Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Important Announcement From The Peasant

As the still new year of 2013 eases along, your favorite
Peasant is finding his work load increasing a little more
all the while. My changing schedule must adapt to these
developments, therefore I am sharing this relevant infor-
mation with you, my grand readers, so you will know
what to expect in the days and weeks ahead.

I posted my previous piece last week on Wednesday
rather than Thursday, the reason being that I am entirely
reliant upon public access computers; I have no computer
at home. One day this shall be rectified, when your out-
of-pocket Peasant has an easing on the financial front.
But for the present, I head off to one of two local libraries
to get together with you, my fantastic friends, to have our
weekly visits. Last week, Milwaukee had a forecast of
snow, and not just a little of it, to arrive on Thursday;
I therefore posted Wednesday, to keep our appointment.
Last winter was such a wimpy one that this was not a
problem, as we received very little snow in these parts,
but with this development having occurred and there
being a few more weeks of winter ahead, I want to
give you all a "heads up" as to the occasional need to
post a day or even two ahead of Thursdays whenever
such weather is looming large. In fact, tomorrow
is just such a Thursday --- Milwaukee is likely to
get freezing rain and sleet, so your cautious Peasant
is going to stay home and have a nice, easy day,
safe from falling on an icy sidewalk and getting
a severe injury, and am therefore posting this piece

And there may be some weeks when I won't be able
to be with you, as those weeks will be chock full of
unavoidable commitments for your busy Peasant. But
you know that I shall make it up to you soon after!
You all mean the world and the universe to me! We
shall never be apart for long, and we shall have the
most wonderful time when we do get together,
picking over the political and economic news of the
day, commending the heroes while condemning the
heels, comforting the afflicted while afflicting the
comfortable --- those who made themselves comfor-
table by afflicting others, and thinking up solutions
to problems, or at least putting out a call to action
for all those who care about our country and the
direction it is going in. Your grateful Peasant thanks
you all for your patience and understanding!

In the meantime, enjoy Valentine's Day, which is
tomorrow! Take some time to enjoy a quiet break
in your day with your sweethearts and indulge in
a heart-shaped box of candy, prepare or go out for
a special dinner, stay in and play a DVD of a movie
you'll both like. Your lovable Peasant will return


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