Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your beloved Peasant wants to wish you all,
my fabulous and fantastic readers and all who
are near and dear to you, a most Happy Thanks-
giving! I shall be taking the week of the holiday
off to recharge my batteries, enjoy some turkey
and accompanying trimmings on the day, and
spend time with friends. We shall resume our
scrutiny of the political and economic news
as well as our gimlet-eye view of the Repub-
lican presidential candidates the following

Meanwhile, President Obama is once again
pardoning a turkey, sparing the bird from a
fateful November. Next November, we shall
not be pardoning Obama, as we shall treat that
turkey to a very fateful November when we
send him packing! For what we are about to
receive may we be truly thankful, at this
Thanksgiving and at the next!


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