Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Unfortunate, But Not Permanent Setback

The Supreme Court ruled today that the controversial
individual mandate clause in the national health care
reform law, known widely as Obamacare, passes
constitutional muster. As far as the court is concerned,
the federal government can force people to purchase
health insurance after all. If left to stand, this will
prove to be a terrible precedent.

But the court ruled that this is so not through the
Commerce Clause in the Constitution, but through
Congress' powers to tax; therefore the court ruled
that the mandate can stand if it is in the form of a
tax in a 5-4 ruling. This ruling upholds the entire
Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare, with an
exception made for the federal government's power
to terminate state's Medicaid funds if the states opt
out of expanding Medicaid.

As this is a very new ruling, time must be alotted to
read and review this ruling on the controversial
health care legislation so as to determine its net
effect on us. Therefore, your diligent Peasant shall
refrain from further comment on the points of the
ruling until a later time. But I shall state my shock,
disappointment, and disgust with Supreme Court
Chief Justice John Roberts, a supposed conservative
appointed to the court by President Geoge W. Bush,
for siding with the court's liberal contingent and even
writing the court's opinion. You read that right,
Justice Roberts has swung over to support this
travesty. I'll have more to say on Justice Roberts
later on as well.

But for now, just know that this battle is not over,
not by any means. We the People can toss this
awful law on the scrap heap, along with those who
have perpetrated this socialistic power-play upon us
when we go to the polls in November. We shall vote
Mitt Romney, an admittedly flawed candidate in many
ways but better than the incumbent, into the White House
and we shall give him a Republican-led Senate to assist
him and the GOP-held House in tossing out this farce!
So keep the faith, friends. We lost this round but we'll
win the fight! The Constitution and liberty shall prevail!


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