Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obama and Biden Visit Wisconsin

Hi everyone!

Just a quick observation on the recent visit to my 
home state by the Gruesome Twosome of President
Barack Obama and Vice President/Gaffe Master General
Joe Biden. Our fearless leaders visited a Kopp's Custard
stand in a suburb of Milwaukee. Biden got behind the counter
and started doling out custard to customers free of charge.
Sounds just like government, doesn't it? When the manager of 
the place humorously remarked to Biden "Lower my taxes
and we'll call it even", Biden took umbrage and retorted,
"Why do you wanna be a smart-ass?".

Just one more example of the arrogance, the elitism, and
the disdain that these people have toward everyday, hard-
working Americans. To these stuffed-shirts we peasants
are "smart-asses" if we dare to, even in a non-confron-
tational tone, so much as hint that the taxes that they are
imposing on us are too high! If I were the manager of that
custard stand I would have shouted, "That's it! Show's over!
You and your boss get out! Don't let the door whack your
brains as you leave!" What an indignity to have to suffer
from people who are supposed to be in service to us,
to "We The People"! This is an outrageous slight!
To have these two power-mad buffoons come into a place
of business and denigrate its manager or owner, who is
working long and hard to provide for himself and his family
in the face of ever-increasing taxes taking away more of the 
fruits of his labor is the very epitome of contempt for the
citizens of our country, whom they are supposed to serve,
not force to serve them!

My dear readers, remember this story as we go through
the year to election day in November. This is what we have
at present for our government. This is why there is a Tea Party
Movement! On that blessed day, November 2, we will begin
the mass firings of Democrats and RINO Republicans from
Congress, and we'll finish up in 2010 when we fire Obama 
and Biden! We shall have a government that is truly of, by,
and for the people in substance, not just in name or theory!


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  1. NOTE: Your faithful Peasant should have explained for the benefit of those of you
    who are not from Milwaukee and would there-
    fore not be familiar with Kopp's Custard
    restaraunts; there are several Kopp's
    stands in our metro area. They are very
    popular places to visit, especially during
    summer. My humble apologies.