Friday, December 28, 2012

A Very Happy New Year to All!

Your beloved Peasant wants to extend to you,
my beloved readers, my wishes for a very Happy
New Year! May you all have a year of prosperity,
of success in your business and educational
endeavors, and whatever other endeavors that
you may be undertaking. May you all have an
abundance of not only financial and material
success but an abundance of love, companionship,
health, and joy; the things that make life truly

This post is also your prolific Peasant's 200th to date!
Without you, my great and grand readers, this
milestone would not have been possible; for that
matter, neither would this blog! You are the fuel
in my tank, the encouragement that coaxes me
on, my reason for doing what I do --- sharing
my point of view and insight into the issues and
the challenges which we as a nation face, looking
for fresh ways of taking care of our business with
an ear tuned to the wisdom form our forefathers
who brought our great country into being.
These things will not only be good for you and your
loved ones, they will also be a poke in the eye to
Obama and his fellow Democrats, especially the
prosperity part! As a wise person once said long
ago, success is the best revenge; let us take that
advice to heart and use it to thumb our noses at
the regime in Washington! We won't let these
creeps mire us in depression, be it emotional or

Let us make this new year the best year ever!


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