Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wisconsin's GOP to Gather in Milwaukee May 21-23

For any of you, my fantastic readers, who might be visiting Milwaukee this coming
weekend and want to make use of your political juices, the Wisconsin State Repub-
lican Convention is being held in Beertown, hosted by the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
Commencing Friday, May 21, and concluding Sunday, May 23, the convention is a
great place to go to meet the GOP's candidates for public office before the
state's primaries in September. Candidates for the state legislature, for the
U.S. House and Senate, for the offices of governor and lieutenant governor will
be on hand to address the gathering, as well as attend receptions to meet and greet
the convention attendees. This event will therefore be a splendid opportunity to
let the candidates know where you stand on the issues and what you want to see
done. Even if you aren't a delegate, even if you aren't a resident of the Badger
State, for a nominal admission price you can attend as a guest of the convention
and meet the candidates, as well as view the action on the convention floor!

The Tea Party folks will be on hand, to be sure. We will make our presence felt,
our views heard, and our concerns listened to and respected. We must reclaim the
Republican Party and reestablish it as our ideological home and our political
base, on our way to reclaiming our country from the Obama regime and the Democrat
Party. Either we smash the liberal establishment, or it will smash us!

So if you plan to be in Milwaukee during the weekend of May 21 - 23, do drop by
the Hyatt to visit the state GOP confab and the party's lineup of candidates
and have some fun! Who knows, you might even get to meet your favorite Peasant!

TO REGISTER: You can register online at www.wisgop.org/convention2010

FOR MORE INFORMATION: e-mail John Waclawski JWaclawski@wisgop.org with
any questions concerning the convention. For questions regarding the Hyatt
and its accomodations and related items call: (414) 276-1234.

THE HYATT HOTEL'S ADDRESS: 333 W. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202

NOTE: Your faithful Peasant has just learned that the Hyatt is now entirely booked
for reservations; they have no more rooms for the convention weekend. But you
can call around to other Milwaukee vicinity hotels and motels for lodging.
Those of you who are locals like your dependable Peasant can just drive or take
the local bus or a taxi to the Hyatt.



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