Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Round Out 2011

Hi everybody!

Today I have no article but I do have an announcement
of coming attractions that I'll be presenting for your
enjoyment over the course of this month and next.

It seems that the liberal media are scared stiff of the
surge of Herman Cain in the Republican presidential
nomination contest, with polls showing him neck-and-
neck with establishment favorite Mitt Romney, so they
have "discovered" some accusations of sexual harassment
made by some female employees against him from several
years ago. So far none of the accusations have any sub-
stance to them; one of them is quite ludicrous --- Cain
made a remark to a woman in his office that she was about
the same height as his wife, holding his hand up to his chin
as he spoke, never touching the woman in question.
Funny how the media hounds are barking over that, but
have been stone silent about the rash of accounts of
attempted rape at several OWS enclaves around the
country; this is the same motley bunch that the media
mouthpieces for the establishment have tried to liken
to the Tea Party, don't forget. And we'll be doing some
more comparisons between the Tea Party and the OWS
as well, notably on misbehavior and arrests (So far, the
Tea party has a SPOTLESS record on both these
criteria --- ZERO!).

We shall also examine the candidates in the Republican
presidential field, assessing the strengths and weaknesses
of each candidate. In this way we shall do our part to
ensure that we conservatives put our best foot forward
against Obama next year.

Finally, we shall also be on the lookout for any stories
which may pop up that will prove worthy of our attention,
and as always, we shall comfort the afflicted and afflict
the comfortable --- when the comfortable have made them-
selves so at the expense of others.

Thank you, my wonderful readers, for your ongoing reader-
ship and your loyalty! I appreciate you and your support and
your encouragement more than I can ever say! We shall
finish this year with a bang!


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