Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Respite for a Traitor

A Vietnam War-era figure is back in the news this week.
No, it's not an aging bomb-thrower on the run from the
law, nor is it some old gray hippie rocker; the figure of
record here is actress, activist, and Viet Cong comrade
Jane Fonda.

Now in her 70s, the daughter of the late actor Henry Fonda
re-emerged in the news for having had an invitation from the
cable TV shopping network QVC yanked away in the face
of Vietnam Veterans and other Americans complaining about
her being scheduled by QVC to promote her new book, about
making one's later years more fulfilling and enjoyable. This is
something that many, many of our military people who died in
the Vietnam War, some of them in the North Vietnamese
POW camps (contrary to Fonda's claims that no American
prisoners in those camps were mistreated in any way), have
been brutally denied them. The vets and sympathetic citizens
were all set to boycott QVC over Fonda's appearance; indeed,
many Americans (your faithful Peasant being one) to this day
boycott her movies, her books, and all else that she makes,
sells, or endorses.

And why shouldn't we? In a time of war "Hanoi Jane" openly
sided with the enemy, communist-ruled North Vietnam. She
spoke out against our efforts to keep South Vietnam out of
the North's grasp in speeches on college campuses; she infa-
mously proclaimed while speaking at Michigan State University
that if we understood what communism was that we would pray
to be communist. Henry's wayward girl went to North Vietnam
to give succor to the Viet Cong and the communist regime there;
many of us still remember the photo taken of her seated upon an
anti-aircraft gun. Fonda in later years apologized for that snapshot,
but has defiantly defended the rest of her antics from that era,
which included denouncing our military leaders as "war criminals".
and also made several propaganda broadcasts from
North Vietnam to erode our troops' morale.

And she never was brought to trial, let alone punished, for her
crimes against our country. Moreover, she is still living the life
of a wealthy movie star in California, living "La Dolce Vida".
All this makes many Americans' blood boil from the gross
injustice of it all! While we Americans can, and do, respect
the rights of people to express themselves, including stating
opinions which many of us vehemently disagree with, we will
not --- shall not --- countenance a traitor going unpunished
and prospering from our way of life, who had denigrated the
many who sacrificed so much to protect that very way of life!
And now Hanoi's Honey is railing against QVC for listening
to and respecting the concerns of outraged Americans:
"I am ... deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this insane
pressure by some well-funded and organized political
extremist groups."

No, Jane, QVC respected the Vietnam War veterans and
the patriotic, everyday Americans who don't want to have
an unrepentant, spiteful, self-righteous traitor shoved down
their throats. Your tantrum and your fantasies cannot
obscure this truth.


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