Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving for Our Many Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Your favorite Peasant wants to give you his wishes for a
most joyful Thanksgiving holiday. And have we got a lot
to be thankful for!

I made some wonderful business contacts and some new
friends during this year. Among the people I want to thank
for their coming into and enriching my life are Benson
Agbortogo, a consultant who has many talents, including
internet marketing. Benson has assisted me with the
monetizing of this blog; you all have seen the little ad
to the right of the text field that shows the latest and
hottest deals with for books and so many
other wonderful items. Now you, my wonderful readers,
can do your shopping online when you visit your ever-
lovin' Peasant! Soon I shall have more such ads and
links for you to help you with your shopping; in the
meantime, make your Christmas shopping a little easier
with --- they have a tremendous range of
items and gift ideas for your family and friends!

In addition, I want to thank my friends in the Gathering
of the Spirit at my church, The Cathedral of Saint
John the Evangelist in Milwaukee, our career support
group, for their friendship and camaraderie, as well as\
some wonderful leads, contacts, and career enhancing
advice. You all have made my career re-establishment
efforts easier and even fun! Much love as well to my
friends in the Milwaukee Celtic Song Circle, now
renamed for another good friend, Chuck Ward, a
grand singer/musician in a local Irish music band Blarney.
Chuck, a major force in Milwaukee's Irish community,
passed away on November 5 after a long fight against
cancer leaving his family, many friends, and even more
fans, and a legacy of friendship and love. Thanks so
much, Chuck, for the wonderful times and tunes!
And to my song circle mates, thanks for your joining
me in singing and celebrating Irish and other Celtic
songs and the culture which gave birth to them, and
for your friendship! Furthermore, I want to give my
thanks to the Milwaukee Irish Fest Song Circle for
welcoming a fellow with a great love of Irish songs
but precious little singing experience, having just
embarked upon a new hobby and passion not long
beforehand, into the fold. I thoroughly enjoyed
the five years that I was a member of your group,
performing at Milwaukee's Irish Fest and at other
venues. Thank you also for recognizing my need
to grow in a different musical direction which
led to my leaving to start my own song circle.
I shall forever be grateful to you all for everything!

To be sure, I certainly want to thank my landlord
Tom Barrett and his family for taking me in as a
lodger when I lost my home as a result of the
worst economic downturn since The Great
Depression, and for Tom, a very able attorney,
to help me with the resulting legal difficulties,
including representing me in court, "pro bono"
(latin for "free of charge"). They all have been
a great source of hope, cheer, and moral support
in my darkest hours. So has Bill Fangmann, my
friend, employer, and sponsor from
my confirmation in the Catholic faith in 2006.
Bill owns and operates Fangmann Landscaping,
and has had me as a crew member for the last
few seasons, and the work has been most welcome.
Until I get established in a new job and possibly a
new career (your industrious Peasant was in the
financial field) I am thankful and happy to help
you move mulch, soil, rocks and plants! Bill,
you're the greatest!

The rest of my friends at the Cathedral also get
my thanks and praise for their friendship and
spiritual nourishment. Thanks to them I can get
through each day a lot more smoothly and even
joyfully while I pick up the pieces of my shattered
life. Thanks to all of my friends near and far, some
of whom are among you, my dear readers, in the
enjoyment of my blog.

And you just know that I give thanks for the results
of the election our country held earlier this month,
when we gave a bunch of elitist pigs their walking
papers, sending them packing from Congress,
many state governors' offices, and state legislatures!
We made great strides in reclaiming our country's
government from the statist stuffed-shirts in both
parties, reminding them in no uncertain terms that
the people rule and they serve at OUR pleasure,
and that when they decide that they are above us
and cease to listen to us, that we can and will
replace them with people who will know their

I am thankful for my family, which these days
consists of a handful of cousins scattered from
Ireland to San Francisco, as my parents, my
stepmother, my uncles and aunts and a few
other cousins, and my dear cat Kevin have
since gone to glory. I am thankful for them
all, those in this physical realm and those in
the arms of Our Lord. Some other friends of
mine are with Him as well. They all have made
an incredible difference in my life with all that
they added to it, and I can only hope that I did
as much in turn for them, these wonderful
relations and friends.

Finally, I am most thankful for each and every one
of you, my dear, fabulous, fantastic, wonderful
readers! Without your support your Peasant's
Pitchfork would have dull prongs, and would
only be good for rusting in an old weathered barn.
You all mean more to me than I can ever express
in words! And of course I am thankful for being
a citizen of the most wonderful country in this
great big world --- the United States of America!

Let us enjoy Thanksgiving Day by tallying all of
our multitude of blessings! We truly do have so
much to be thankful for!


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