Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have A Peek at This Blog by A Fellow Freedom Advocate!

My friends, your beloved Peasant is going to do 
something here today that I have never done
before: I am recommenduing a blog by a fellow 
fereedom advocate whose blog I have visited 
and found most educational, inspiring, a great
fit for the times which we live in. I also have met
and enjoyed a most scintillating conversation
with him on some of the issues we as a nation 
face.I want to introduce you to Dr. Tim Nerenz,
libertarian activist and author of A Moment
of Clarity.

Dr. Nerenz is based here in the Badger State, 
and is a frequent guest on conservative talk show
host Vicki McKenna's Milwaukee radio show on
WISN-AM 1130 (broadcast weekdays from  
10AM - 12PM). I had the good fortune to meet
the doctor at a recent rally in Wauwatosa
for our courageous Gov. Scott Walker, who is 
faqcing a recall effort by the public union cry-
babies and their fellow lefties. He gives very
well-detailed analysis on the political
news of the day from a freedom perspective.
Lest any of you think perhaps I am planning on 
ending my own blog, nothing could be further
from the truth! It is just that I am simply
giving you, my wonderful, loyal, and fantastic
readers an opportunity to expand your intel-
lectual diet of periodic political and economic 
commentary from the perspective that we share.
There's plenty of room in the blogosphere
for more political bloggers;
one cannot have too many bloggers with a 
conservative and/or libertarian point of view
these days!

So, to conclude, here is the link to Dr. Tim
Nerenz' blog, A Moment of Clarity:

Tell Dr. Nerenz that The Peasant sent you! Enjoy!


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