Monday, June 28, 2010

Independence Day Greetings!

Hi, everybody!

Your favorite Peasant wants to wish you, my fabulous readers,
a safe and happy 4th of July! Celebrate our grand country's
birthday safely and joyfully, and while you're enjoying your
barbecue cookouts, your sparklers and fireworks, your
outdoor concerts, and the company of your families and
friends, take time to reflect on the courage, the sacrifice,
the toil, and the accompanying suffering that was blended
in the crucible in which our great nation, the United States
of America, was formed. And remember that we fought
to gain our freedom from a both a dictatorial monarch and
parliament which had imposed a centralized form of government
with myriad and exhorbitant taxes upon our forefathers, while
giving them precious little say in said governance.

Sound familiar?

Replace the monarch and the parliament with a president and a
congress which, while freely elected, began to govern against the
will of We The People through creating dubious "stimulus" and
carbon emission "cap" programs, along with many exhorbitant
levels to fund them, along with a governmental takeover of some
individual businesses along with an entire industry (health care).
The result is a variation on an old and terrible theme!  But if we
remain vigilant, if we stand together against our wayward elected
representatives, if we take constructive and remedial action to
reclaim our government and make it a truly representative and
responsive government we shall overcome this crisis. Oh yes,
WE SHALL OVERCOME! This statement is not the property
of the Left; it is the vow of a people who have had enough of
being disrespected, used, abused, and mocked by anyone in
positions of authority who abuse their authority by abusing the
people whom they are supposed to serve through just and fair
governance, regardless of whatever kind of government it is
that is governing so wrongly!

We shall have our day. We shall have our victory. And on our
country's birthday, we shall have a wonderful time!

Happy Birthday, USA! 234 years young and looking fantastic!
You shall always be "the land of the free"!


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