Herman Cain because his background
is less about office seeking and more about business operating
they invariably gravitate to a garden-variety pol. Sad, really.
Your faithful Peasant has not, however, endorsed anyone yet,
and shall not for some time, as it is far too early in the season.
Look for an overview of each of the Republican hopefuls on
this blog in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, your favorite Peasant wishes you, my wonderful
readers, a most enjoyable Labor Day holiday! Be strong!


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