Thursday, June 20, 2013

What the Government Elites Are Saying About the NSA Spying Scandal

Your faithful Peasant came across a rather
fascinating article in a hard-hitting blog which
I follow, and give the link to at the bottom
of my blog page for your further reading
pleasure. The Economic Collapse posted an
article highlighting quotes from some of our
so-called leaders in Washington regarding the
National Security Agency (NSA) and its
"data mining" of our telephone calls under
the rubric of preventing malicious mischief
by terrorists made upon our country, with
a wide net cast --- much wider than one
would expect for the job. As you, my grand
readers know by now, the NSA has been
gathering information on domestic calls
which include the calls made and received,
the talk time of each call, and the times of
the calls. With the IRS harassing conservative
activist groups, the NSA likely is targeting these
same folk, especially with Homeland Security
chief Janet Napolitano having declared some
time ago that Tea Party groups, pro-life groups,
war veterans of the Vietnam War and the
recent Middle Eastern wars are at least potential
threats to national security (!). And our e-mail
is being scanned and monitored as well, along
with our blogs which we write and read. This
blog especially.

Here, from the EC's article, are quotes from some
of the denizens of Washington, all in defense of
these measures:

Leading off is our Dear Leader President Obama:
"I think it's important to understand that you can't
have 100% security and then have 100% privacy
and zero inconvenience. We're going to have to
make some choices as a society."

Makes you're stomach constrict and your blood
boil, doesn't it? Hang on tight, because you're
gonna need some antacid and tranquilizers for
what's to come:

"I can assure you, this is not about spying on the
American people." U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).

"Some of you expressed surprise that I showed up
--- so many e-mails to read!" James Clapper,
Director of National Intelligence, remarking at a
recent awards ceremony. Big Brother is apparently
also snooping into our e-mail as well.

"There is no more direct or honest person than Jim
Clapper." U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA),
Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"We fundamentally try to collect everything and hang
onto it forever." Gus Hunt, Chief Technology Officer,

"We do not see a tradeoff between security and
liberty." Keith Alexander, NSA Director.

I could share more such breathtaking statements
from this rotten bunch, but you get the picture.
And the picture ain't pretty! This is what happens
when you have a runaway government that has
an overblown opinion of itself, its capabilities,
and its scope of operations, hang the Constitution.
To this tawdry crowd, the Constitution is but mere
bathroom tissue to ... you know. And the people
are not citizens to be served but mere peasants
to be forced into servitude. Obama and Co. have
become so horrible that some Democrats and others
on the Left have openly spoken out against them!
The ACLU has become openly critical of this motley
crew, comparing Obama himself to Nixon. Even
some of the Hollywood lefties are voicing their disgust;
actor John Cusack, a veteran lefty activist in Tinseltown,
has publicly slammed the president for these very
shenanigans. Your inquiring Peasant understands that
he is not alone in that town, either. And the prez took
a huge hit in the polls: Obama went from a 57%
favorable rating down into the forties, and could well
sink further. At this rate, the only people who will
still be in The Annointed One's corner will be the
"Gimme Jimmies", the voters who voted for Obama
because they knew he would give them the goodies
that they clamor for and the rest of us have to pay
for with ever-increasing taxes, this before very long.

In your beloved Peasant's estimation, Barack Obama
is the most horrible, dreadful, arrogant, deceitful, elitist,
and cavalier president our country has ever been saddled
with! Until now I had reserved this dubious designation
for the aforementioned late President Richard Nixon
for Watergate. But Obama and his horrid administration
makes Nixon and his outfit look like an order of
Franciscan priests! While many, perhaps including some
of you my great readers may be calling for Obama to
be impeached and removed, I pause on that idea only
fir this reason: in that scenario, Vice President and
prize buffoon Joe Biden would then ascend to the
White House.

But Obama and his administration, along with his
appointees to critical positions such as those mentioned
a few paragraphs ago and others, i.e. U.S. Attorney General,
and Obama's allies in both chambers of Congress, are
beyond contempt in their callous disregard for the basic
rights and constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties of
the American people. George Orwell call your office,
for 1984 at last is here in 2013, and Big Brother is
just getting warmed up.


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