Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What The Peasant Has In Store

New Year's greetings to you, my discerning readers!
With the pivotal new year of 2012 here, your favorite
Peasant wants to give you all a "heads up" on what to
look for in the coming weeks to begin the year.

We shall continue with our review of each of the Repub-
lican presidential candidates, with our rigorous analysis
of their strengths and weaknesses. Then, we will examine
the latest with the ongoing battle for the political and eco-
nomic destiny of the state of Wisconsin, where the public
employee unions and their friends are trying to undo the
decision of the majority of the people from the 2010
election, a clear exercise in democracy, in order to
show everyone what they think democracy looks like.
We shall cover the Obamas and their latest vacation
getaways (all paid for by We the People through our
taxes, of course) and their constant admonition to us
to "sacrifice" for the economic good of our country.
Hey Barack & family, how about you all leading by
example? In addition, we shall view the latest actions
(and inaction) of Congress, as well as Obama's last-ditch
efforts to convince enough voters to vote him back in
for another term (he may as well try to scale a cliff!).
Plus, we'll give some time and attention to some
relevant bits of news from around the country.
Needless to say, we shall certainly be looking closely
at the results of the upcoming caucuses and primaries
in the presidential pickings.

Another item: your busy Peasant will still be posting
weekly for you, but will not always do so on Wednesdays
as has been the practice. My schedule is filling up with
professional and personal commitments which will
require some flexibility on my part to tend to everything
in a timely way. But don't worry, I won't be far away.
We'll still get together for our weekly visits to examine
the political and economic news of the day, and to
promote freedom over statism.

Finally, your intrepid Peasant shall be covering more
political stories from my own backyard, Milwaukee!
Many of you here who enjoy this blog have asked for
more attention to the exciting congressional races in
the vicinity, and I shall also have an endorsement for one
of the fantastic conservative candidates! There shall also
be stories on the Milwaukee scene to share with you!
In all, it shall be an action-packed year for us.

Let us enjoy the new year's offerings. Let the fun begin!

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