Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The RNC Makes a Smart Choice

Great news, my treasured readers! Reince Priebus is
the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee!
The conservative rising star from The Badger State beat
out incumbent Michael Steele and a handful of other
opponents in the RNC's election on Friday January 14
when Steele withdrew after the fourth ballot, throwing
his support to one of the other candidates. Now the
GOP is cooking with gas again!

Your jubilant Peasant wants to congratulate Wisconsin
Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus on his
epic victory. As a principled conservative, Reince,
I know you'll do a fantastic job as the new RNC
chief! Your victory is an important step in reclaiming
the Republican Party from the establishment smoothies,
bringing the party back to the political principles which
made it successful in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan
was elected President at the crest of the first conserva-
tive tide to sweep the land. This time the tide will be
bigger and more energetic with your helming the fund-
raising efforts and ensuring that federal lawmakers and
candidates for national office will adhere to these very
principles that the GOP should never have strayed from.

God bless you and your work, Reince. The Peasant and
his Pitchfork stand behind you, as do my fellow Tea Party
activists, many of whom comprise my blog's readership.
I know you'll be successful in your duties. The RNC
made a smart choice, something it hasn't done very
often in recent years.


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