Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Terrible Injustice

A family member posted an article on her Facebook page recently
which seized your favorite Peasant's attention and got his blood
boiling. The lady, a cousin who shares my love of our country if
not my brand of politics, showcased an article displaying a photo
of a young marine, a lance corporal in full dress uniform and
showing his battle-scarred face. He looks as if he may have lost
his right eye, that part of the photo is not very clear. A woman
sheds tears in the background as the marine tells of his time
in a war zone. The story begins by pointing out that our military
people serve twenty years to receive a pension which pays
them 50% of their regular pay, while members of Congress
receive 100% of their salaries after service of ONE YEAR!

The brave men and women in our armed forces sacrifice and
suffer greatly to protect us, including making the Ultimate Sac-
rifice in battle. They also, of course, protect our Congressional
members, who work and live in a rarified enviornment, where
they have air conditioning in summer and heating in winter,
the best food for their meals, comfy cushy offcies and comfy
cushy living quarters which they obtain with the generous
salaries that we pay them. Our military folk live in tents, are
continually exposed to the weather and elements wherever they
are depolyed, facing extreme heat in Afghanistan in summer
and frigid cold in winter in that war-torn country. Their meals
--- when they have time to eat them --- are rations which
generally consist of fruit cups, maybe some dried meat
such as beef jerky, and precious little else. And they are
always a target for enemy troops, And this is the thanks
they get for their shcokingly harsh toil, while we pamper
a bunch of elitist poultroons while they pick our country
apart with more and ever-increasing taxes and mind-
numbing regulations of our businesses and all other areas
of our lives!

Before your fit-to-be-tied Peasant has a fit of apoplexy,
I shall share the remedy to this travesty which was reported
in the article, a proposed constitutional amendment which

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of
the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators
and/or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that
applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not
apply equally to the citizens of the United States."

What this amendment, which if passed will become our
28th Amendment to the Constitution, says is that our
elected members of Congress shall pass only laws which
are applicable equally to all American citizens; that is,
there cannot be one rule for Congressional members and
another for the citizens. Neither group shall be treated
better than the other by the law. Regarding the matter of
pensions, Congress would not be able to vote themselves
a pension greater in payout nor in exchange for less time
of service than military personnel, nor vice versa (of
course, there's very little danger of Congress doing the

Your outraged Peasant cannot say anything more about
this inequality except that we citizens should hammer this
point home to our representatives and senators right away!
In the meantime, visit my Facebook page to see this article
and the picture of the disfigured marine. Just click the Face-
book badge on the right side of the screen. Those of you, my
grand readers, who are on Facebook, please share this piece
on your pages and encourage family and friends on Facebook
to do the same. We MUST get this story out so that we can
get as many people to take action as possible! It's about time
that Congress joins us in the Real World, and to show some
regard and respect for our family members, friends, and
neighbors in uniform. For all that they do for us, we can
do no less; how a nation treats its veterans says a lot about
the nation.


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