Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Democrats Get a Dose of Their Own Medicine

Judge Neil Gorsuch, of late an appellate court judge and
nominee to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the
United States Supreme Court, has now been confirmed and
sworn in as the newest justice on the court. And the Repub-
licans used the Democrats' "Nuclear Option" ruse that then-
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid created to cut debate
and opposition to then-President Barack Obama's picks for
our highest court, as well as for government appointees.

Well, current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
(R-KY) used the Democrats' weapon on them, and boy
are the Dems smarting as a result! With the electorate
chososing Republican Donald J. Trump to be the next president
and kept the Republicans in charge of both chambers of
Congress, they let it be known that they preferred to have
another conservative jurist succeed the departed Justice Scalia,
so as to keep SCOTUS'  delicate ideological balance in place,
rather than give the court a liberal tilt. With that, President
Trump sent Judge Gorsuch to the Congress for approval.
Sen. McConnell then cut off any possibility of  Democrat
filibusters by utilizing Sen. Reid's ploy, and Judge Gorsuch is
now Justice Gorsuch, the newest member of the highest court
in the land.

The Democrats' reaction? They're trying mightily to put any
kind of a negative spin on Neil Gorsuch's ascension, claiming
that the filibuster is some sort of sacred thing, and that Sen.
McConnell behaved in a dastardly fashion when he withheld
a vote on Judge Merrick Garland in the closing year of Obama's
presidency. In truth, McConnell acted so as to avoid the Democrats
putting the GOP into a box. The Dems bet that McConnell and
the Republicans would simply wave Garland through to stave off
the predicted President Hillary Clinton nominating someone
much farther to the left. McConnell took that bet, waited for
the 2016 election to see what the direction the people wanted for
the Supreme Court to go, and got a piggy-back win with Trump's
seemingly unlikely victory. Sen. McConnell showed, to the astonish-
ment of many (including your stunned Peasant) his newly discovered
spine and stood firm, holding his caucus together, breaking the
Democrats' filibuster. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled,
the Dems spewed a pitiful narrative about a "stolen" SCOTUS seat.
Sound familiar? Remember the 2000 presidential election which they
lost when the Supremes ordered a cessation of vote recounts in
Florida, resulting in George W. Bush winning the presidency in a
race which was rife with polling precinct and ballot box shenanigans
in several swing states perpetrated by the Democrats? Same old

Current Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) also
whined about the politicizing of the process of picking a Supreme
Court justice. Well, Chuckie, this is nothing new! Your party
certainly politicized the 1987 nomination and hearings on the late
Judge Robert Bork, President Ronald Reagan's nominee for a
seat on the Court. Although, like with Justice Gorsuch, Judge Bork's
qualifications were impeccable and unimpeachable, the Dems
attacked and defeated Bork on politics alone. The Gorsuch hearings
supports the Senate's "advise and consent" role with a majority vote.
And if the Dems don't like it ---  and by all indications they evidently
don't --- they can stroll down to the Potomac River, find a short pier,
and take a long walk off of it! If they can't take their own medicine,
then they ought not prescribe it.


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