Monday, July 10, 2017

A Note for My Followers on the Tea Party Community's Website

To my friends who follow me on the Tea Party Community website,
I want to inform you that in recent weeks I have encountered some
technical problems that have prevented me from accessing the site,
so I couldn't always inform you of my latest postings on this blog. I've
no idea if it is the computer system at this one local library whose
computers your favorite Peasant uses, or if it is a web-wide problem.
So this is why I haven't always been able to inform you of my
latest offerings during this time.

I still haven't any idea what is causing this difficulty, so I am
letting you know that you can still follow The Peasant by looking
for my posting announcements on Twitter (@markeminor5)
and on Facebook (Mark Minor). For those of you who are not
on either of these social media sites, try entering "Peasant With
A Pitchfork" (minus the quotation marks) into your favorite search
engines and your browsers to see if you can access the TPC site
and with it my page. You can still access this blog if you click
on my notices of my past offerings on Twitter and Facebook,
and you'll be taken to the notices of whatever I recently posted.
If you can reach me via the Tea Party Community page, then
maybe the problem has been either cleared up or it has eased up
for a little while. The latter has sometimes occurred, though it has
so far never been a lasting condition.

I do apologize for this nuisance, and hope it will soon be permanently
rectified. I shall keep you posted. Thank you for your understanding
and your ongoing readership!


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