Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bits of This 'n' That

A bunch of items to pore over:

Hillary Clinton, in an effort to win over
members of the base of her party, has
suddenly come out against the very trade
deal which she once enthusiastically
supported; the Trans Pacific Partnership,
which President Obama has been trying to
have fast-tracked and put in place before
leaving office. She said in a written statement
released by her campaign team, "Based on
what I know so far, I can't support this agree-
ment." What she knows, or more aptly has
come to know, is that the Democrat Party base
is dead against the pact and thinks that Clinton
is a corporatist lackey, and therefore is flocking
to Sen. Bernie Sanders for a successor to Obama.
Now if the former Secretary of State can just
find a way to erase from their minds, and the minds
of the rest of the electorate, her former backing of
this trade deal she'll be back in business (yes, I
meant to make a pun!).

MAJOR FAIL: President Obama has had to apologize
to the intrepid medical group, Doctors Without
Borders, for a bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan
where some of their doctors were working. Obama
does have his incompetencies after all, and some
of them have deadly consequences for innocent
lives, including those who have been trying to
perform some humanitarian deeds in very dangerous
places in the world, dangerous enough as they already
are without a blundering American president making
things even more dicey. And his fellow Dems STILL
criticize his predecessor, George W. Bush, for acting
on faulty information re: hidden chemical weapons in
Iraq during his time as Commander-in-Chief! At least
no one needlessly died in that episode. And do we need
to say more about Benghazi?

See you all back here next week!


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