Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Peasant Needs A Little Time Off

Hi everybody!

Your lovable Peasant needs to take next week
off, as I am going to be moving. Yes, I know, I
moved just a few months ago, but I've rethought
some of the aspects of my home, and I have
decided that although it has many charms and
comforts to be sure, I have come across another
place that will suit my needs even better, so I am
heading there at the end of this month. I am in
preparation for my move, and need all the time
possible to pick up, pack up, and head over.

I shall be with you, my loyal and wonderful
readers, right after my move. Look for PWAP
to resume in the first week of February. In the
meantime, stay warm! Thank you for your
understanding and your indulgence.


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