Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two Wonderful Years!

My fantastic readers, it is my pleasure to announce
the second anniversary of your favorite Peasant
wielding his Pitchfork at the elitist pigs working
to ruin our great country by gutting our prosperity,
trashing the Constitution, dispensing with our
rights, and calling us derogatory names! You are
the reason for this blog's success and growing
longevity! The anniversary is actually September
23, but as I post on Wednesdays, today being a
Wednesday, we shall mark the occaision today.

In the days to come, we will be taking a look at
Solyndra, the latest "crony capitalist" venture
misadventure of the Obama regime, plus a review
of each of the candidates vying for the Republican
Party's presidential nomination, along with some
other eye-catching political and economic news.
Our third year together will start with a bang,
to be sure!

For now, your faithful Peasant is going to take a
week or two off to FINALLY move into a lovely
new home --- at last I have found a suitable, no,
beautiful rental home in an almost rural setting!
I shall still be in the Milwaukee vicinity, but will
be in a place with less hustle and bustle. It is
everything that I wanted, and more!

I shall require some time to pack and move, then
then settle in at my new residence. But once that's
done I shall be back with you, my wonderful readers,
with the aforementioned offerings for you to enjoy!
thank you for your readership, for your support, and
for your friendship! I couldn't ask for a more engaging
and splendid group of readers! Blessings to you all!

By the way, here again is the link to the petition to
stop the passage of the so-called jobs bill scheme
of President Obama and the Democrats. Please take
a few minutes to add your names to the growing list
of citizens opposed to further stimulus schemes, pork
projects, and governmental tinkering which won't
create any new jobs for unemployed Americans but
instead will only further empower a runaway
government which is already running us over!

The link:

Thanks and praise to you all!

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