Thursday, May 12, 2016

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Recently, two prominent figures of the political
left have made public statements on some topics
of import, sharing their wisdom, or what they have
that is trying desperately to pass for wisdom, with
we the Great Unwashed.

Remarking on a commercial for Doritos chips that
appeared during the recent Super Bowl game, which
showed an unborn baby jumping out of his mother's
womb to grab some of the aforementioned chips to
snack on, long-ago feminist icon Gloria Steinem
castigated Frito-Lay, the makers of Doritos for
"humanizing the fetus" in their uniquely cute
advertisement. A longtime champion of legalized
abortion, the Doritos piece must have given her
major conniptions at even the humorous depiction
of a pre-born baby sensing a delicious snack just
outside of mummy's tummy, making a play for the
treat. Now anyone with even a scintilla of smarts
and sense knows that a baby in the mother's womb
cannot see or smell anything outside the womb,
much less burst forth to grab a food item; poor
Gloria must be losing it at her advanced age, or
perhaps the geriatric radical is simply so
ideologically glued to the idea that a not-yet-born
human baby is not human, is not living, is not capable
of much of anything that even a light-hearted commercial
taking a little humorous license sends her into fits.
Note to Gloria: One, the commercial was just an artistic,
humorous melding of entertainment and advertisement;
no more, no less. Two, you should lighten up and humanize

Then, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright was
stumping for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, exhorting
women to vote for the wife of her old boss, President Bill
Clinton. Madeline Not-So-Bright admonished female voters
to turn out for Hillary because "there's a special place in hell
for women who don't help other women". Your falling-down-
laughing Peasant is spoiled for choices as to how to respond
to her bizarre statement, but I'll say this: Madeline dear,
your pal Hillary has been anything but a help to women,
especially those who had been preyed upon by her predatory
husband. She had, after all, headed up the team to respond to
hubby Bill's "bimbo eruptions", in which she savaged the
reputations of the women that Slick Willie tried to have his
way with, publicly pillorying each one of them, especially
those who threatened legal action against Billy boy. And
Hillary had the gall to claim in a speech that women who have
been mistreated by such men have a right to be heard and
believed (!). I suppose so, just as long as it wasn't Hill's Bill
who was doing the mistreating. And this is who you think
would make a fine president? I need to have a swig of
Pepto Bismol!

Why don't these two ageing, washed-up, elitist left-wing
has-beens just fade away? Their time on our political stage
is long up, and they should be long gone from it. Time,
as well as women and their aspirations, have passed them by,
and the more they try to speak for the members of their gender
the more they embarrass themselves, for they have ceased being
relevant to their fellow females as well as to our society
years ago.


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