Monday, August 1, 2016

Making Time for Family (and Other Things)

My friends, your faithful Peasant is going to
take a break to get together with family and
friends out of town. And upon return, I shall
be busying myself with enjoying the Milwaukee
Irish Fest; it will, in fact, be two consecutive Irish
festivals which I shall be attending, as I shall be
going to the Minnesota Irish Fair in Saint Paul
the week before with my cousin and her husband,
along with a friend or two. So I shall not be posting
for the first two weeks in August (with the exception
of today), but shall return to you, my loyal and
wonderful readers, in the latter half of the month.

When I return, however, I shall share my thoughts
with you, my wonderful readers, regarding the recently
concluded Republican and Democrat national
conventions and what transpired at each.

Meanwhile, do enjoy this conservative online pub-
lication: National Review Online

Thank you for your ongoing support of this blog!
Your grateful Peasant treasures you, my grand readers,
more than I can say with words!

See you soon!


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