Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 112th Congress Convenes

On January 5, the 112th Congress opened for business
--- the tending to of the business of the American people.
And to show that they, for their part, mean business, new
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and some other
House members --- including a few Democrats(!) ---
read aloud the Constitution of the United States. Omit-
ting only the parts superseded by later amendments, i.e.
the amendment creating prohibition in the 1920s, the new
House delegation wanted to demonstrate its new com-
mitment to the principles of this historic document, the
prescription for governance of our great nation. The
Senate, still in Democrat hands though with a smaller
Dem majority, held no such event.

The new Republican House majority also promised to
include a constitutional justification for all legislation.
That's "all" as in ALL. This on top of a statement of a
compact drafted just before the election in November,
which your faithful Peasant hopes will not go the way
of the 1994 Contract With America.

Your principled Peasant says to the new GOP class,
congratulations on winning the House and narrowing
the Democrats' advantage in the Senate. You have a
very ambitious program coupled with the promise of
a constitutional underpinning. Please carry it out, for
the sake of us all. You were given a second chance so
astonishingly soon after you blew it in 2006 and 2008.
You MUST demonstrate that the Republican Party is
truly the party of constitutional principles, which in-
cludes establishing and maintaining limited government.
Live within your means, as must we all, both government
at all levels and the people, their families and their
enterprises. No more so-called "stimulus packages"!
No more crazy spending on anything! If you say you're
going to do something, back up your words with action.
No pie-crust promises, no sweetheart deals for your pals,
just open, restrained, common-sense governing. Do this
and you'll be the saviors of our nation. Fail, and we shall
never recover.

Our best wishes and hopes are with you, and our eyes are
upon you!

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