Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look Ma! No Principles!

Former Vice President Al Gore, the "Goreacle" on all
matters environmental whose eco-preachfest movie
"An Inconvenient Truth" won an Oscar while his
guruship won the Nobel Peace Prize, billionaire,
founder of liberal cable channel Current TV, and
big opponent of Big Oil while sermonizing on the
supposed merits of wind, solar, and alternative
sources of energy to make our planet "green",
recently sold Current TV to ... wait for it ... Al-
Jazeera, a pro-radical Islamic group funded
largely by the government of Qatar, a Middle
Eastern nation wealthy with oil. No blarney!
No leg-pulling! No fooling! Al-Jazeera met
Gore's price of $500 million, and presto, the
deal was done.

With this transaction Al the greenies' pal did two
things: he gave a cabal of some of our most
dangerous enemies an "in" to our country's
media market and airwaves to broadcast
their poisonous propaganda, and he went
against his supposed greenie principles by
accepting money from an entity funded almost
entirely by oil. Already a billionaire, Gore
would not seem to need the money very badly,
but since his media creation never did attract
an audience of an appreciable size --- 
Current TV currently has an audience of 42,000
viewers in prime time, and this is its average
figure by the way, that figure never having been
much higher --- The Environmeister figured
he'd better unload his underperforming turkey
while he could get even a half-way decent price
for it; he's at least that much of a capitalist.
And that Gore had sold his ailing outfit to
Al-Jazeera, he is also an unpatriotic and
unprincipled scoundrel.

The new owners of Current TV will, of course,
completely remake the organization; they will
change the name and the substance of the network.
This vignette will illustrate what I mean: In 2006,
Al-Jazeera talk show host Riz Khan was asked in
an interview conducted by CNN's Frank Sesno if
the terrorist group Hamas should be designated as
such; Khan replied "I'm not one to judge,". When
asked about Hezbollah, Khan reiterated what he
previously said. How oily!

Furthermore, during the so-called "Arab Spring"
in 2011, CBS correspondent Lara Logan was
set upon and sexually assaulted by 200 males
(Your outraged and sickened Peasant refuses to
dignify them by calling them "men"!) in Cairo's
Tahrir Square. Al-Jazeera English deliberately
ignored this monstrous act. When castigated by
Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart,
a publicist for Al-Jazeera English stated that the
network "believes as a general rule" that journalists
"are not the story." Especially when a female
journalist is sexually attacked by 200 radical
Islamic males, apparently. And at the time of this
barbaric incident, domestic and foreign journalists
assigned to Egypt were being increasingly besieged
during this so-called Springtime.

This sort of thing has been Al-Jazeera's mode of
operations is nothing terribly recent, as evidenced by
an instance in which Al-Jazeera paid homage
to Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar. In 1979,
Kuntar was imprisoned for shooting an Israeli
civilian in front of the civilian's four-year-old girl,
following that up with breaking the little girl's skull
with the butt of his rifle. In 2008, Al-Jazeera in Qatar
feted the bloodthirsty thug with a televised birthday
party, the dishonorable guest of honor fresh from
prison having been part of a prisoner exchange.
an Al-Jazeera interviewer gushed to Kuntar, "You
deserve even more than this!", then brought out a
birthday cake and sparklers. the cake was adorned
with pictures, one of which was of Hassan Nasrallah,
the kingpin of Hezbollah. Kuntar gushed that "the
most beautiful picture" on the cake was that very
picture. And despite all this, Al Gore could only
see good qualities in the buyer of his media organ.
In announcing the sale Gore put forth this shockingly
shameless statement proclaiming "Al-Jazeera, like
Current TV, believes that facts and truth lead to a
better understanding of the world around us."
Really, Al? Apparently you have either no knowledge
of facts and truth regarding radical Islamic terrorist
groups and their apologists and propagandists, or you
have no shame.

Moreover, Al-Jazeera was not the only party interested
in buying Current TV; conservative talk show host and
author Glenn Beck approached Gore with an offer, but
Gore turned Beck down flat, giving Beck the dubious
explanation "The legacy of who the network goes to is
important to us and we are sensitive to networks not
aligned with our point of view." So, employing logic,
we therefore are to conclude that Glenn Beck is not
aligned with Gore's point of view, but Al-Jazeera is.
This is most telling, and most disturbing. To think that
Gore came within a whisker of becoming our president!
And that he would have been president on 9/11! Our
government, through the Federal Trade Commission
(FTC) routinely intervenes in business acquisitions to
break them up if there is a danger of violating anti-trust
laws lest there be a monoploy on particular goods or
services; similar measures should be taken in cases
such as this, where the sale of a media outlet to an
organization known to be an enemy of our nation is
made, thereby posing at the very least a possible
threat to national security. There are, and FBI data
bears this out, pro-terrorist individuals and  groups
in our country that would have greater and easier access
to information that they require to act against us.
Remember that radical Islamic cleric, Al-Awrlaki who
influenced an Islamic army major to go on a shooting 
spree at Fort Hood? A strong case in point.

While your open-minded Peasant thinks that diversity
of viewpoints in the media is a good thing, there is no
duty on anyone's part to give space and attention to
the views of those who wish us ill and would bring us
ill. And for someone who was a high-ranking member
of our government, literally a heartbeat away from its
highest office, to think only of his wallet and sell a media
entity to such a group is the lowest, rankest, vilest, most
unscrupulous, most self-serving, most snakelike vermin
imaginable. And your curious Peasant wonders what his
eco-pals think of him for taking oil money for his TV
network. Would they share a similar assessment of
our former Vice President? Their reaction to Gore's
business maneuver might prove quite interesting.

Al Gore is a snake in the grass. Anyone who loves and
is concerned for the security as well as the overall well-
being of our country should have nothing to do with him
or any enterprise that he is involved with.


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