Monday, May 24, 2010

In Observance of Memorial Day

My dear readers:

Your favorite Peasant wishes you all a wonderful Memorial Day
holiday! One week from today, Monday May 31, is this year's
date of the day in which we remember the sacrifices that our
brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardians and
merchant marines have made --- including making the ultimate
sacrifice --- giving their lives in the cause of winning and securing
our nation's freedom. Freedom isn't free, it has a steep price;
it is, though, not a luxury but a necessity!

After memorial Day I'll be back with more stories from our 
political scene to share and comment on. We'll talk about the
Tea Party Movement's latest successes in getting conservative
candidates nominated in party primaries and elected in special
elections around the country, as well as taking a look at other
happenings of interest to we "right-minded" people! I'll also
have a surprise to share with you!

So, enjoy the coming Memorial Day holiday and the long
weekend ahead. Enjoy your cookouts, your picnics, perhaps
a swim in a pool or swimming hole, and work on your suntans.
Enjoy the company of your families and friends. And all the while,
keep in mind our fellow Americans who, by their service and
sacrifice, made for us a country and a society where such
leisure time and activities are possible!

Joy to you all!


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