Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Had to Share This With You

My beloved readers, your super-busy Peasant just learned
about an idea so outrageous, so brazen, so totalitarian, so
beyond belief having been publicly given voice that I just
had to come back from my self-imposed break to share it
with you. The left-wingers have hatched many wild schemes
to foist upon us over time, but this idea from hell is the prize-

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue (D) said before a
recent gathering of Rotarians in her state that our country
dispense with Congressional elections for the next two
years so as to help the "economic recovery"(?!). No
exaggeration. No lie. No blarney. She really said this.

I quote from her speech: "You have to have more ability
from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over
the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things. I think
we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for
two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them,
whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this
country recover. I really hope that someone can agree
with me on that." Well, a hard-core statist such as, say,
a communist would heartily agree with you, Governor.
For this is the tactic that communist dictators have long
used in solidifying their power in countries where they
have come into power, the rubric being that the revolution
has to have time to solidify and take root. And now, you,
one of our liberal establishmentarians has voiced a
version of this stridently anti-democratic idea.
Perhaps you would also declare martial law?

Such left-wing luminaries like Robert Mugabe and Fidel
Castro would high-five Governor Perdue for her initiative.
This is precisely what these dictators did upon ascending
to power in their respective countries. All the better to
avoid dealing with voter blowback from imposing policies
upon them which they never would have consented to.
And the Democrats are still reeling from the blowback
that the American electorate gave them in last year's
Congressional elections which resulted in the Republicans
taking control of the House of Representatives. They
have already demonstrated their contempt for the We The
People through actions such as bailing out businesses
and industries with our tax monies and forcing upon us
a socialized medicine program which we had loudly and
clearly rejected, voicing our disapproval to President
Obama and to Congress only to receive their arrogant
cold shoulders and insults to our intelligence and our
character. Governor Perdue's demented brainchild
is simply an extension of this.

Perdue's staff tried to spin their boss' remarks as being
a bit of humor, but when she spoke her words she had
a serious expression on her face, and no one in the audience
was laughing, chuckling, or even cracking smiles by accounts
of attendees. Instead, their lame attempt to pass off Governor
Perdue's remarks as a joke made her statement yet more
egregious. Team Perdue showed the same contempt and
condescension for the American people as had President
Obama in regards to the aforementioned subjects.

Folks, the Democrat Party is now anything but a group of
democrats; these are not democratic people by philosophy
or practice. We have got to vote them the hell out in 2012;
Obama, the Democrats controlling the Senate, The
Democrats in the House, and the Dems in office elsewhere
around the country. These people have gotten drunk on
power and have become addicted to this heady booze.
Their statism, their elitism, their arrogance, their contempt
and disdain for the Constitution, for We The People, and
for our way of life have made them as a political party
completely unfit to govern at any level of government.
This is why we have a Tea Party movement. This is why
we as a nation are taking more interest in governmental
affairs, and are becoming more active in the electoral
process. And this is why we shall carry out our duty as
informed, responsible citizens charged with preserving
our freedom as a free people and FIRE THESE ELITIST
PIGS IN 2012!!!

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