Thursday, January 12, 2017

Talk About Sore Losers!

In the two months since Donald Trump's historic
electoral victory to become our 45th president,
the lefties have been even loonier than usual
with their shock, their horror, their sorrow,
their mourning, their whining, and their
protestations. Thinking they had the 2016
election in the bag, expecting a Clinton blowout
of Trump and perhaps regaining the U.S. Senate,
our left-wingers instead received a cold, hard
dose of reality when We the People knocked over
their apple cart by helping President-elect Donald
Trump (Don't you just LOVE the sound of that?)
to victory. And we kept the Senate to boot!

We have seen these out-of-sorts activists cry
(And not just quiet sobbing either!), chant, march,
disrupt, demand "safe spaces"and "hot cocoa"
(No, really! And this is not just on college campuses!)
and some have even taken to sporting large safety
pins on their clothes (?!). But for sheer moonbattery,
absolute nincompoopery, astounding insanity and
peerless stupidity, just look to Hollyweird, er,
Hollywood and their awards ceremonies. They
just a few days ago held their annual Golden Globe
Awards gala, and prominent film actress and
town denizen Meryl Streep gave her take on the
Trump victory and her perceived consequences of
the win. Oh, her speech was a doozy! She tearfully
declared that Trump "broke her heart" (of course
she was for Clinton, as were almost everyone
else in Tinseltown) and she said that "All of us
in this room really belong to the most vilified
segment in American society ... Hollywood,
foreigners and the press." Here she was spreading
the nonsense that Donald Trump and his supporters
hate people from other countries, and have no love
for actors or reporters. She said that if all of the
"foreigners" in Hollywood were to leave, Americans
"would have nothing to watch but football and
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Really?  Streep went
on to call for --- wait for it --- the press to hold Trump
and his presidency "accountable". Gee, I don't
remember her, or anyone else in La La Land making
a similar demand when Barack Obama was elected
president. Guess that's because no one there had
actually done so. And for icing on this dubious cake,
Streep called for Hollywood to create a committee
to defend the press (!) against Donald Trump and
his administration from any attacks on its work and
their integrity (Let's take a time out here to fall on
the floor in gales of laughter, collect ourselves,
and return to this piece).

Does this bevy of beautiful imbeciles have any clue,
any idea at all as to how out of touch they are with
the rest of our country who, by the way, spends lots
of their money on tickets to see these chic shmucks'
movies at their local theatres? And with Streep
as point woman attacked and bit the collective
hand that feeds them? We made these people stars,
we made Hollywood itself, its film industry and all,
with our desire to be entertained by the products they
produce and distribute. We made 'em, baby, and we
can break 'em!

In electing Donald Trump president, we are not only
striking a blow to advance the conservative cause in
politics but also on the cultural front. We will not,
and shall not, be dictated to by any elites, be they
political, financial, or cultural. These movie morons
did very well under our capitalist system fortified by
our republican form of government, and our
Constitution, yet they see fit to disparage all these
while continuing to enjoy the benefits of same.
It's time to take them to school for a little education.

And the school bell started ringing across the land on
November 8, 2016.


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