Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Terrible Redux

Paris has been attacked again, and by radical Islamists
as last time. ISIS claimed credit for this, their latest
attack outside of their core territory of Syria and Iraq,
in which they took hostages in a concert hall and killed
some of them. They also attacked other sites in the
City of Lights, and the death toll is still climbing as I type
this piece. All this took place on Friday, November 13,
a day which proved all too frighteningly well to be unlucky
for the beautiful capital city of France.

This comes ten months after the attack on Paris-based
magazine Charlie Hebdo in which the editor of the
publication and ten other staff members were shot
and killed while eleven others were wounded by two
Islamic extremists who took issue with CH's satirical
missives against their faith and a likeness of the prophet
Mohammed displayed on the cover of an issue in which
the magazine's stinging takes on both had appeared.
Your outraged Peasant shall have more to say regarding
this latest tragedy in due course but for now wants to ask
you, my grand readers, to keep Paris and her people in your
prayers; please pray for comfort for the afflicted and justice
to be meted out to the savage perpetrators of this latest



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