Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let Us Savor Our Victory (While We Prepare for the Presidential Election)

Your beloved Peasant is still walking on air over the grand victory
we achieved here in Wisconsin on June 5, in which we thwarted
the recall effort waged by the pitiful left-wing faction that couldn't
bear the thought that the people of the Badger State would
elect a courageous, selfless, and principled candidate for governor
so they thought that they could throw out the results of a fair and
proper election by having another go at Scott Walker, running the
same candidate that they ran in that prior election. It was a
glorious victory for fiscal sanity, for responsive and responsible
government, and for true democracy.

But The Peasant needs to take a little time off to take care of some
other matters which are taking priority at present. I shall be back
with you, my beloved readers, in a week or two. Meanwhile, let
us savor our historic victory in the Wisconsin recall election but
also prepare for our battle to defeat President Barack Obama
in November when he tries for a second term in the White House.
And there's the Senate to reclaim from the Democrats as well.
In the weeks to come, we shall focus on the issues which will be
of primary concern in the presidential campaign and determine
the best course of action to champion our side of this list and
to aid the all-but-official Republican nominee Mitt Romney in
his quest to wrest the presidency from the most radical president
to ever occupy that high office. And we'll examine some other
political and economic issues as well. Also, I'll share about the
latest activities in which I am becoming involved in, making your
active Peasant even more so over the course of this summer.

Many thanks to you all, and enjoy this historic day which is
Flag Day --- the anniversary of the adoption of one of our
country's grand symbols. God bless!


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