Monday, June 27, 2016

A Most Special Independence Day!

Your beloved Peasant is proud and grateful to be
celebrating our dear country's 240th anniversary
this Fourth of July! I do, of course, know that you,
my fine and wonderful readers, are just as happy
to be celebrating as well. And we do have a lot to

Let us always remember the sacrifices, the sufferings,
and the privations that our forefathers went through
to establish and bequeath our free and wonderful
country to us, and to remember them on this grand
day. When you say Grace before tucking into the
hamburgers, the hot dogs, the potato salad, and
the soda pop, say a prayer for our brave founders
of our country as well, for they made our country,
our freedom, our way of life, and our Fourth of July
picnics possible.

Enjoy our great and good country's big day.
And God bless America! 240 years young and looking


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