Thursday, March 21, 2013

Has Senator Reid No Shame?

Your favorite Peasant hopes that you, my grand readers,
all had a happy and enjoyable Saint Patrick's Day, and
that you are in good health and disposition. I went to my
favorite Irish pub, O'Donoghue's Irish Pub in Elm Grove,
as I customarily do on the day, getting together with my
friends and enjoying great food and drinks.

In the meantime, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
(D-NV) made the most outrageous, the most fallacious,
the most hellacious statement perhaps in his entire sorry
political career; Sen. Reid hinted broadly that the recent
deaths of seven U.S. Marines in a training accident in
California was due to the sequester --- this after blaming
the Republicans for the loss of thousands of jobs in the
sequester, and for the sequester itself, never mind the
fact that the sequester was the Obama Administration's
idea. The sequester, to remind everyone, is a procedure
whcih limits the size of the federal budget. It sets a
hard cap on the amount of government spending within
broadly defined categories, which is rather a ham-handed
method of cutting budget expenditures, but can be used
to prevent a government shutdown when Congress and
the president cannot agree on budget specifics. This is
indeed the case here.

Two things to bear in mind in regards to this scene as it
plays out: the sequester is calling for an $85 billion in
budget cuts for this year, and a total of $1.2 billion in
such cuts to be spread out over the next nine years. When
you consider that the federal budget for this year is
$3,795.6 trillion, with that figure to rise steadily over
the coming nine years, you can see what a travesty that
the cuts and the sequester are! As for any jobs being
lost due to the sequester, that would involve it would seem
relatively few federal government jobs. Regarding the
terrible tragedy that befell the Marines in California,
Sen. Reid actually first stated that details about the
deaths of the seven Marines were yet to come out.
But then Sen. Reid insinuated that the sequester was
to blame for their fatalities, and that the Republicans
are to blame for the sequester, therefore the responsi-
bility for the Marines who died are on the GOP.

Does this horrible man have no shame? Does he even
know what shame is? Has he ever even heard of the word?
This moral microbe is politicizing the dead Marines for
political gain! Debbie Lee, spokeswoman for the grass-
roots organization Move America Forward, and a friend of
your beloved Peasant, slammed the senator from Nevada
in response:

"I'm tired of seeing our troops used as a political football
by Harry Reid and others on the left. Attempting to link
sequestration to the tragic accident that cost seven Marines
their lives is a travesty and Senator Reid should be ashamed
of himself." I agree with Debbie a thousand percent, but
Reid, as stated in the previous paragraph, does not appear
to possess any shame.

Debbie's son, Marc Allen Lee, was a Navy SEAL who dies
protecting his comrades in arms a few years ago in combat,
receiving the Purple Heart, the Bronze Heart with Valor, and
the Silver Star posthumously. She stands up for all of our
troops, including of course those who made the ultimate
sacrifice in service to our country. She does not and never
will tolerate some hack politician who would pimp our heroic
war dead for political purpose. The battle over the sequestration
of our national budget is being lost by Obama and his fellow
Democrats, and Reid's shameful stunt is at best a desperation
move to turn the tide for his side, but no one is buying it.

The Democrats are a nasty bunch to deal with when they are
winning a political battle; they are even worse when they are
losing one. Your outraged Peasant shares Debbie Lee's sense
of picque over Harry Reid's cheap and tawdry grandstanding.
Let's contact our representatives and senators in Congress to
tell them to stuff Reid and his pals' attempt to use a terrible
tragedy to further their own political agenda. And let's inform
the president that we aren't going to stand for such behavior.


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