Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts on the 2012 Republican Convention

The Republican Party's national convention in Tampa has
concluded last week, and former Gov. Mitt Romney has
been formally nominated its presidential candidate. Prior
to the convention, Romney made a surprise maneuver by
announcing his running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan from
your beloved Peasant's home state of Wisconsin. Both
candidates gave riveting speeches at the bash, rallying
the troops for the most crucial part of the presidential
campaign season; making the case for America voting
for the GOP-chosen duo by stressing their strong points
while also pointing out President Obama and Vice
President (and Gaffe Master General of the United States)
Joe Biden (your mirthful Peasant couldn't resist that poke
at Biden!).

As I have been listening to the speeches given there over
the radio (your connected Peasant does not have a functioning
TV), I have heard speeches ranging from passionate to
emotional to electrifying to humorous, and all of them were
spot-on in terms of identifying the problem in our country's
leadership and the need to get this misbegotten president and
his chums in the Senate out of power. The nominee, Romney,
truly pinned the tail of envy and resentment on the Democrats'
donkey with this:

"The centerpiece of the president's campaign is attacking
success... In America, we celebrate success, we don't apologize
for it!"

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan stated that with so many
Americans out of work, what made the Democrats think that
with a continuation of their leadership the next four years would
be any different than the last four years? A powerful question,
to be sure. Senate candidate Marco Rubio from Florida talked
about his family fleeing their native Cuba on the heels of Castro's
takeover and his father obtaining work as a bartender while his
mother took on three jobs --- as a cashier, a hotel maid, and as
a stock clerk at a K-Mart. All to help Marco and his siblings to
have a better life than the ones that their parents had, and that
they all would have had if they remained in a totalitarian Cuba.
The stuff of American success stories. Condoleeza Rice,
President George W. Bush's National Security Adviser,
talked about the need for the United States to take an active
leadership role in the world on foreign affairs once again,
being critical of though never mentioning the incumbent president
by name.

And there was surprise speaker Clint Eastwood, Hollywood film
icon known for his Western movies and his "Dirty Harry" cop
movies as well as a long-time Republican. Eastwood had an
"interview" with an "invisible" President Obama, in which the
actor told the audience that he wanted to "ask (obama) a
couple of questions". First, he asked "How would you handle
promises you made when you were running for election?"
After the predictable silence he made his next query:
"What do you want me to tell Mr. Romney?" Eastwood
followed that up a few seconds later with "I can't tell him to
do that! He can't do that to himself. You're absolutely crazy.
You're as bad as (Vice President) Biden!", all to gales of
laughter from the delighted assembly. Leave it to an acclaimed
actor to give such a unique and witty presentation!

Gov. Romney's wife Ann gave an emotionally-charged speech
about her life-long partnership with her businessman-turned-
politician husband Mitt, and their family life. New Jersey
Governor Chris Christie stated flatly that "Our problems are big
and the solutions will not be painless." No sugar-coating from
the eastern governor who was urged by many in the GOP to run
for the presidency himself but declined in order to continue to
serve the people of his state in the office that they elected him to.
No panacea offered. No sunny predictions of painless escape
from the troubles ensnaring our nation. Just a most refreshing
declaration of what we can, and should, expect from a Romney
presidency. And rising political figure Mia Love, black woman,
Mormon, and mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah gave a brief
speech which excited the party faithful assembled. By the way.
Love is also a candidate for Congress; if elected, she will be
the very first black Republican woman ever sent to that body.
Word has it that Love is also considerably conservative, making
her a triple-threat to the Democrats: female, black, and
conservative GOP. One can hear the screams of horror from
the Dems over the prospect of Mia Love being elected!
They would retreat to their offices and play R.E.M.'s song
"It's The End of the World As We Know It" continuously
as they knock back strong booze.

And your proud Peasant's home state's courageous governor,
Scott Walker, gave a speech in which he praised Gov. Romney
for picking fellow Badger State Republican Paul Ryan, member
of Congress, as his running mate. Walker was very warmly
receievd by the cheering throng, as he is one of the GOP's
"rock stars" along with Gov. Christe. Wisconsin was at front
and center at the convention, and basked in the glow of the
attention and accolades. These men are of the new breed of
Republicans, of elected officials, of public servants who
have the medicine to cure what ails our nation!

So now the Republicans have had their bash, and now must roll
up their sleeves to do the long, arduous work of waging the
campaign to unseat the Democrats from control of the White
House and the Senate. But it is all for the opportunity to hold
an even bigger bash --- the one to celebrate taking back our
country from those who have tried to push it over the brink to
unrelenting statism and tyranny, thereby re-establishing the
United States as the beacon of freedom and opportunity to
the world, the very reason why so many people seeking a new
beginning in their lives came to our shores over the course of
our nation's proud and unique history. And that's something
that's certainly worth our labor. Let's get to work!


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