Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Wonderful Evening With The Concord Coalition

On Wednesday, June 22, your beloved Peasant was taking
in, and taking part in a wonderful, eye-opening presentation
on our national budget, its deficit, and our national debt. The
speaker was Sara Imhof of The Concord Coalition, a well-
known national, non-partisan grassroots organization which
advocates for fiscal responsibility from our federal government.
These folks also do educational outreach to the public with
presentations like the one I attended at the Elm Grove
Library on the aforementioned date. Named for the Battle of
Concord, a turning point in the American Revolutionary War,
the group was founded by two U.S. Senators, Warren Rudman
(R-NH) (Ret.), and the late Sen. Paul Tsongas (D-MA) in
1992, and is most influential and greatly respected on Capitol

Sara gave a short talk, then handed out to each attendee a
workbook along with a guide to the budget measures currently
before Congress to be deliberated and voted on. Our guest
speaker then placed the audience into the role of members of
Congress, deliberating and voting on the measures!

We were given information on the net effect on the budget deficit
each measure would have if passed or defeated. We each shared
insight on what each of us valued as necessary programs and what
we deemed as wasteful and unnecessary, and voted our opinions
on each measure. The exercise sparked spirited though civil
debate, and provided an educational experience that no one in the
audience will likely forget; this fortunate Peasant certainly won't!
I kept my materials and placed them into my political archives.

This event was of great value to those of us who attended it. Your
grateful Peasant thanked Sara and gave her the link to this blog,
forging an alliance for restoring sanity and sense to our country's
runaway budget. So look for stories on and references to The
Concord Coalition in the weeks and months ahead. For more
information on The Concord Coalition, I guide you, my great
readers, to their web site:
where you will learn about its history, its current staff, the issues
the group currently is researching, and much more. Your
faithful Peasant highly recommends visiting the Concord folks
at their website and, if you have an opportunity to attend a
presentation given by a Concord representative, mark the date
on your calendars and go; you will be glad you did!

The Peasant wishes to thank Sara Imhof, Midwest Regional
Director for the Concord Coalition, for her most informative,
interactive, and riveting presentation.

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